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Couples' Thanksgiving By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

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Happy Thanksgiving! This year I ended up doing a story structured like the one I did last year with smaller vignettes, though the overall theme of Smash couples came from  techtician, which he had suggested back when I was looking for Canadian Thanksgiving ideas, but I thought this idea was better for this Thanksgiving. There's both stuffing and vore to be found within this one. The Smash universe these stories are set in the Parallel universe that the Chronicles of Mara series takes place in, for context on why the last two stories are included.

Zelda and Link (Stuffing, Vore)
Princess Zelda and Link enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving feast between the two of them, including a bowl of hot-footed frogs for Zelda to enjoy.

Peach and Mario (Stuffing)
Princess Peach hosts Thanksgiving dinner at her castle. Once the main event is over, however, she sneaks back alone to dine on the leftovers to her stomach's content.

Daisy and Luigi (Stuffing, Feeding)
Princess Daisy and Luigi have a private Thanksgiving dinner together, where Luigi feeds Daisy the entire to dinner to make her belly swollen and gassy.

Sheik and Young Link (Accidental Breast Absorption, Butt Expansion, Toilet Disposal)
Sheik and Young Link have to fight in an exhibition match, but the princess in disguise makes an unexpected move that ends up surprising both of them.

Lyndis and Florina (Vore)
Lyn and Florina are having Thanksgiving dinner together, when Florina reveals she intends to be the main course for the Lady of the Plains.


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Posted by derpsquid42 10 days ago Report

Peach got busted~... and that is some really cute Luaisy. Love their relationship in fanon, and you nailed it here.
Oh and the Zelink stuff is alright, I guess.

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 10 days ago Report

Peach's dirty little secret is out~ I can do cute ships other than Zelink, which I know you're just teasing me about it only being "alright."

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The K

Posted by The K 10 days ago Report

What great stories. I really liked the Peach one, especially with Rosalina being so gassy. And of course the Princess Daisy one. I am so jealous of Luigi right now, lol. Daisy getting a big, round, gassy, swollen belly. Her cheeks bloating up before letting out all those burps, and the smell of her burps getting worse as the foods digesting in her mix together. And when she sat her big butt on his face, her bowels groaning, she's grunting and let's out a intestinal gassy butt belch in his face. That was heavenly! What a Thanksgiving treat to read. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 8 days ago Report

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I had a feeling you'd enjoy gassy Rosalina in the Peach one. The Daisy one, of course, I wrote specifically with you in mind, having Luigi help her fill up her smelly burp factory and get to experience all of her hot, smelly, cheeks-bloating burps before that gassy butt belch in the end. Thanksgiving is truly one of the best holidays for such things.

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