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when you see the skull By nachash9 -- Report

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**SCAT warning**

so that is the last piece from these times.. for sure, its my first and only experience with SCAT stuff..
also I add another bar here

This is the last piece form that series, tell me if you want to see more from it, it was fun a series to draw:)

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 2 months ago Report

Nice little series and I'd definitely love to see more of it, perhaps one with the bee girls?
Also would it be possible to have external versions for the drider/lamia part?


Posted by nachash9 2 months ago Report

sadly I haven't the external versions, maybe in the future I'll do some...


Posted by katmiqote 2 months ago Report

I had never seen what you do (probably some tags I don't look at often) but I really like the style, Meow. :3


Posted by nachash9 2 months ago Report



Posted by comradmudkip 2 months ago Report

looks nice i do enjoy seeing stuff on echidna wars
and like the whole hp bars and style


Posted by SherlokKirya 2 months ago Report

Ohhh man, the last one ? Well all good things come to and end, really enjoyed this little throwback from ya ! Fun detail with dryad sensing a tingle coming from her root.


Posted by nachash9 2 months ago Report

thank you:)


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Awe! It's delightful~ And echidna wars is such a fun setting, you've done great here with our cuties and their adventures! As for this being your first time scat picture, you did a great job. I love the bonding moments of our predators all relieving themselves together~ Very cute! Continue being awesome! <3


Posted by nachash9 2 months ago Report

thank you! I hope to do..:3


Posted by DarkPinkie 2 months ago Report

Loved this series a lot. Even before they were posted on here. It's definitely unique in that I think it's the only Echidna Wars piece to include disposal.


Posted by somerandumbidiot 2 months ago Report

that and also there's like no drider scat on this entire website.

good job nachash you are cool and i want more of this stuff


Posted by EnderDracolich 2 months ago Report

It's an amazing piece! Super cute.


Posted by nachash9 2 months ago Report



Posted by TETRO 2 months ago Report

Will she escape or will she join the sewers?


Posted by Salisha 2 months ago Report

This is very fun and very unique! I love it personally!


Posted by CervineKnight 2 months ago Report

I really loved all four of these pictures - these characters seem pretty classic now, and it's always fun to see art of the four heroines ending up in their enemies' bellies.

I'm normally not all that into scat/disposal, but there's something kinda cute about seeing the monster girl baddies hanging out and disposing of their digested meals after a hard-fought victory over the heroines. And it's kinda hot to make it clear who the bones are from - like with the robot girl's head fins - so you know just who it was and what happened to her.

(And using the dryad's roots like that - as her way to dispose of TGO-07 - is a cool idea)

Also, this is the first art of yours I've stumbled on, but something about your style is just really cute and soft-looking. It's pleasant to look at.


Posted by hyhyd 2 months ago Report

interesting toilets


Posted by Jadex 2 months ago Report

Love the toilet paper leg, great work man


Posted by LancingLucianne78 1 month ago Report

I have fond memories of playing Echidna Wars! This piece brought everything back to me, plus it gave me some sweet sweet disposal!~

Thank you for making this! ^.^