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Encounter Part 2 By CakeInferno -- Report

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Tags: Animation ASMR encounter Endosoma F/M Female Pred Forest Full tour Furry Furry Pred furry/human Giantess Human Human Prey Licking Macro/Micro Male Prey mock Mouth Nature Non-fatal Object Vore Space Hero Swallowing The Stig Videogame Vixen zoe Edit

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It's finally here! This animation once again set a new personal record on completion time after being well over a year in production. Making this a mini series was already part of the original plan, with the massive amount of positive feedback on the prequel only cementing it further.

Originally this animation was supposed to top out at 5 minutes since it was only supposed to be a short episode, but I somehow ended up adding scene after scene, which kept ongoing even after the first Patreon preview, which I usually only post a month before the public release. With all these numerous extensions we're now finding ourselves at a runtime of a little over 9 minutes. Frankly speaking though, it made for a much better animation in the end, as the pacing flows a lot nicer thanks to a lot of these additional scenes. I definitely have to thank my patrons for their infinite patience here, which let me reiterate and revise until everything was as best as it could possibly be. Animating a film like this entirely on my own was already a massive undertaking on its own, but what added a lot of additional production time was the rendering process that easily added a couple of months on its own. There were quite a lot of firsts for me in this animation, with the two biggest additions being the use of ray tracing and elaborate fluid simulation. This meant stepping out of my ancient version of Maya and upgrading to the latest version, which admittedly wasn't too much of a hassle. The real challenge came from using a completely different renderer, as a lot of assets I previously made needed to have all their shaders converted, with some features flat out not working to begin with. In the end I found myself in this weird transition zone of using two different renderers, with Redshift being used to render the background and the majority of scenes in the later part of the animation, and an old DirectX11 rasterizer to render Zoe, as well as the foreground in the earlier parts of the film. Frankly, a compositing nightmare. The good news here is that there's still potential to improve future animations, as I'm slowly porting Zoe and her fur over to the new engine, something I'm both scared and excited about at the same time!

As most of you already assumed, the talented cast from the first Encounter episode is making a return! Gen absolutely knocked it out of the park with her performance for Zoe, and so did Barry as the ever-delicious Space Hero, who got quite a few more lines than last time around! There's also the new addition of Erin who did a fantastic job as the new operator voice in the intro of the film! As always, there's some vore sound assets here being used by Jeschke, though it's mostly limited to a few groans in this animations, as a lot of the sound design work here was done with a mix of foley and using commercial sound libraries to fill in the blanks. I'd still absolutely recommend checking out sounds whatsoever!

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Comment on Encounter Part 2


Posted by AlephNull 6 months ago Report


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Posted by TyronneVB 6 months ago Report

Looks like a wonderful history

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Posted by Jadex 6 months ago Report

Pog, i thought you didn’t use youtube

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Posted by EraofChange 6 months ago Report

daaaaamn this is good af

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Posted by undead1520 6 months ago Report

Awesome work dude. Everything from the animation to the voice acting is near to perfection and also really impressive

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Posted by Quartersnake 6 months ago Report

Great to see more work from you after all this time! I really didn't expect to love the dialogue so much, but it's phenomenal!

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Posted by CStormblade 6 months ago Report

Wow. Every bit of that was awesome. The swallowing part was great as always, and i loved the implied full tour! And on top of that, the dialogue was funny at some parts! I love this animation, 10/10!

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Posted by TETRO 2 months ago Report

The implied full tour was great, and really cute <3

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Posted by Hartenas 6 months ago Report

It's so incredibly well animated, love the body language, the flirting and their dynamic is ADORABLE!

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Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 6 months ago Report

My only complaint is no burp. But that’s a small thing. Loved that tiny epilogue particularly~

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Posted by NAACCOUNT101 6 months ago Report

definitely your magnum opus.

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Posted by JeebyHeebies 6 months ago Report


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Posted by Hurtthrower579 6 months ago Report

I hope your video doesn't get lost in a wave of reuploads from other people.

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Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

GREAT water-physics! Holy cow. Absolute PEAK 3D vore man! Probably one of the most well rendered and visually fluid animations yet!

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Posted by AKcar 6 months ago Report

Your are a god, this is so amazing, I loved ( *0*)

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Posted by kattu 6 months ago Report

This was perfect in so many ways I can't even describe it. Congratulations! Still wanted to see Zoe eating that whole village too!

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Posted by Garber09 6 months ago Report

OK, that was amazing ' 0' their relationship is cute, they have a good dynamic. The swallowing and the internals are great, as usual, and the voice work is awesome. Looking forward to what you bring us next ^^

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Big D

Posted by Big D 6 months ago Report

A new post from you? Is it my brithday? No, unfortunately. But you did make my day a hell of a lot better.

I do have a question though, can you please upload the YT video to mega or another cloud service for ease of download? No idea where YT is saving the video when I download it through them.

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Posted by KVCArts 6 months ago Report

God I love these 2
Theyre so damn cute!!
Amazing fucking work!!

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Posted by Yocan 6 months ago Report

This is a really really good animation. not just due to animation style but also I honestly think this could be like a internet series that even some people who aren't into this fetish can watch.

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Posted by Indighost 6 months ago Report

wow amazing work.

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Posted by Redhotbull6 6 months ago Report

Nice work man! The quality of this animation is insane!

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Posted by WhatThe1 6 months ago Report

You are one of, if not the best Vore artist. Keep it up! =D

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Posted by bubbles 6 months ago Report

HA! hilarious

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Posted by TheDragonBoy 6 months ago Report

There are so many compliments I can and should give this, but I love it so much it would probably just end up a massive blob of words. But every aspect of this is so beyond anything I’d hope to see in a vore animation: the script, sound effects, the score, the VISUALS- if someone told me that opening shot was from the new Horizon game, I wouldn’t have doubted it. This is absolutely top-notch amazing work from you and everyone involved. THANK YOU for making this.

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Posted by StaticBlue 6 months ago Report

Yay more Zoe! We always love to see more from you!

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Posted by wolfSnack 6 months ago Report

I loved the little epilogue, with the grumpy tail-flip.

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Posted by voraphile 6 months ago Report

Sadly, Youtube asks to register to view this video, and there is no way I wil ever register to Google sites.

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Posted by Kasra 6 months ago Report


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Posted by Kasra 6 months ago Report

The disappointment with that Pirates reference is just wonderful. All of the jokes are on point, really, and the animation itself is excellent.

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Posted by Kevinben01 6 months ago Report

The beginning is beautiful but I feel some special thanked people seem familiar. I prefer the pov vore but this is great and awesome work

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Posted by LightSpeed 6 months ago Report

Gen makes Zoe sound so Adorable! ^w^

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Posted by Sion879 6 months ago Report

Truly wonderful

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Posted by Moxxieasslover 6 months ago Report

LET'S GOOOOOOO! part 2 is here!

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Posted by Ratchet 6 months ago Report

Nice work

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Posted by gentleSnacks 6 months ago Report

That scene in the maw with the pov from the throat… soooo good

Also the gag with the girl from your earlier animations is pure gold lmao

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Posted by Thanatos2k 6 months ago Report

Fine work!

(I was expecting the package to land and hit her in the head at the end)

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Posted by FreelancerSmurf 6 months ago Report

CakeInferno has done it again!

I loved the first Encounter and how Zoe and the Space Hero have great chemistry with one another, hearing them make movie references and banter one another that almost sounds like flirting. The animation and detail of the characters and the background is, once again, Disney levels of quality. The fact that there's a Full-Tour tag on this post had me excited and wanted to see how it all transpires, and I wasn't disappointed with the execution.

Part 2's definately more comedic than Part 1 was, but it's still an incredible piece of animated art and serious props to everyone involved in making this work and I can't wait to see what Zoe will do in a Part 3. And speaking of Zoe, what an incredibly adorable predator that's also very sexy and most definately KAWAII! Seriously, where can I find this bombshell vixen?!

My score: 11/10

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Posted by Sinikka 6 months ago Report

Nice job!

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Posted by CoolKaios 6 months ago Report

LOVE the series so far. Love the interaction between our POV guy, and Zoe. Also of course the visuals are top notch. From the internals to the background.

Also love your jokes and charecter work here, just a whole lot of talent all around. Hope to see more~

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Posted by GapingGap 6 months ago Report

amazing stuff as always! You seem to keep getting better and better too! Also the sound design is also really good

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Posted by deman 6 months ago Report

got to make sure to use that safe word hehe

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Posted by JackJackal 6 months ago Report


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Posted by atak 6 months ago Report

Ohhh absolutely wonderful video. Spectacularly long animation and with such very fun, amusing and enticing dialogue! Definitely makes me wonder what would have happened to some of those villagers if they'd been more agreeable and willing to let her eat them, and what usually happens with the peeps that Zoe snacks on~

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Posted by AKinkyPornAccount 6 months ago Report

Definitely your best one yet! Hopefully the next one will show the rest of the full tour

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Posted by Muryoku 6 months ago Report

Literally my one of my favorite animators seriously

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Posted by kawauso11 6 months ago Report


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Posted by flamez66 4 months ago Report

Man.... this was a masterpiece.... i can almost feel her warm breath on me

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Posted by TheNamesJackson 4 months ago Report

This is really great! I believe the comments sum up my feelings pretty aptly, so here are just some things that I think would make it better personally.
I do think you need to work on making the stomach and small intestine slightly more realistic, with slight folds in the stomach and a bit of fuzz on the intestine, but then again that could be a completely artistic choice. Also during the throat scene, the water particles where pretty janky.

Finally I wish you went all the way with a clean full tour, but I know that wouldn’t fly on YouTube nor is it really your style. I just wish this site had more good full tour stuff.

Anyways great work, 9/10

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Posted by TheNamesJackson 4 months ago Report

Also as a side note I love you fleshing out Zoe’s character a bit. I would love to see a fetish-free animation or comic that takes place between part 1 and 2 on the spaceman and zoe becoming “friends”

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Posted by Noxyoursox 3 months ago Report

You really outdid yourself with these, the quality is just astonishing

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Posted by Base54 3 months ago Report

You have no idea how much of a kick I've gotten out of seeing the little Samus girl in the flashback, it's just a nice little nod.

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Posted by ishmaelburris3 2 months ago Report

Would you consider doing alternative forms of vore? Unbirth and anal in particular would be incredible with your animation talents in first-person!

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Posted by ScrabbleTheGoat 2 weeks ago Report

Show us her butt you coward

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Posted by ScienceTiny 1 day ago Report

These 2 are freakishly adorable, I love it!
I'm very impressed at both your writing, and the VAs' wonderful performances. Most lewd animations with dialogue have at least one of those aspects are lacking, since it's not the focus, but they're done so well in this (and the last one) that it sucked me in and added so much to the result.

Also, that ending is priceless.

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