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New Student - First Alpha Release By Birichino -- Report

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I had hoped to develop more of this before releasing it, but due to life circumstances I don't expect to be able to do much for a while, so here's where I am with my latest project.

I wanted to learn how to use Ren'Py, so I figured a vore VN would be a good way to practice.

I'm only using free assets and have no artistic ability to create my own, so some elements are a little janky. Particularly, sprite sizes are not uniform, but if anyone would like to submit art to replace the stock sprites, they're more than welcome! I also didn't feel right giving anyone names when all of the sprites already have theirs, so the least I could do for any prospective artists is let them name the character they illustrate. I'm not expecting anything, of course, but it doesn't hurt to put out there.

I should also mention that, for want of a free-use inside-stomach shot, I had to just use blackness and so a lot of the VN is pure text right now. That's not a bug; I just need an internal shot to use.

Try the game here

For the sake of crediting properly:
-Most of the assets came from Noraneko Games

-Student Council Room is by Seriously Dev

-The Lamia is Eve, by Au Crowne

-The Dragon is from Muggu's free character pack

-The Fairy is Lacie Baskerville, by Xiael

-Some additional backgrounds are by Konett

So a thanks to the artists who let their work be used like this, because the original plan was colored boxes.

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Posted by YepMcNope 7 months ago Report

Whoa! Right after I ask about this, here it is!

I've been pretty excited for this, but I don't have time to play it right now unfortunately. I'm sure I'll have a ton to say once I do, though.

In the meantime, sorry to hear that stuff's been getting in your way lately. Life comes first, obviously, so I'm sure everyone will understand. I just hope things aren't too rough for you out there. Wishing you the best!


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

Ha, yeah. I figured it would be more fun to surprise you with this than answer directly. Don't worry about getting to it quickly; I may get some time in between, but I can't be sure I'll get to work on anything I actually like until fall this year.

What's there now is sparse, but I hope it makes for a good appetizer until I'm free to see which project people would prefer more of.

And yeah, I'll survive. I always do. Thanks.


Posted by YepMcNope 6 months ago Report

Understood. As always take all the time you need. This has been quite the lovely taste of what's to come so far! As usual I have some feedback to share, though given that this is definitely a work-in-progress, do forgive me if I tell you something you're already aware of.

POV stuff is always appealing to me, but the obvious trouble that comes with it is that it's difficult to make engaging dynamics with a blank slate self-insert character. As I wrote a whole story about, lol. Of course you've made it work well before with a great setup and great non-reader characters, a la the Amana series, and this is no exception! The neko and the lamia both have adorably contrasting personalities and seem like great friends. You know how I love character interactions in your stuff, so I'd love to see more with the both of them together, if that's in the cards!

The setup seems initially standard for monster girl stuff, but I can't help but feel like you've got more planned for it, based on some seeds planted here and there. I figure there's more to learn about magic, about the past of humans in this world, and about exactly what happens to us after the end cuts to black. Based on the tags I imagine it's endo, but for how long...? Temp endo doesn't sound like it'd wipe out a species after all.

I'm especially curious who our certain mystery predator is, as I figured that the girls from the start would be the only ones doing any eating... And speaking of them, I'm quite eager to meet them as well! But all will come in due time, and I'm very happy to have what we have now.

That's all for my comments on the writing, but I do have other comments to make on the game as a whole. For example, I recommend checking the backlog (that is to say, the message history) to make sure that there aren't any formatting issues with linebreaks and stuff. Noticed one or two of those early on.

Also, while the current free assets do the trick in the visual department, it would be very nice to get some audio going as well! If you want, of course. There are plenty of free vore audio samples to use out there, judging by the fact that most vore audio tracks I listen to cite the same few libraries for sound effects.

All around, super cute and promising start! Definitely look forward to whatever direction you go with this next. And with that, I wish you good night.


Posted by Birichino 6 months ago Report

Yeah, I have a lot of inconsequential reply branches just for the sake of giving the player a greater sense of control for the MC, but at best all I can really do is give two or three personality types that don't change the flow of anything.

There are a ton of possibilities for if I ever get to Day 2, but I figure these girls are some particular club, so they would meet up often. That's why they're able to take responsibility for the legendary Human.

I wanted to avoid confirming it's all endo for mass appeal, but although a lot is possible in a world with magic, I should clarify that humans weren't wiped out by the other species. More like "phased out".

Ah, I never considered the history. I just assumed it would show everything normally, but I did experiment with {p} tags and such early.

Audio is tricky. I did ask a friend if she'd like to record some, but the actual logistics proved challenging. I guess I can check libraries, but one of my concerns there is being too generic.

Glad you like it so far! Take care.


Posted by HildaVGoneril 7 months ago Report

This is cute!


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report



Posted by JeebyHeebies 7 months ago Report

How long did this take to make?


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

It's hard to say, but the script was created January 2nd. There was a lot of scavenging resources, studying Ren'Py functions, and dealing with life over the course of it, though.


Posted by RoyalRoseBeam 7 months ago Report

Nice work! Really enjoyed the Lamia route! Looking forward to spending more time with the fairy in the future (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

Ha, glad you liked it! Yeah, the Lamia is cute, but the fairy...I still need to work out exactly how things go with her.


Posted by ClosetedTiny 6 months ago Report

So I played the one you made (The proper one) and I will say that it has a lot of potential! Yes, the visual part of the novel needs work, but that is understandable and it doesn't detract from the experience I had. Am kind of curious who the prison-girl is, would be very interested to have this expanded on in the future! I don't mean only work on this, but considering your writing this would be a very good game to share around!


Posted by Birichino 6 months ago Report

Thank you!
I actually set the unseen girl up to use random descriptors, as well as a random motive for eating the player. That means she'd be impossible to sprite without teaching Ren'Py to use a character creator (probably possible), but I figured she'd be a fun gimmick. I do hope I can at least finish "Day 1" eventually.


Posted by psaykotic 6 months ago Report

Love the writing on this one, and the image movement and transitions looked great, especially the close up on the cat girl when she offers to eat you, that was perfect and such a simple seeming thing to really give that part of the story the POV the player didn't know they needed. Someone mentioned that not having the correct pictures for the characters didn't really take away from the story at all, and I absolutely agree. Looking at the writing so far, the smooth gameplay and difference between flavor text choices and alternate path choices, this game has so much potential for being one of the best among its peers. I'm surprised I've never heard of it until now, is this not listed in the vore game forums here, or is it just that new?


Posted by Birichino 6 months ago Report

It's pretty new! I figured I wouldn't bother making a forum post until it's more fleshed out, and there's no sense getting everyone's hopes up before I have the time to work on it. Still, I'm really happy to get such a glowing review! For now, the plan is to just build each of the dinner paths when I can, but when I unveil it proper we'll see if enough people share your opinion to justify some Day 2 content.


Posted by psaykotic 6 months ago Report

I can respect the urge to hold back until you feel you've put your best foot forward. That being said, I think you're selling yourself a bit short, even as it is now you've demonstrated more than enough of the game's potential. I think you'd have people buzzing in the forums for more content pretty quick. I know I've been looking forward to updates on a lot of the other games for a while now, but I can say without a doubt that yours just jumped to the top of the list. Truly looking forward to your next update. If you get any more dinner paths done I hope you post them ^-^


Posted by dobyvatel 5 months ago Report

i loved the game! please keep the up the good work


Posted by Junogray 5 months ago Report

Finally got around to this: Thoughts, I love what you have so far, it's heart warming and comfy at every turn, the flow and choices come off naturally and blend well. this is looking great so far and look forward to any more you do with it