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Vanilla's Sneaky Snack By rivalsnake01 -- Report

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It is a dark and gloomy night as you wait at the corner of your street waiting to meet up with a friend. The dull drone of the streetlamp above you hums away and provides just a minor bubble of light around you as you gaze down the dark city street unable to see much of anything else. In the distance you hear a low rumble assuming it nothing more than a passing train or the sounds of the city and return to the sight of your phone to check where your friend is at. Little did you know that in the distance a passing catgirl named Vanilla was looking for a nighttime snack and that dim bubble you stood in was perfect indicator on where to find one. Not wanting to scare you away Vanilla began her stealthy approach making sure to only move while you were distracted and hiding away whenever you looked up. As you see your friend text back that they will still be a few minutes late you hear another noise in the street but are unable to see anything in the darkness, completely unseeing Vanilla peeking out playfully now another block closer. Once she sees your fingers typing away on the phone she begins to encroach even closer, stealthily and as silently as she can be she makes it another ally up and her hand slowly reaches out, she knows her time to strike is now and her mouth is salivating in anticipation.
As you type your next message, that feeling that has been lingering in the back of your mind that someone has been watching you this whole time. What started as a mild feeling was now an overwhelming pressure and while you kept trying to play it down in your mind, those city noises of people scurrying about have really started to shake your nerves, especially since you haven’t seen anyone else out tonight. Maybe they were just hidden in the dark beyond where your vision could see but even so you sent your message to your friend hoping they would respond that they were right around the corner and would whisk you away but unfortunately they would not be the one’s picking you up. From the darkness Vanilla pounced and too your terror you could only watch frozen as the giantess entered your bubble of light. With hands outstretched and maw beginning to stretch open Vanilla easily swept you up off your feet and tossed you into her already salivating maw. In the total darkness you are tossed around and tasted, getting to know every part of the neko’s maw as she got to enjoy every flavor you had to offer. After she had finished having her fun she begun to send you to the path all food takes as you felt the tight throat begin to grab your legs. You flail and try to grab onto anything that can save you and pull you out and as light enters the dark fleshy enclosure and you have a shred of hope that maybe, just maybe your friend has arrived and is helping you out but alas as your eyes adjust all you can see is that your phone is point back at you, a final taunt to show how helpless you are and that you have become this girls toy and treat and there was nothing that could be done as you felt the darkness take you again into the tight fleshy tube where a deafening gulp sealed you away. Vanilla having enjoyed her tasty snack admired the selfie she managed to take on such a tiny device. She saw the text chain that was ongoing while she toyed with her food and figured how much fun it would be to surprise the person on the other side of the line. And with that she sent her pic along making sure that whoever was on the receiving end would know that their friend would no longer be available tonight but if they wanted join in on the fun, there is always room for another…

Once again I bring another fantastic commission done by the always wonderful and amazing  NiceNoms !!!
It was one I collaborated with Vanilla over on Nice's discord and who's OC was used as the big and hungry neko also named Vanilla!

You can find Nice here and on Twitter, Deviantart, and they run and incredible patreon with a fun and cozy discord. You can find their links below:

As well it was so much fun getting to build up this idea with Vanilla and their wonderfully smug OC. The base Idea was inspired by the old Ninja/stalking cat videos!

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Posted by Fatedmeal 5 months ago Report

I just loved the progression of the story and the personality of this predator that you conveyed through her actions. Especially the last panel.


Posted by rivalsnake01 5 months ago Report

So happy you enjoyed it definitely was easier to write thanks to Vanilla's OC and Nice helping us setup the theme/setting on this one!