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Sneaking Inside Pt2
“Princess Luna, can I come out now?”, Mika asked as she sloshed from side to side between the mare’s legs.
Luna reached down and caressed her giant nuts, sad knowing that the wonderful feeling of Mika weighing them down, would soon be coming to an end. “Soon little one, very soon”, she answered as she landed at her destination.
As her hooves came to a rest on the floor, Luna spotted Mika’s new would-be owner, lying fast asleep in his bed.
His name was Bow Hothoof, and ever since he could remember, he dreamed of one day being able to experience the wonder of carrying a living creature in his body, as his wife had done for their little girl.
Tonight was no different. Luna had seen this strong stallion’s fierce desire manifest in his dreams time and time again. Though Luna could not grant him the ability to bear his own child, she assumed he would be more than willing to hold onto Mika for her.
The princess of the night closed the bedroom window. Quietly making her way over to Bow, she leaned in close to the sleeping stallion.
“AWAKEN AND RISE!”, Luna demanded with great volume, right into the poor guy’s ears.
“WOAH!”, Bow yelled and quickly rolled away from the intruder. Peeking back over the bed he seen it was none other than the princess of the night herself, and his fear subsided. “Princess Luna?”
“Yes, tis I.”
“What are you doing in my house?”
“I come bearing a gift”, Luna turned sideways, revealing her massive stallion-hood.
Bow stared at her and her massive equipment, both in confusion and disgust. “No dis-respect princess, but I ain’t into that.”
“A shame then, tis into you.” Lighting her horn, Luna grabbed Bow, and placed him back on the mattress. She propped him up on his hands and knees before trotting over to the back end of the bed.
“W-What are you doing princess?”, Bow struggled as her magic locked his body in place. He was strong, but not even close to strong enough to break an alicorn’s magic.
As Luna climbed onto the bed, the moonlight cast her shadow over Bow’s quivering form, and a shiver ran down his spine as Bow felt her warm length come to a rest on his back.
This is just a bad dream, Bow though to himself when he felt the princess squirt something cold onto his virgin ass. It’s just a dream!
“Tis no dream my good stallion”, Luna assured as she lined her cock up with Bow’s puffy anus.
Bow grunted as his ass was forced open by her enormous rod, and stretched to accommodate her flared head. He felt her slide a little ways inside him before he felt a hoof on his cheek, and the princess began explaining.
“Thou wishes to carry a life inside thine body no?”
“I-I just…”
“I have seen thine dreams Bow, I know what you wish.”
Bow relaxed somewhat, as his hole acclimated to the princess’s cock. “More than anything Luna.”
She smiled.
Bow turned to see the princess fondling her balls, with a large mass shifting around inside. “In here I hath a lovely young girl. The sweet thing has been a blessing these last three days. However she cannot remain inside me forever, and so I offer her to you. Should you accept, she will be yours, and with the aid of my magic, yours she shall remain for as long as thou wish.”
Bow was in shock. Not only had the princess been snooping around in his dreams, but she was now in his home(and ass), offering to make them come true… kinda. But the thought alone of carrying a sweet young girl in his body excited him greatly.
Finally he could experience the joy his wife so loved to go on about every time his daughter returned home for a visit. All he had to do was let Luna ‘release’ her inside of him.
“Ok Luna, I’ll take her”, Bow faced away from the princess, gritted his teeth and readied himself.
“Do it.”
Bow waited for the inevitable pain of being impaled on Luna’s ridiculous length, but no pain came. With his ass still stretched, he knew she had not gone, and was very much still hard, but after twenty seconds with no indication she was going to fuck him, he wondered what she was doing back there.
Opening his eyes and looking back, he seen Luna with hers screwed shut. Her right hoof rubbed along her cock while the other massaged her gigantic balls.
She’s just jerking off in me. Cosfused he opened his mouth to ask why.
“Umm, Luna, why are you masturbating inside me?”
Luna kept her eyes closed as she answered, “Does thou wish for me to copulate? Twood be very painfull for thou, don’t you think?”
“NO NO! It’s fine, I was just confused was all. You keep right on going girl”, Bow babbled hoping to Celestia he hadn’t just prompted his own brutal rape.
Mika became aware of where she was going during Luna’s explanation to Bow. With no interest in going up a grown stallion’s ass she began thrashing around, making feeble attempts to escape. Actions which only aided in hastening her ejection into Bow’s warm rectum.
Delighting in the humans struggles, Luna rubbed herself faster. “I shall miss you Mika, you truly made my nights happy during your stay. I pray you provide the same for this lovely stallion”, she remarked, rubbing gently at the end of her shaft, where it disappeared inside Bow.
Mika became worried as her home of the last 73 hours progressively filled with more cum. A sure sign the princess was about to finish… and she did.
Luna violently jerked herself as the drive to reach climax consumed her. With only a few inches of air left for Mika inside Luna’s balls, they contracted, sending the squirming girl up her shaft.
Mika’s bulge traveled quickly up the princess’s length, blocking the cum that Luna’s undulating cock desperately tried to expel.
She came to a halt, at Boe’s tight ass, as the change in diameter prevented her from passing out of Luna’s cock, and thankfully into him. A fact Mika would have been more pleased with, were she not currently drowning in the princess’s horse-cum.
Thankfully Bow’s anus relaxed before that happened, spreading open and allowing Luna’s cock to ejaculate the young human(and her load), inside him.
“OOOOhhh… marvelous”, Luna moaned as she finally achieved release.
Pulling her softening shaft from Bow’s ass, she cast a spell on him, giving Mika’s new owner the special control over his body that she promised. She then released the magic holding him in place, allowing Bow to roll onto his back and inspect his swollen paunch.
Looking at the squirming mass in his belly, Bow moaned from the pleasure that her movements created. “She feels incredible in there. Will she really stay?”
“She shall remain in there until thou wish her leave”, Luna assured. “Simply will it, and the young girl shall be expeled from your body.”
Mika was expecting her new home to be miserable, which it was, and to reek, which it did; but neither to the extent that she assumed it would. After a solid thirty seconds of squirming, the young girl relaxed and accepted her new home in Bow’s ass. It wasn’t that bad.
Especially for Bow.
He was having the time of his life imagining the young girl contained in there. Thinking of all the new pleasures and emotions he would feel from carrying her around inside him.
It made Bow smile.
As he rolled over to sleep, he placed a hoof over the mass in his lower abdomen, and felt a light kick from within. “That’a girl”, Bow whispered.
He wanted to thank Luna for giving him this wonderful gift, but when he turned his head up, all he seen was an open window letting in the cool night air.
Bow chuckled, If she really was in my dreams, then I’m sure she knows how grateful I am. Bow reasoned.
Closing his eyes, he returned to his dreams, one of which had managed to come true tonight… kinda.
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