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Assisted Retaliation By FidchellVore -- Report

For failing to draw Ingrid as a Fennekin during Fennekin Day, I make it up to her by offering myself as a hefty and succulent subject for her next brew on Delphox Day. In addition to plumping up her curvaceous figure, my soul will prove to be a prized possession of hers. Maybe I didn't think this thing all the way through...

Both characters belong to me.

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Comment on Assisted Retaliation


Posted by Tanookicatoon 3 months ago Report

They made for quite a brew! >w<❣❣❣

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

I wouldn't mind having my soul be the possession of a beauty like her <3

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Posted by Higuain 3 months ago Report

Seems completely worth it~. If it were up to me, I would make this permanent and unreversable. Be thankful there’s a chance to come back~

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Posted by VorishSnivy7 3 months ago Report

Love that Witchfox!

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Posted by skullcrusheramk 3 months ago Report

Seems a little late to change your mind now. Oh well!~

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Posted by Jasengamer 3 months ago Report

I always love the idea of cooking in a cauldron then just chugging the whole thing

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