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Throw off entry
The chicken, I rubbed mint over and lime and it became a minty lime chicken. I attached the harness so that it might be brought back out. However, soon after trying a few times, I found the harness wasn't a good idea. It was too much time and I was lazy.
The chicken ended up being a shapeshifting mimic and liked to change into a rodent and let me chase it around and catch it and eat it. I am envious of what he sees in my insides.
I don't find him very appetizing so much. I prefer him a chiken until he gets the tentacles out. He sticks those appropriately, or inappropriately. He'll be able to insert them and make them bigger. He can siphon things into my stomach or put me in a warm ooze hug.
The sludge. Muddy. It's so muddy that it feels like a mud bath when it engulfs me and that's fun.
The mimic became a chicken burrito so that I would eat it and after eaten come together. Then I would feel it squirm down my tummy and then flushed into the sewers beause it would end up there.
This is where it would be but it woudl trick me when I wasn't looking and distract me. Then I would know and it did things this way when I said I liked it.
It couldn't eat me in the same way when I told it the fantasy fo me eating it.
The condos. I wanted a whole flock of chicikens in order to be able to sample all in the condos on the beach of the mind.
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This particular hybrid figured out that I liked chicken so it tricked me. Imagine my surprise when my stomach started squirming. I thought I had the craziest amount of indigestion. Then I felt it was coming back up and there it was a tendril of ooze sticking out of my mouth moving around and I had the most horrid surprised look. Then it made a hand and waved and blurped back in.

I tended to like it after I got used to it and talked to it. Well... it's not everyday you can make an acquaintance with some sentient oooze that likes hiding in your digestive system. They tend to like hiding there because no one wants them around. That made me feel sad for them. They could be lying that no one likes them but I'm such a softie.

For context of this little stream of consciousness, see my latest journals. I posted the campaign that deals with sentient mimic shapeshifter hybrids there that this comes from.

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