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Goth-Punk Ceres~ By kernac -- Report

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A Goth/Punk version of Ceres which I got from TheTunaFish from FA, in a stream a little while ago.

TheTunaFish's FA userpage:

This ain't your grandma's Ceres. Goth Ceres is mean, violent and impulsive. In short: She's a bully. She'll say you're a loser, that you're weak, pathetic and a huge dork. She'll eat your friends in front of you, then force your head against her belly so you can hear them being slowly digested... And then she'll eat you~! She'll scarf you down like a grilled shrimp and entomb you within the restrictive, fleshy sac of her stomach. She'll slam her gut and laugh, mocking how weak and powerless you are. You'll be slowly digested... Her gastric juices gradually gnawing at your very being... All the while the goth girl is gloating about how easy you were to catch and snarf down... She'll taunt you about how inferior she thinks you are... How she's reducing you to nothing but fuel for her body and how she'll keep your soul trapped within her gastric system once your body is nothing but goopey sludge... And how your soul will belong to her forever and you'll stay imprisoned within her stomach for all eternity... Your spirit slowly stewing in a cocktail of acids and enzymes.

-Art by TheTunaFish.

-Ceres belongs to me.


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Posted by LastRider100 6 months ago Report

Oof... Was this what the story snippet ideas were for?


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

If I get to add to that fat ass then staying in her bowels forever as a soul sludge is the price I pay


Posted by RG9812 6 months ago Report

hell yeah fishnet stockings work


Posted by TheZDude 6 months ago Report

Anything but an eternity in her guts~


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 6 months ago Report

Holy fuck, now THAT is gorgeous. And a bully? fhjcks


Posted by NAACCOUNT101 6 months ago Report

a dragon ass worth slaying.


Posted by Tanookicatoon 6 months ago Report

Goooosh they always do such a great job on you! >w<