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Medb's roasted Cu part 2 By Cinnamonhydrangea -- Report

I’ve been meaning to draw Medb x Cu vore but what finally gave me ideas was the Oniland event. Medb was one of the park managers and she had some sort of kinky cop outfit that I just had to draw. As for why the caster version of Cu, I used that version of him during her fight. Even though I didn’t lose, I thought what if she won and took Cu as her prize? Things don’t end well for him of course. Before he knows it, he’s impaled with a spit and roasted over a fire. Medb gets a bit impatient and cuts off a chunk of her meal, Cu glaring up at her as she picks him apart.

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Posted by NyaatoShiroi 11 months ago Report

I sure shes will satisfied with her delicious meal)

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Posted by HiddenIke 10 months ago Report

Medb pred is always good.

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