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All Aboard By Frazone -- Report

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Art by  LittleRover

A small crowd of tourists gathered on the docks of the tropical island. It was a nice sunny day but dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon. The heavy storm would be upon them soon and many had to make a sudden change of plans to find shelter.

“All aboard the finest underwater cruise of all the seas! Personal quarters for everyone, all you can eat buffet all times and soft silky bedding available for all!”

Fortunately for them a truly massive Primarina was sat at the docks offering a luxurious cruise over to another, more developed island. Although some here would rather not travel just yet, the storm gave them few choices. A pair of young adult Lucario were already diving down the large Primarina’s dick to join in on the cruise. The wide eyed and slightly naive couple sharing a giggle as they climbed into the dick, mind clearly occupied with what they will be doing once inside.

“It is a week's trip over to the next island and your first chance to depart, but feel free to stay longer, as long as you wish in fact. There is no rush to leave and we are happy and excited to keep you!”

Several people were lining up to take the generous offer. One Sableye balks as they step in some pre splattered on the ground. With such a large dick flopping around a bit of a mess was bound to form. Perhaps it was just to sudden for them or the poor dear doesn't truly understand what they are inline for.

“Admission is completely free! No charge at all! You have nothing to lose at all so come on in!” “Departure must be paid for in advance!” like classic legally obligated warnings, the last part was spoken so substantially faster and softer that many in the crowd were unable to hear it.

It seems the deception was enough of a problem for someone to put up a sign. “Warning! Pay or stay for good". A mawile had noticed the sign and was carefully counting and double counting all the money they had. Just shy of affording two departures she began considering ways to get around that limitation for her Shinx friend. Nearby three locals draw straws. They knew about the Primarina but with the storm interrupting their short trip they are forced to pool their money just to afford a departure for one. Scorbunny would rather not have been the one to win.

Standing over their open suitcase a pair are having a fervent argument. The two have frequently used the Primarina’s services to travel the islands yet on this occasion they somehow had mismanaged their finances and now don’t have enough to pay for two departures. Brixen confidently assures Buizel that all he has to do is hide in the suitcase and he will be fine and free on the other side. Buizel firmly asserts that this won’t work least of all because there's not enough room in the suitcase for him and all their stuff.

A crowd like this is a tempting target for a thief and indeed a little Nicket simply couldn't resist. As profitable as it had been, they should have thought twice on this occasion, as they were caught, and the would-be victims extremely displeased about the potential of getting up to be next in line and finding their payments having vanished. Wonder what sort of payback they have in mind after getting their money back? Perhaps the same fate the little thief would have inflicted upon them, cast into the depths of the Primarina’s inner sac without hope of release.

Hey guys I have a question for all my fans. Do you share my work around? I lurk on a couple vore servers that aren't Rover's and mine (Here the link to our discord server by the way ) and I am rather sad that I don't see any of my art being shared their. Now maybe I'm just not in the right servers. However if your hesitent about sharing my content then don't be. Booth me and Rover are extremly fair use in our leanings and only disprove of you claiming the art or characters as yours.

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Posted by CaptainMoke 2 months ago Report

Very generous offer all things considered~


Posted by Frazone 2 months ago Report

Oh indeed. The best around by a large margin.


Posted by Evil-Dog 1 month ago Report

Looks like a fun cruise


Posted by Frazone 1 month ago Report

Oh It really is. Why else would so many people choose to stay forever?


Posted by Evil-Dog 1 month ago Report

I might see about getting a ticket