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Regrets By lovehugs7 -- Report

Anatomy and vore are tough, sometimes you've got to break a few bones to make things fit. Looks like this little morsel didn't think this through all the way.

It's just food, after all. Food doesn't have feelings.

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Posted by Broms 3 months ago Report

I love your style! I look forward to seeing what kind of stuff you make going forward :)


Posted by fastwaffle 3 months ago Report

damn! that's pretty brutal, i love it. she's right tho, food doesn't get to complain, especially if it was dumb enough to volunteer.


Posted by bestgirlRosa 3 months ago Report

Breaking bones/crushing prey during vore is sweeet
Love to see it, you've portrayed it very well here :3


Posted by Raesetsu 3 months ago Report

Damn 2 banger posts back to back, you're really knocking it out of the park. Love this scenario.


Posted by AnAccount 3 months ago Report

Nice size ratio


Posted by lovehugs7 3 months ago Report

It's my favorite. Small enough to look plausible, but big enough to feel her fill you up


Posted by Mordecai777 3 months ago Report

This is amazing, hope to see more like this, great job!!


Posted by electricsheeptaste 3 months ago Report

Always love to see willing prey regretting their choices.


Posted by lovehugs7 3 months ago Report

Once all the bones are snapped and the skin begins to dissolve, is there even any point in hoping to get out?


Posted by 007siren 3 months ago Report

God that's devilishly arousing ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Posted by RyouBoy 3 months ago Report

Imagine offering yourself up to be eaten just to get off and then having a ruined orgasm ;D some serious preygret there <3


Posted by jackson22222 3 months ago Report

Not hate to those who enjoy willing or safe vore.

But I personally love the scenario where prey starts willing because they think it's hot, only to realize that being eaten alive is horrifically painful, and the pred doesn't care. Loved the art, and the sequence!


Posted by Umhuebr 2 months ago Report

Lovely, dark vibes! And F/F, too! The best stuff! Eager to see more from ya!


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 2 months ago Report

Poor prey, shes regretting now, but its too late to be alive, its time to be her meal~


Posted by zacriac 2 months ago Report

Bones go snap! I like when the preys idea of vore is crushed by the cruelty of reality. They might change their mind but their fate is the same. Very hot.