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Giantess Gaming By ClosetedTiny -- Report

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One of the first commissions I ever bought, done by a person I met in a Giantess Dicord. His name is Uroboros (as the watermark suggests) and his Deviant art link is right here: Both Characters are original characters and do not have names, thus having no copywrite to them.

I had bought this around my birthday back in July of 2021, he was going through a hard time and I had a scenario I wanted to see illustrated. So I got this from him, which turned out pretty well!

I might write a story on this, might not. I have a lot on my plate in terms of writing. I have a new "Working as a Giantess" story because of Khal's new OC and I still have my Visual Novel to write for that I really should get on more.

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Posted by LivesInAStomach 10 months ago Report

Such cute art! This is totally a scenario that seems right up your alley, story-wise. And I see you have a new profile picture!


Posted by ClosetedTiny 10 months ago Report

Can't talk about it yet, have to wait until April 4th. But I am glad you noticed! I love it to bits!


Posted by Plume7 10 months ago Report

Joke's on her. Tiny characters are impossible to fuzzy.


Posted by ClosetedTiny 10 months ago Report

I honestly don’t know what you mean by fuzzy, but I think she has a good chance to win. Although, he might have a few tricks up his sleeves...


Posted by Plume7 10 months ago Report

Fuzzy is a mixup where your opponent is so big that you can jump and immediately hit them with a light attack and combo off of that without exhausting meter or assists, so therefore, it's a free high/low mixup.
But because he's so small, she won't be able to do that to him.


Posted by ClosetedTiny 10 months ago Report

Hahahahahaha! Thank you for the explanation, it helped!


Posted by YepMcNope 10 months ago Report

Good stuff! I love predators playing games with prey, and I'm not just talking about the video game itself. Bets, and the consequences that come with them, are always very alluring to me for one reason or another.

And I'm glad to hear you're over your slump and back to writing. I'm sure it'll be great!


Posted by ClosetedTiny 10 months ago Report

I absolutely love them as well!! Touched on it in a few of my Voretober works, but am absolute crap at writing good scenarios.

mostly because I don't have friends to that level at all, just people I know...

And thank you! I am slowly but surely getting it done, talking with Khal herself to make sure things are to her standard!