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The Oshawott and the Inhabitants of the Beach of the Mind
I hopped on the back of the storm dragon. Storm blue. She unfurled her wings and took off from the silver surface and to the sky. I felt exhilirated as we rose.
It took my stomach away. The one that held the chicken still.
He wasn't hungry, I thought I could hear. I left the stethoscope at the condo and I could barely hear him through my cell phone's mic.
I held onto her neck. The thoughts crossed my mind like: What would happen if I would get a boner on the tree trunk of the dragon's neck.
I entered from my sacrad temple of the mirror stream lake and onto her back and we were on our way to the beach far away.
She, a celestial guardian of mine, was quick in the mind imaginary. The astral plane, if you will.
She was soon descending below the clouds that opened up ahead. She brought lightning from the clouds with her descent, followed by storms.
She and all of the rainbow dragons of Rainbow Brite were all due to arrive sometime.
The Oshawott and only he was there to great me. He always had that look of being determined or mad with furrowed brow.
I spoke to him asking if he was mad at me for leaving him out to pasture back in the hisui region. He nodded to me and just him nodding made me smile because he was cute.
He groaned and tugged at my hand to follow to several tarps that were setup on poles on the golden sand. Dunes and fences flowed at a ridge away from that over and plateued to four condos on wooden pillar stilts. This island was no more than a sand bar.
Storm dragon, she being based off my love and manifest for the marvel storm mutant character except she was a dragoness, went for a tarp that was a football field at least.
A green dragon was there already, the fat boy that he was. She shoved him aside.
I asked her, "Don't you want a seperate tarp?"
The green dragon shoooed me away. It was evident he was started a lazy hump at her rump.
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The Oshawott and Inhabitants of the Beach of the Mind By iasiney -- Report

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I take the chicken that is in my stomach to the beach of the mind. The chicken does not want any food but I can't hear him very well since I didn't have the stethoscope. There the Oshawott meets me and the storm dragonness goes under the tarp with the green dragon and the fat green dragon takes the opportunity to get close with the green dragon.

This is based on imagery I did when I was into astral meditation. I don't believe in it now. It is stream of consciousness in that way. I used it as a setting as well in the "Write about you" defunct interactive fiction I started so those characters are there. Originally the blue dragon was the guardian, not the green but I decided to include the green dragon. The oshawott wasn't there, it just came in there because I'm playing Pokemon Arceus. Technically there should be a mew, eevee, mudkip, umbreon, snorlax, and Lucario as well. I don't remember if there's more other than the bear, rainbow dragons, samoyed, ginger cat, and naga. I have several more Pokemon favorites and I feel that they're just going to show up in further stream of consciousness writings.

The references to storm as a transformed x-men character and somehow a dragon of rainbow brite is a fallacy of stream of consciousness but is something I'm going to keep. Technically Stormy is also from rainbow brite and is a color kid in the newest ones.  Then there's the adult uptick at the end and why this is an adult rating. There's only implied vore. This was a twenty minute freewrite to stream of consciousness and edited a bit but I tried to keep the raw stream of consciousness in this.

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