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Mermay Special: Sharks Can't Grow Beards! By Onmawarpath -- Report

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As the bit above suggests, yeah I kinda forgot about Mermay, whoops :3, so I had to grab a random mermaid related story from my idea list, hope you like it!

also quick aside but are there any other Monstergirl related holidays I should know about?

The Uterine Sea:
The World Within’s geography is rather unique, flesh walls cover the edges of the world from all sides and at the centre sits a great continent with a peninsula jutting downwards to the west, where the Carnal Church lies, and an archipelago leading downwards to the east (yes the landmass is in the shape of a womb), the great flesh wall juts northwards suddenly to connect to the very south of the continent, slowly becoming more and more narrow the closer it gets to the landmass, this is where Newauld City and the entrance to the world within are found, but between the wall and the land lies a great ocean known as the Uterine Sea.
Whilst the average technology level in The World Within should allow for air travel, this is hampered somewhat by dragons, who are extremely territorial of what they consider to be their kingdom, namely, the sky, as such, most large scale mercantile operations are performed by ship, as, although railway lines connect the settlements of larger nations, a proper railway network still has yet to be established in the Middenlands, so most trade goods are shipped in, as such the oceans are extremely well mapped and vital to the survival of many nations.
But in all ages, in all countries, seamen have been a superstitious lot, and the seamen that populate the World Mother's womb (HAH!) are no different, legends about of cursed lighthouses, giant mermaids, bioluminescent titans in the deep and much worse, is there any truth to these claims? perhaps, the World Within is, after all, a magical realm.

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Posted by GOTO 2 days ago Report

I think you're missing a story about a female teacher who becomes interested in a 10-year-old male student in elementary school and decides to give him private lessons. Or a story about a small-looking nun who treats children in a unique way. Or a beautiful woman in a long skirt around her one of the children disappears, and the woman does not know the reason despite her love for children. These are just ideas for stories that intrigue me, hope you like them.


Posted by Onmawarpath 2 days ago Report

There's a, 'minor' recurring theme in those ideas, one I'm not too comfortable with, I'm gonna have ta say no on principle, sorry