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It was an awkward night, or at least thats what mike felt. It was a total of 16 hours now since willows and ari's bodies,or what was left of them, was found. Along with a note, although it was clear it was meant for willow only, honestly mike had forgotten what it said. It wasn't even on his half asleep mind rightnow,what was on his mind was 2 plans, he only thought through one plan though. Reveal the killer. Simple right? He thought so to, but his eyes kept darting to his phone which kept reminding him of that cursed text message. A threat he could call it, if he didn't help with at least distracting who ever he was assigned to then chances are he wasn't going to see his brother alive,or in recent cases maybe worse. Add the salt to the wound if he was caught by the person or told anyone what was happening then he was sure that would be it. On the bright side Atleast majority of the people here were stupid enough to fall for kindness, whats the worse that can happen? Just then his room fill with a bright light that he could only assume was his phone. "Son of a-" he muttered. Grabbing it before turning down the brightness and looking at the screen. [Hey, yesterday was almost a fail and pretty sure 3 people are onto me. So your gonna do this kill, doesn't need to be all vorey or whatnot- your cousin is a prime example why you shouldn't think about eating the gal- just kill martha and leave atleast her hat. Oh and do it before 4 am, Mackenzie won't be pleased if she see you over her sisters body.] "....better start thinking of plan 2.."
Mike quickly made his way down to martha's hobby room, it was only 11 pm, martha was a night owl, although he knew a few problems had already risen, one. Martha wasn't a soft person, in fact she's the only one mike didn't need to pin an item on to realise who she was, or maybe her face was that memorable? Either way martha would definitely not go down without some kind of fight. Even if she would how would he kill her? He didn't have any weapons, and marthas were eirther to heavy or too. "Pf. They would probably compare that with me and my cousin..too.." He paused in both motion and sounds as the realistion shivered through his spine, he never mentioned his family other then his father,who he has never named, and his brother Henry. And the only time he ever heard someone mention his name..
He quickly looked directly ahead and saw he must have been moving without realizing, cause now he was standing in front of martha's door. A fear was rushing through him, what if this was a set up? What if he was being to obvious with finding out who the killer is? Or what if he was getting ahead of himself, he was only assuming martha was the killer afterall, but that was excluding one to many possibilities. He sighed, grabbed his phone from his pants pocket and placed in into his shirt pocket. Even if the worse case happens atleast he would be able to actually say goodbye.
He opened the door to find martha stabbing a fake dummy with a fencing sword, or whatever it was, mike never paid attention to whatever her hobby was. It wasnt until he closed the door did she turn around and see him. "Oh. Hey mike." She said,dropping her sword. "Thought you would be asleep? It is almost 12 ya know." Mike shrugged abit "eh decided to stay up, seeing how the killer is getting folks at night. And decided to check on ya since ya know, your awake." He said. "Makes sense." Martha said. Suddenly a soft,but annoying, static started to play. Martha slowly turned and looked up at a small radio box hanging from the wall. "Oh god damn it! 5th time today!" She yelled, then sighed and muttered something about taking down herself before going over to a ladder and placing it under the speaker. "Oh. Guess i can just kick that over and hope she falls neck first?" Mike thought. He went over as she was finally at the top of it and promptly kicked it. Which sat up a series involveing martha desperately trying to keep it stable and her soom falling off of it. The idea for mike to move out of the way however, wasn't Exactly there,and within seconds mikes own life had flashed before his own eyes as Martha fell right on top of him,everything going black soon after.
After a while everything started to come back to mike. Although there was an intense pain in the back of his head, as well as his throat?
He gulped nervously and sat up, only to see his stomach enlarged, and his shirt ripped. A sense of fear instantly went through his mind as he tried to get up. "W-what happened!?" He shouted, and almost as if it was a response he felt a sudden kick, along with some muffled shouting,Making mike flinch. "Ow." He muttered,grabbing onto a nearby bench and using that to lift himself up. " this did not go according to plan.ngh, can you stop moving for one minute please! This hurts enough already!" He said. All he got was more muffled yelling as a response. He sighed and grabbed his phone and saw the time was 2 am. "What the- how is it already- never mind. I should just get back before i get caught.." He muttered. Quickly and careful leaveing the room and heading back to his dorm.
After a few close calls, mainly from tripping, he walked into his room and locked the door, incase someone tried to come in, and fell to the ground. Feeling extremely tried, yet really didn't want to fall asleep. He was pretty sure martha was still solid in there,maybe he could just cough her up? Then what, explain that he was trying to kill her risking himself and his brother? His mind was fighting against sleeping and whatever thoughts he Could get. All while he felt like he was about to brust. Eventually he saw his vision go black again and decided to not fight it as he fell asleep.
It wasn't until he heard a soft knock on his door did he wake up again, his stomach was alot softer and was now around half its size. "Mike?..are you alive in there? You been in there all day!-ish. I'm honestly getting worried." Mike's head bolted up after hearing a semi soft worried voice coming from the door. "Ah-um y-yeah, just abit sick?" He said. "Ah! Should i go get the nurse!? What if you was poisoned!?" "Henry im-nmh- fine. Just a stomach and headache." Mike muttered getting up. "Alright. Uh just tell me if i should though!" Henry said before he walked away,or atleast thats what mike hoped he did. Mike just sighed after a few seconds and looked at his stomach. He couldn't feel anything now, he placed his hand on the side and could only feel slush. He pressed into his side and suddenly felt something come up his throat. He let out a small burp and felt something inside his mouth. He immediately spat it out and to his surprised it was a purple fedora hat. "...ok so i was honsetly expect something less, did i even cough it up?." Mike muttered. He was still dazed from what he did, or what he was doing. Clearly whatever was left of martha was just gut soup now. And in all honestly it just felt..wrong. This couldn't be shown as an accident, not in this case, and besides he just took a life. He sighed again. "M-maybe they'll blame the killer for her disappearing? Surely once she uh. Done in there nothing will change on me, unless that was only for the killer.. But that uh couldn't be the case..right?" He muttered. He kicked the hat into the closet and went over to his bed and laid down in it. He then grabbed his phone and put it on do not disturb before taking his pillow and covering his face with it. Not before giving the ceiling the middle finger treatment first. "Don't care who you fucking are,for the love of nightwing and my family im getting back the 30+ hours of sleep im missing!" He yelled. Before dropping his arm and falling asleep a second time.
Up in the ceiling was a shadowy figure with a offened look on her face. ". . . note to self, don't team up with anyone in the nightwing OR lavender/triplett family. Their usually bitches.. On that note did he seriously forget about his brother being the talkative type."
"Yeah but in all fairness you DID kinda keep him up for a day adding up the hours."
"Xavier. Love. You act like needle isn't your cousin once removed."
"I act like i don't live with makaylas oldest son who seriously needs therapy!"
"Your hopeless."
"Been that way since i was 7."
"...cut to the credits-"
"Who the hell are you talking to now s-"
Status of charaters
Eric: role:nightguard. Death:oral vored by killer. Death was painful.
 Ari:no role death:unbirthed by killer. Fucked by willow in final moments so we are to say exciting?
Willow: no role, death:unbirthed by killer. Same as ari.
Martha:no role, unexpected oral vore with digestion from mike. Only intact thing left is a single hat.
Mackenzie:royally pissed off
Mike: asleep, we know why.
Xavier: why is he in the fucking vents!? WHY CAN HE FIT IN THE VENTS!?
Eliza: panic. Has covered her entire room with spikes.
Headmaster: currently fixing the 4th wall
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Well, Atleast ya'll know kichler has family outside of his kids?
Yeah this was to long and rushed so fun fact!
Originally it would have been a similar accidentally vore senenio, but would have marths actually attempt to pin down,or even eat, mike before he would have done anything, unfortunately if the only climbable thing is a shelf then your bound to meet the floor or someones stomach.
Why did i scrap that? Didn't know how to explain why a school had sliding door. Soo yeah. K bye

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