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Christmas dinner with the family By Thatfriendlyguy -- Report

Hello there!

Back with another story, that took me longer than it probably should have to write. Seeing it took almost an entire month to do, though it's finally complete! And on Christmas day of all things, it's good timing. So why not relax, and enjoy a very long read? Involving a certain family growing closer together for the holidays...~

Besides that, the story goes as what the title says. Roxie comes over to her mother's home, to have Christmas dinner! Though not before accidentally sleeping in, and having a few 'issues' that happen along the way. Though she'd make it to her family home. Going to have a night she won't forget! And neither will their family! Though not the way they could have ever anticipated...~

Its been a while since I had written anything incest-related, though it was fun to do it again! Even if this story took an ungodly amount of time to write. However, I guess that's normal, when it comes to writing stories as lengthy as this. Though I'm sure most folks will enjoy every page, to its fullest~

If you like that story, considering buying me some  ko-fi! Every little bit helps in writing these lovely stories.

Other than that, I hope you all enjoy the story, and have a merry christmas / happy holidays!

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Posted by PrimalJuggernaut 9 months ago Report

Mild editorial concern: If you don't have a subject, and an action, and probably an object of the action, don't use a period to end the thought; this leads to a lot of incomplete sentences and ideas. "She stripped herself of her sweatpants, leaving her half-exposed; her endowment was bared once more, the modest curves of her rear nonexistent in comparison as she surveyed herself."


Posted by PrimalJuggernaut 9 months ago Report

Use commas if possible, whenever it's appropriate to break up the sentence, but inappropriate to stop it.

If you've got a mostly complete sentence, but need to elaborate on another point, that's what we have semicolons for; they create a naturalistic break in the writing while keeping the related ideas close to one another in the text.