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Back to the Migrant Fleet [Quarian TF] By Skeksi -- Report

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Qwib held the visor in his hands, rubbing it's smoothness as he tried to recall why it felt so familiar. Aurelia just smiled after handing it to him, telling the Owl to put it on. As soon as he placed the mask upon his face, the change started sudden and hard. His heart fluttered, his body filling out as his feathers merged and started to form into synthetic material. His belly inflamed, soft clicks echoing out as his bones shifted around and changed shape. Visibly he was becoming she, an alien girl from another realm. The owl's mind was awash, everything he knew evapourating into the background before fading completely as strange new thoughts rushed in. Odd sensations and desires, of history held dear and rules to follow. Past memories of being held up in her mother's arms in front of a mirror in her new suit. Of running through crowded metal halls, friendly masked faces and passing stars. Of Holovids new and old, and recently felt needy lust towards certain enviro-suit wrapped boys. All the while Qwib was fading away from the realm, materializing some place cold and metallic, humming with noise of distant voices and engine hue. As the final changes set in, her mind began to clear up. Everything that was Qwib had disappeared, a feminine tone muttering to herself about why she was standing confused in a corridor. Then it hit her, today was her pilgrimage! She just wanted to grab some extra things and...Uh-oh. She was late! How did she lose track of time again? She was so going to get it for zoning out again! The Quarian started jogging down the hall, preparing herself for the inevitable tone of an annoyed Mother; "Serenna'Noctua vas Qwib Qwib! Where have you been young lady!?

A commission I've been so excited for! It's absolutely fantastic work, I adore how detailed it is. Wanted to have Qwib TF into a Quarian for a while, and having it done directly too. Thought of the idea that one of his adventures in a new life was cut short, having to come back early to Aurelia's realm. But Aurelia kept a little souvenir of his time with the Quarians that if he wore it again, it'll put him back right where he was in time. Serenna'Noctua vas Qwib Qwib, ready to leave the Migrant fleet and journey out into the galaxy. What should become of her, what will her adventures behold?

Qwib-Noctua belongs to me
Drawn by ed-fokk3r over on FA

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