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Beware abandoned pool area By ABrinson27 -- Report

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You arrive at the old abandoned pool area, You have been told about it by a couple of friends who had heard that the pool there still works and the water there is still clean for the most part. You decide to go there with your girlfriend thinking that it would be an interesting place to mess around in private if it you had gotten the call earlier from your girlfriend letting you know that she was already there and heading inside. When you get to the area you let her know by text and which she replies with a simple ok. You walk inside And immediately you're able to hear something in the distance you hear the sounds of splashing Signify that she must already have gone into the pool, As you get closer you hear another sound it sounded like swallowing, As you enter the pool area you're instantly caught by What you thought might have been the pool but it wasn't really the pool instead instead it was something else a tall large Black creature turns and looks at you various parts of its body glowing. It looks at you before smiling as it goes to say something it belches loudly and you watch in watch in horror As a familiar pinkish purple bra comes flying out of its mouth landing on the water surface before lazily floating And then you hear the beast say " I'm sorry were you her boyfriend. She was waiting on you" It says with a giggle Before saying "I have to say you have really good taste man But why don't you come closer~" Creature spots seem to glow brighter you suddenly feel so drawn to them like you can't resist coming closer to them in which Without even realizing it you begin to enter the water and go towards him as he meets you halfway coming closer you don't even pay attention to his rather distended belly that was wiggling around own as he gets closer hes smart closer he smiles and his mouth begins to open up revealing it's glowing tongue as as he grabs you and slowly his mouth descends on to you. He makes sure to snap you out of it, You only manage one short yell before all is silent once more.

This lovely picture was made by  ShieUne She did a really Is good job with the glowing parts of my eel boi

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Posted by Hariken 2 months ago Report

very sexy eel boyo!


Posted by SilhouetteofKid 2 months ago Report

I like the art man, very nice, and might wanna use double space on the description story, cuz it's just a wall of text. XD