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Ariel By Nalzindar -- Report

I made a couple of scenes with other Disney princesses, some of which were rather successful, and now the turn has come to Ariel, one of my top favorites. In contrast to most of the other Disney princesses (save from Alice), Ariel isn’t in any perilous situation, despite her immediate environment.
I have had great pleasure in reading a book series called; Twisted Fairytales, which is about the most famous Disney heroines and what would have happened if the villain had turned out victorious (or other twists that fundamentally changed the original end of the movies). The book I enjoyed the most, and which I can recommend, is Part of your World, which of course is about Ariel. Here, Ursula won the first round and is married to Eric who has been under an illusion spell the last years as to forget what happened the fateful night when Ariel tried to stop the marriage. (Eric can’t initially remember what happened and have no clue about who “Vanessa” really is, that is until Ariel shows up again. Ariel has spent the following years, ruling the oceans as a mute Queen in her father’s absence, presumably killed by Ursula. But with the power of the Trident, Ariel can change into a human at will and command the oceans. And she has a score to settle with the sea witch.

The story has a happy ending and is slightly different from the original movie, but Ariel is a bit more badass than in the original movie. Nevertheless, the book is is well written and, in my opinion, the most exciting one from the Twisted Fairytales series. The accompanying story for my picture will reflect the book’s end, in a rather lewd way….

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Eric could hardly believe how lucky he was. Tales from old seafarers told about men who were seduced by mermaids, enchanting and beauties creatures who drowned men in their desperate attempts to reach them. These were beautiful but dangerous creatures, related to the Greek gods and inhumanly fair in the eyes of mortals. But in a cosmic twist of events, Erik found himself as the love interest for the most beautiful of all mermaids under the sea, one who was willing to go on land for his sake!

Things had been rather confusing and turbulent the last years, not only had he become married under murky circumstances, he had also been placed under a spell and hadn’t known that his “wife and queen” had been a terrible sea-witch, hell bent on conquering both land and sea. Fortunately, his original lover had helped him snap out of it, and together they had gotten rid of Ursula once and for all

Ariel had to be the most extraordinary woman on land or sea. She still lived under the ocean, but now she was free to come and visit him as she pleased, allowing them both to continue their relationship. The people at the palace could only love the fair beauty and her bubbly personality when she visited, though she usually met Eric on the beach as a mermaid. They could talk and laugh for hours and Ariel often took him out swimming on the reefs, other times, Eric would carry her up to a lovely pavilion and set her on a chair so they could enjoy tea and cakes at a table. Grimsby had mention what a strange site it was, seeing a mermaid sitting in a chair and drink tea, but the old man was more amused by this than anything else.

Eric wasn’t the slightest concerned that his girlfriend was half fish. As a mermaid, Ariel was still equipped with a woman’s most important parts, an interesting fact that wasn’t anyone else’s business to know.

Ariel, being the woman she was, was a curious creature, and of course she had asked Eric how a human male looked without clothes. Eric’s initial reaction had been embarrassment, but he was standing with water up to his waistline when the question came up so when he delayed his answer, she simply dived and pulled off his pants to see for herself. The next thing that happened was unforgettable: Soft and delicate fingers wrapped around his cock, pushing and pulling it gently as Ariel explored this unfamiliar part of his anatomy. When she same up again, she demanded to know how such a soft “cucumber” was able to turn hard when there wasn’t a single bone inside of it. Poor Eric had stuttered and given the mermaid a medical/biological explanation (Her second question about why his face had turned so red, went unanswered).

However, she quickly realized that her touches brought him great pleasure, so she had merciless began teasing and touching him again, and when she kissed his cock, he was sold. He confessed that she gave him the most wondrous feelings when she did this, whereupon she dived down and sucked him. Any resistance from his part melted like snow in Sarah when she told him that she also had a spot that felt good when she touched it. She showed him a hidden crack where her human skin met her green scales at the bottom of her belly and put her fingers inside to demonstrate.

She had asked in a naïve, almost childish voice if he could push his cucumber inside it so they both could feel good.

Eric had stared at her as if she was crazy and tried to make a polite protest, but Ariel wanted nothing of that, grabbed his cock and gave him a flat stare:

“Come on, we both want to do it and I seriously doubt Ursula ever tried to bed you. She was way too full of herself to even dream about it!” Ariel growled teasingly and Eric understood that Ariel by no means was stupid, and she knew exactly what she was doing!
That day, Eric had entered the ocean as a boy and left as a man hours later.

After this, he and Ariel had enjoyed sex as often as they could, not the easiest thing in the world when trying to keep it secret from the nosy people/creatures above and below the surface. Therefore, most of their sexual escapades had taken place on secluded places on the beach, on skerries or rocky reefs just above the sea-surface.

Ariel had turned out to be one kinky woman who wasn’t shy to explore new things, much to Eric’s delight, and today was no exception.

“Are you sure about this, Ariel?”

“Spot and I have been friends for many years and I trust him with my life. Besides, it will almost be like a threesome!” she smiled and her red hair wavered in the wind. They were sitting on a reef and looked at a huge orca that stared back at them.

“If you say it is safe.”

“Great, thanks Eric, I promise you will enjoy it.”

“Anything that involves you is enjoyable, and I owe you one after last week.”

“Open your mouth.” Ariel spoke to the orca, Eric didn’t know how the animal could understand her but it did, like all other sea-creatures.

Eric watched as Ariel removed her seashells (which in reality was D-shells…), put her hands into the pink maw and pushed forwards. Her hands and head slipped into the orca’s maw, followed by her voluminous boobs and flawless stomach. Her slender figure was swallowed up with ease, and Eric could swear the orca was enjoying doing so. Ariel’s tail sparkled like thousand diamonds as it waved in the air before vanishing into the gullet. The creature gulped, closed its maw and opened it, empty.

“Alright big guy, I don’t know if you will enjoy me as much as you obviously enjoyed swallowing Ariel, but here I come.”

Eric was already naked, having taken off his clothes before swimming out here, crawled out to the edge and placed his hand on the orca’s snout. The creature opened its maw wider for him and Eric took a deep breath and plunged into the fleshy depth. It was tight, warm and oppressing, being naked, Eric was able to feel the swallowing muscles knead him downwards. The journey wasn’t long and he was soon squeezed through a tight opening before slipping down upon Ariel’s sexy body.

“You came!” said her melodious voice.

“Of course, and I plan to come many times before I leave….”

“Good, I won’t accept anything less. Turn around, it is my turn to be on top!”

“Aye-aye my siren!”

Ariel laughed, pushed on top and used her boobs and otherwise naked body to tease him before his cock found her secret opening. Ariel moaned horny and sank down, letting his royal rode impale her vagina.
His male friends on land sometimes asked why he didn’t had several mistresses or lovers like his royal or noble colleagues often had. Eric always laughed at them and said he felt sorry for those who needed extra lovers when one wasn’t good enough.

Ariel was his kinky mermaid and Eric had no need or desire to have anyone else.

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Posted by DrakentheBlack 9 months ago Report

This was certainly not what I had expected, but I'm not disappointed. I actually really like the thought of Ariel having complete control over sea life so she can go into the bellies of whales to have private sex with her human boy-toy!

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Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

I must confess that this is a scaled down version from what I originally intended to do, but I'm glad you like it nevertheless. And it was fun to finally make a picture of her as it came out surprisingly well when I added a warm glow to the overall color tone.

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Posted by von-de-rush 9 months ago Report

The fact that Ariel have her vagina in her pélvic área instead the end of her tail confirms she Is from mammal ancient evolutive línea instead being a human/fish weird híbrid.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

I'm happy to hear you find it fascinating, I had an internal debate over where to place her vagina. I ended up making it close to a human woman's, preferring that particular solution for the sake of the scene where I wanted Ariel and Eric to look at each other.

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Posted by DrPerve 9 months ago Report


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Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

Thanks :3

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Posted by xenkat 9 months ago Report

This is great!
I would love to see a love inside a stomach for each Disney princess set.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

Thanks, I'm glad you like the concept, and if you haven't already looked through my gallery, I also got Pocahontas, Jane and Belle in a similar position.

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Posted by roostuf 9 months ago Report

hooooot <3

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Posted by Nalzindar 9 months ago Report

Just what I was aiming for :3

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