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"So then the kid got suspended." "Wow. Over paint?" "Tbh alice isn't very keen on people wasteing it. A whole gallon too! God i hope the kid is alright". The schools hallway was filled with students, it was close to the end of the day so it made sense, the conversation was between two of the few popular kids in school, Marshall Lavender and Edwin nightwing.
Comparing the two edwin definitely stood out more, his lavender hair clashing with his pale skin and dark teal eyes, as well as his bright blue wings and halo, teal shirt, dark teal pants and black shoes. The only thing keeping his hair from being in his eyes was a dark blue butterfly hair clip that had a few purple gems on the wings, which was the major symbol for his family.
Marshall however seemed to fit in with the crowd, like edwin he had pale skin, but unlike edwin who's skin was because of him being a revived human, Marshall's was just genetics. His black hair had a dark purple fade, dark enough to not be noticeable until you got close, he also had a gray streak in his hair. He also had dark purple eyes, which oftened seemed to changed shades every now and then, his outfit consisted of a dark purple jacket and a lavender color shirt, with black pants and purple shoes with a black underlining.
Both of them were popular for a few different reasons, but none of them being the same, for Marshall it was the fact his father was the lavender mafia leader, for edwin it was his dad's business, which helped funding with the school so he was instantly called out on day one. Nonetheless the less though they didn't acknowledge the popularity, in fact after a 'subtle' incident with Mrs.Crafters husband, who was not only the helper for her classroom but also one of Marshall's older half brothers, barely anyone made a big deal over them, yet the power to spread rumors was still there.
"Well i hope Maxwell didn't do anything." Edwin muttered, shuttering abit. "Oh relax. Alice,the principal,and the kids parents all had a discussion. He could he next weeks vore lesson or be suspended for the rest of the year. We both know what he took." Marshall said, pulling his hair into a ponytail before letting it go again. "I'll never understand why you do that." Edwin muttered. "Do what?" Marshall said before turning to his locker, seeing it opened a crack. "Huh. Hey Edwin didn't i have this closed last period?" "Yeah.. Maybe your bag made it open again?" Marshall opened the door to the locker to see that his bag, which was a normal brown travel bag, was just hanging on the hooks, not close enough to stop the door from closing. " think someone stuck a pen in the lock?" Marshall looked at the door as edwin looked up, seeing somebody right above the locker about to slip. "Um Marshall..look up." He muttered. Only to regret saying that as he saw the kid look turn from mischievous to scared as his hands suddenly slipped, causeing them to fall. "actually don't!" "Why-?" Marshall barley got the word out before the kid fell right onto him, edwin turned his head just as the two collided. "Thats why.." He said. "Are you ok?" "Mhmm..MFH!?" Edwin quickly spun his head around to see Marshall on the ground with a fearful look, and the kids head and shoulders being inside his mouth. "Holy.." He muttered. Marshall glared before swallowing, which he soon realised was a bad habit to use at the moment. "Uh help is needed??" Marshall slightly nodded. "Uh. Ok hold still." Edwin grabbed the kid legs and attempted to pull them out, only to see Marshall flinching and the guy kicking the air. "Oook uh.." Edwin looked around the hall for anyone to help, only to realise that in the mix of the whole thing everyone was probably in class as the halls were now empty. "Ah..only one option then..sorry Marshall." He muttered. Before pushing the kid further into Marshall, only stopping and letting go once Marshall got to the kids knees. And after a minute those were gone too. Marshall gasped and immediately fell onto his back, groaning as he felt every single movement the kid was making inside him. "Jesus..your stomach is uh massive now. I don't think its hideable.." "Oh you think!" Marshall flinched in pain as he felt his prey struggling. "Um..lets get you to the nurse.." Edwin said, helping Marshall up and walked with him to the nurses office.
An hour, and a long Explanation that was mainly from Edwin, later and Marshall was now in his room on his bed, his stomach was now very loud to the point were Edwin could hear it, and it was clearly causing Marshall a ton of pain as all he could do was lay down and let digestion happen. "Uh your not still mad right?.." Edwin finally muttered. "Oh y-urp-yeah. Sure. Instead of getting a teacher or something you just shove the guy in! Didn't we learn why that's a bad idea with oh i d-urp- dunno.. MY MOTHER AND 2 OUT OF 3 OF MY SISTERS!?" Marshall snapped before flinching again. "Ow.." He muttered. Before he felt Edwin rubbing his stomach. "Sorry. You just looked like you needed a stomach rub." Edwin said. Marshall didn't complain as he actually enjoyed it. That was untill 10 minutes later a sudden growl caused all of the pain to come back. "Mngh." Marshall groaned as edwin had a concerned look on his face. "Jesus..are they even alive anymore?" Edwin muttered, pulling out his phone. "N-no. Maybe? I don't know!" Marshall yelled, obviously holding back tears. "Hey calm down. I think this one tactic i found can help?" Edwin muttered. He placed his phone on a table and got onto Marshalls bed, he then stood up on it and placed his hands down on Marshalls stomach. "Just tell me if it hurts." Edwin said. He then pressed down on Marshall's stomach,after a few seconds he started to hear the sounds of bones cracking and breaking. After about 3 minutes Edwin noticed that Marshall was very close to crying. "O-ok! Stop! It hurts!" Marshall yelled soon, Edwin immediately took all his force off of him and saw that now there were tears streaming down Marshall's cheeks. "Are you ok?" Edwin muttered as Marshall shook his head. "Everything just hurts…" he muttered. Edwin looked at Marshall's face and saw that he was very tired, his eyes showing a very light shade of purple that it almost looked white, and just below was his skin darking around his eyes, mixed with his silent crying and suddenly Marshall didn't even seem like himself. It was like he made one of his clones and swapped places with it after giving it a different personality. After abit Edwin sighed and got off the bed, he pulled the blanket onto Marshall and pushed him just enough so there was room for both of them on the bed. He then laided right beside Marshall and hugged him. Marshall didn't seem to care in the mix of whatever he was feeling, then again their kids. They have had "sleep overs" many different times, even though they lived in the same house..technailly it wasnt a sleepover. But that was beside the point to Marshall as he soon ended up succumbing to falling asleep.
"Yeah. Yeah no i took both of them out. Well i needed some Explanation to give makayla and Marshall isn't going to give me it when he was in pain! No im checking on them right- oh edwin didn't leave Marshall's room at all. Yeah i doubt its gonna be a good time for revenge engi." Kichler was talking into a phone, turning to Marshall's door and opening it just enough to peak his head in, the light was still on as he saw his son and Marshall asleep, with Marshall's stomach being the size of a basket ball atleast now. He sighed with relief as he shut off the light and closed the door. "Their fine, just asleep. Uh but now that reminds me mind picking up so fast digestion pills? its not for him actually its been about 4 hours now and he's probably already done with the kid. Honsetly im suprised only 3 of her kids ended up-" the sound of a door slamming open could be heard "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SON!WHY WAS I CALLED ABOUT HIM MISSING 3 OF HIS CLASSES!?" "speak the goddesses names. See you later darling."
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Guess Marshall is like his mother, can't stomach anyone.. Now does that mean he has the same reaction to cock voreing people?
We'll have to wait a while to find that out.
Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on. I know i been gone awhile, truth be told ran outta ideas. Been a tough few weeks and whatnot but don't worry! I have enough ideas to do!
This was more based on how a few of makaylas kids could "stomach" somebody. I'll admit that was a bad joke. And to give abit of background to them.

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Posted by Xenophage17 4 months ago Report

Awesome stuff, love the young pred, unsure and tough digestion. Only thing missing is an embarrassing gas blast and evacuation.