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A Volunteer from the Audience By Cerise -- Report

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A performer with an uncanny ability to make things 'disappear' performs for a live studio audience on a famous TV talent show. It seems like just any other act though... at least until she asks for a volunteer from the audience.

Contains both object vore and oral vore, from a first-person POV. Technically, the gender of the volunteer/narrator is never specified, so this could just as easily be read as F/F.

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Posted by Cerise 6 months ago Report

At just under 10,000 words, this is also the longest story I've uploaded to Eka's thus far. Inspired in part by a fairly open-ended anonymous suggestion I got in my suggestion box several months back. <3

(...also, I *claim* that my official upload day is Sunday, but it's actually "3AM on Monday morning after finishing and editing takes several hours longer than expected" and I feel I deserve to be called out for that. Writing niche vore erotica warrants a high degree of professionalism and meeting completely arbitrary deadlines is surely a part of that.)


Posted by Tofi99 6 months ago Report

I just want to say that this piece you have wrote immediately became one of my favorites, I love every part about it from the detailed description to the hot action! Thank you for this I had an amazing time reading it ! I hope many more is to come !


Posted by Cerise 6 months ago Report

I'm honored! And yes, of course, more stories to come. I have a few more in progress already, though I've never been the best at predicting my upload schedule. Stay tuned! :)


Posted by Indighost 6 months ago Report

fantastic story ! love it. Excited to see what happens next.


Posted by ProbablyNine 6 months ago Report

This was an awesome read. Nice job!


Posted by ethan3369 6 months ago Report

So lucky to be picked even if he got a little help


Posted by Cerise 6 months ago Report

Sometimes you take the opportunities life gives you, other times the opportunities take you. Funny how luck works.


Posted by dcvfgb1234 6 months ago Report

Really enjoyed this one. I'm generally to the fatal side of things and generally not that much for non fatal, but this really carried its weight and was really enjoyable.
So kudos for that. You managed to really get me hooked with those internal descriptions which were sublime.


Posted by Jempy 6 months ago Report



Posted by ClosetedTiny 6 months ago Report

I did like this story! I have seen those sorts of magicians before and think having a human inside of one was a cool thing to do!

And in real life, I think her reaction is very accurate!


Posted by akinata 1 month ago Report

the setting got me hooked until the end.
a shame tho we don't have an epilogue where he comes out for good and have a little chat with miss fox, then with emma as he give her back her necklace.

i tihnk it would have been better in that situation to have non-fatal and fatal TAG as to let the reader unsure of the result.
would have made the whole read even more interesting.
(fatal for the fishes but you only know that at the end)

overall an enjoyable read that succeed in keeping the reader's attention until the end.


Posted by Belly97 3 weeks ago Report

I would love to read both a fatal and non-fatal ending.