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A Lively Buffet! 2/4 [2022] By CABEZILLA142DXD -- Report

Nembrok knew too much, but luckily for CB she has a good way to deal with witnesses!
They'll go down just like her victims! (Quite literally~)

CB and Nembrok (Hamster) belong to me.

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Posted by e_voyager 3 days ago Report

I can't tell if her chewing him up or just swallowing him whole would be more merciful


Posted by CABEZILLA142DXD 3 days ago Report

He'll be fine, it's not like she actually want to hurt her little friend!


Posted by SexInspector9000 3 days ago Report

She actually want's to hurt her little friend, doesn't she?


Posted by CABEZILLA142DXD 2 days ago Report

Nah, he'll be fine


Posted by SexInspector9000 2 days ago Report

No offence, but i don't trust both you and her!