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Nillyna's talisman cane By Hydra30 -- Report

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For the spellcasters of Aquasa, they are as important as breath for on this magnificent world magic is fueled by the mystical ray's of its blue sun. But sunlight is not available all the time, hence the need for talisman's. These magical trinkets are vessels for reserve stores of sunlight so magic can be used, at least at a limit, when the sun isn't shining for one reason or another.

Nillyna's talisman doesn't follow the classic form of a talisman though. While most, if not all, talisman's resemble jewelry of some kind, Nillyna's is an elegant walking cane. Almost as notorious as its owner, this talisman is capable of storing reservoirs of sunlight greatly vaster than an average talisman.

Though, being such a droppable object has its disadvantages, what with how easily she was consumed by Lily once she was separated from it.


(I know this version is vastly more ornate than what I describe in the first chapter of Nillyna and Lily, but, since this is Eka's Portal, I figured you guys would rather me get to the vore part's, rather than read a lengthy description of a cane. That being said, I felt this reflects Nillyna's personality. I wanted the cane to look magical, like a wand, as well as decorative and authoritative, like a scepter, given Nillyna's status as an accomplished sorceress, as well as sinister and threatening, given Nillyna will often uses it as a weapon of self defense, when the situation calls for it. Please leave a comment if you like it, it's all hand made.)

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Posted by Omny87 10 days ago Report

Oh wow! Very nice. A lot more metallic than I expected- for some reason I sort of pictured it as all white with a kind of polished ivory look, though the orb on top is how I imagined it. Either way this is cool. Definitely going to picture this from now on next time I read your stories.


Posted by Hydra30 10 days ago Report

Thanks, was a real chore putting it together. If you recall the description says it was solid platinum. Of course, platinum is kinda not in my budget in the real world so I had to settle for stainless steel


Posted by Omny87 9 days ago Report

Yeah I'm not sure why I thought that. I guess for some reason I was thinking of Gandalf the White's staff and it stuck. Weird.

Oh, quick question: that white disc-shaped thing behind the orb on top; is that part of the staff or just something to prop it up?


Posted by Hydra30 9 days ago Report

That's a disc light to show off the red color of the orb.

It's a very deep crimson color the first couple of times I took a picture it appeared to be a black orb. Was really frustrating


Posted by Hydra30 9 days ago Report

Understandable, usually wood is associated with magic.