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Satisfaction Guaranteed By TheDragonBoy -- Report

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A city of intelligent cats and mice, living happily in peace. You would think there might be some food-chain related problems there, but that had been sorted out ages ago. Rodentia (our intelligent rodents) hadn't needed to worry about falling prey to Felis (our intelligent felines) for generations now. But that didn't stop a little mouse named Nash from thinking about it... perhaps a little too much... He can't help but wonder what it would be like. Imagine his surprise when he finds out there's someone in the city offering a chance for him to find out firsthand? Sure, it's a tad shady, but that's understandable given the nature of the subject, and there's another mouse vouching for his safety. He couldn't just pass up an opportunity like this, right?

This story started out as a one paragraph outline that I let sit in my 'ideas' list for a few months. Decided to finally write it and hammered the whole thing out in one sitting over the course of like 9 hours. I ended up setting it in the same universe as my short Kinship series, just so I didn't have to think up a new setting, but this one is set much further in the future, doesn't relate to any of those older characters, and you don't need to have read anything else to understand this one.

I really don't want to spoil anything, but this is a vore story. If there are aspects of vore you don't like and don't want to read, or if you think there might be and you're not sure, check the tags before reading. You're been warned. Enjoy.

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Posted by Wolfsage 12 days ago Report

What did he think was gonna happen? :D


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

I think he was expecting the hairball treatment at the end, hope he wasn't too disappointed.


Posted by ShadowDM 12 days ago Report

This was a great story. Just the right amount of darkness.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

Thanks, glad I got the balance right.


Posted by Perodian 12 days ago Report

He got more than he paid for, why is he complaining? Getting the full experience is clearly better than just exploring the first area of the interior.

I don't really feel bad for him because what he did was pretty dumb.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 12 days ago Report

Yeah... I think he bit off a bit more than he could chew... unlike Kelsey.


Posted by magicboy13 12 days ago Report

Cats and mice? Oooh reminds me of DrakeZephyr's series. Haven't read your entry yet but I'm looking forward to it!


Posted by magicboy13 11 days ago Report

Now that was one hell of a story. Saw the twist coming though... but still a good ride. Thought Connor was gonna do an UB with Kelsey though.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 11 days ago Report

Yeah, I feel like the twist was kinda obvious (the guy's name was CONnor, come on!), but I know some people won't see it coming, which I hope makes it even better for them.

Given what's established in this story, I wouldn't be surprised if Felis/Rodentia UB was a thing. Not sure if/when I'd ever want to write that, but just saying.


Posted by magicboy13 11 days ago Report

Not a fan of UB, huh?


Posted by TheDragonBoy 11 days ago Report

I wouldn’t say that. I’ve written and enjoyed my fair share, I just don’t tend to write feral UB.


Posted by dcvfgb1234 11 days ago Report

Really lovely little story. Really loved the betrayal. Just wish it had continued for longer and we'd got the digestion described as well. Though, that might well not be your thing, which is fair enough.

In any case, a lovely little story.


Posted by TheDragonBoy 10 days ago Report

You know, it really depends on my mood. I probably could have gone on to describe the digestion, either from the perspective of Connor or Kelsey, or from a 3rd person internal perspective, but at the time I was in a bit of a “nicer” mood and thought that might be too extreme. Funny to hear someone ask for the opposite. Have I ever actually tried to do a full, detailed digestion scene? Maybe I should one of these days.