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The Appalling Amelia, File 19 By MadameMaeve -- Report

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Despite all efforts to get people away from the urban centres that are lost to giantess rampages, people still persist in living there. Of course, it's sometimes safer - most giantesses will move on. Amelia though, lingers around and tracks down stragglers. After all, she's been noted as hating other giant beings (with one exception of course)

These two survivors, trying to get by in the ruins of this once bustling city, are ultimately discovered. Amelia has keen senses, and seems to find survivor hideouts, regardless of well hidden they might be.

Their hideout, a basement located behind several doors, must have seemed well hidden. The only window was covered on both sides, externally by rubble, internally with sheets, and they were careful with lights. It's either skill or dumb luck that they left for supplies while Amelia was next to their building.

Promptly removing them of their garments, Amelia rests on the building they called home and inspects them closely. One male and one female survivor must be perfect for her; she has preferences for what she does with different genders.

Women are typically devoured, either promptly or slowly, depending on her level of hunger. This has always been the case. With men though, she will usually keep them around for her own pleasure, only eating them if there's no women - and with a group of males, she might be hard pressed to decide which to keep.

As with many other situations before now, she torments the two survivors. The pair embraces as Amelia watches, then peels them apart and shoves the woman into her mouth. Amelia gives them a faint glimmer of hope, as the giantess allows them to catch each-others arms. Slowly, this predator pulls the man away, the woman gradually sliding out of her lips, before a powerful swallowing motion snatches the prey back. Each time, the prey goes further into Amelia's mouth.

The duo struggle and beg, before the giantess reaches her tolerance of such pathetic displays, and snatches the man away from his partner. She swallows the woman whole with relatively little effort, and watches the male's reaction with a sadistic grin.

The woman is left to die a painful and slow death in Amelia's guts, but the macro is sated for now. The man, however, will be used to satiate a different need.

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Posted by Donotlike13 10 months ago Report

Leo your adding stuff here again? Why the long gap?


Posted by doomed 10 months ago Report

Y’know Amelia should be careful , a lone giantess is an easy target for deadly retaliation from micros lol