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MSM #4, Mardol Munchie... By Cal_Art -- Report

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Maw Shot Mashup #4, Mardol Munchie...

1.) Production - Putting my forest dragon Mardol into this series was a no brainer and it had to be done! This is the newest version of Mardol, ( version 3.0 ) showing off his hippo like mouth and new color scheme. A while back when the first version was posted I got a couple of PM's asking when we'd see him feeding on someone, wait no longer! I volunteered to be his munchie. The background came from an anime screen grab that I heavily modified, painted over and changed quite a bit to fit the scene, a forest dragon should be seen in the forest after all. The line art was done on a separate layer and so was the coloring and sky background for the inset. Once everything had been done there were a few adjustments made before the image was resized and saved to be posted here. . . enjoy.

2.) Story - Mardol is one of many land based dragons that live in this great forest, each has territory to protect and most are not as wary of humans as other dragons tend to be. Forest dragons will often make themselves visible to show travelers that they are in their territory and to be mindful of that fact. The friendlier ones such as Mardol will approach those that he senses will not cause him harm. Then there's guys like me, I had heard of the forest dragons when I was younger, seen artwork of them and heard stories of how some of them were very approachable. The first time I had seen one was when I was a teenager and one approached our traveling caravan when invited by a parent. Our party talked for a short time and one of the other travelers offered the forest dragon a large melon as a gesture of thanks for their information on the condition of the road through their territory. The dragon took the huge fruit in his jaws and swallowed it whole, quite an impressive feat that did something for me. I remember seeing a lump go down the front of his neck and disappear into the chest area of that large body. He thanked us and wished us good travels and watched us leave, I glanced back and waved as we departed from the scene, all the time looking for land marks to remember for later.

Our traveling party made it to the next town later that day, I the road we took, how far we'd gone, land marks were recalled. Eventually I settled in a village about 2 days travel away from where we had met the forest dragon. A few years later when I found out that I had a special ability I decided to try and find that dragon again and went on a camping trip to that territory. I had to wait a day after finding a suitable place to camp but it wasn't long before that same forest dragon emerged from the brush and found me. When he approached I told him who I was, that I remembered meeting him a few years ago when I had been with a traveling caravan. Although he didn't remember me clearly he said that there was something familiar with my look and smell. I told him that I had come from my village for a special purpose and it was a personal matter that was very private in nature. I told him that I was there to offer myself to him as willing prey, his reaction was unexpected as he told me that he sensed this peculiarity in me from our first encounter. He said that
he was waiting for my return and that I was not the first one that had this unusual request, an odd need to satisfy such a desire.

He said that I should know the name of my predator and said that his name was Mardol, I told him that I was known as Calamity Aert. Mardol had a puzzled look on his face but I told him that the name came from someone that had eaten me when I was in my late teens and that they had given me that nickname that I have used ever since then. I told him that I wanted to experience what the melon had but that I hoped he would take me slowly so that I could enjoy every possible second of it. He asked me what class of wizard or magic practiser I was that I could survive being in his stomach. I told him that I had no magic that I was aware of and that I did not know how I survived being eaten, only that I always did. The first time that I had been eaten was by a friend's Great Dane Paulis, I had also been eaten alive by a Killer Whale and many other creatures. Mardol said that I had the smell of being cursed but he had never encountered the type of odor that he sensed from me and said that it must be very ancient. He then said that we found ourselves in an interesting place, he was hungry and I was willing to give myself to him to satisfy a different kind of hunger. Mardol accepted my offer and told me to prepare myself, I took off my clothing and he lowered his head to show me the inside of his mouth.

When Mardol stood over me and opened his jaws his maw was impressive, the hippo like structure of the jaws and dull teeth. His breath was warm and smelled a bit unpleasant but that to me was a beautiful odor that came from a creature that was showing me where I was about to go. After showing me his mouth he told me that I was his prey, that I belonged to him and that I would go down his throat just like the melon that my caravan had offered to him a few years back. Mardol said that he slowly eat me alive and go down into his stomach like so many melons and the other willing human prey that he had consumed in the past. I laid down on the ground and lifted my feet up for him as I requested to go into him feet first, it was my preferred way to go. He licked up the full length of my body a couple of times and then I heard him say in a soft deep voice next to one of my ears.... " Enjoy going down my throat like that melon you delicious little man. " I felt his mouth touch, open and take in my lower legs as his long tongue was licking and then cradling them. I felt several powerful swallows as he worked his jaws up around my lower body, a few more swallows and I started to hear some throaty gulps coming from behind me.

When Mardol had swallowed me up to my hips he lifted me off the ground and put his head up high as he opened and closed his jaws in a chewing motion that worked me down a bit deeper each time. The tongue flexed, went in and out of his mouth as he tasted me with enthusiasm while the sides of his mouth wobbled back and forth like a hippo's jaws would. He held his straight up and used gravity to get my waist down into his throat, then he lowed his head down to a more normal level and slowly swallowed and swallowed again. He ate me slowly, I realized that he was doing it on purpose to prolong it for my enjoyment, I was taken by how gently he mouthed me. I felt his throat getting more of my body to pull down on, the long tongue was now hanging out of his mouth as it was pushing back on my body, directing and helping me down his throat. There was a lot of drool coating much of my body by now his smelly breath was stronger, smelled like rotting plant life and bog. I felt the hot embracing flesh at the back of his mouth climbing further up my body as I was in a state of arousal, almost fully hard. When I started grinding in his mouth and throat Mardol knew what was happening and my arms came against the corners of his mouth as I was three quarters of the way down his throat. The forest dragon changed his swallowing to something I had never experienced before, I felt a strange up and down motion against my body. He held his head up again, mouth as wide open as he could while his tongue was now hanging far out of his mouth. Mardol's gullet was moving me up and down in a very stimulating way that matched my grinding motions. I came to realize that he was doing this on purpose to get me off, he was actually masturbating me with this weird but amazing throat massage!

I came to the conclusion that Mardol was a very accommodating and thoughtful predator, it was clear that he had done this to others that he had eaten, that I was not the only vore to get this very intimate treatment from him. As I masturbated against this new type of swallowing I heard some very wet, fleshy slurping sounds all around me inside his mouth. I felt strong regular powerful pulling down motion that washed down around my body with loud gulps that made added so much to the stimulation. I looked at his long tongue dangling out of his mouth as it was now just pushing me against the roof of his mouth. As I felt his mouth and throat working me down, smelled his breath, heard the loud gulps I saw the image of the inside of his maw in my mind. The thing that pushed me over the edge was all of this plus the sight that I saw when his head tilted down a bit and to one side. I saw that shadow of his penis dropped nearly to the ground as he was clearly getting off on my reaction to him eating me. I blew my load in this throat with loud moans and as I thrust myself against the forest dragon's swallowing motions as they quickened to match my new movements. I was sweating profusely, breathing heavily and slamming myself against the incredible stimulation as I drained and then came down from the climax. Mardol had stopped for a moment, just held me in his hot throat and allowed me to experience what it was like to be helpless and completely at his mercy. When I had felt the high pass I told him that I was all his for the taking and let my arms go limp. He swallowed several times to get my shoulders into his mouth, then slurped my arms in and with several huge swallows I went down his throat. I made a big lump in his neck as I felt myself slide down inside it, then enter a stomach that had waited patiently for me. On the outside Mardol licked around his mouth a few times and felt very satisfied as a predator. Willing prey or not, a full stomach was a good feeling and in my case the sexual stimulation he got from swallowing a vore fan going down inside him was a bonus.


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Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

I am loving these mawshots

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Posted by Cal_Art 4 months ago Report

Good because there's several more coming yet.

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