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Town Eater By Zagine -- Report

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A redesign of a character featured here:

Morton Lance was once one of many siblings who's mother forced to help her clean the mansion of a wealth old peacock.

The doddering old woman favored Morton the most of her servants, but he despised her. He hated having to live in poverty while others had such nicer accommodations and food. He also despised his family for forcing him to work for such pittance.

Soon the peacock died in a tragic accident, taking a tumble down the stairs. As Morton reported, and soon found she left him her entire fortune. The rat now had the wealth he dreamed of, with no one to share it with as members of his family mysteriously disappeared one after another.

After years of hedonism, his gluttony and taste of pleasure grew along with his waistline. Using his fortune he travels with a band of hired muscle to ravage small towns and villages. The thugs get to keep all the food and treasure they find, Morton only wants one thing; the people.

After rounding them all up, the thugs bring them to their boss so that he can devour them all, one by one for his own twisted amusement.

Those few lucky enough to escape know him simply as the "Town Eater"

Art commissioned from  spaghettiz

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Posted by x9comega 10 days ago Report

…..A Faaaaair is a veeeeritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord!


Posted by Zagine 2 days ago Report

Hush you >_<


Posted by Tanookicatoon 10 days ago Report

Gosh, what a terrible terrible pred! >w<
I love this evil ratto❣❣❣


Posted by Zagine 2 days ago Report

Heh nothing wrong with loving some big baddie


Posted by PikachuX2073 8 days ago Report

Maybe it's just me, but I think I like the original design better.
I know the old design is just Templeton the Rat from Charlotte's Web, but I just prefer that design over this.

I mean, it doesn't help that I'm not a fan of beauty marks/moles, but if this is where you want to go with the character, you have the right to do so.


Posted by GoTee1 5 days ago Report

Just the name 'Town Eater' paints such a diabolical, literal, and stupid greedy picture. I know you only had a basic template to start with but this is such an upgrade.


Posted by Zagine 2 days ago Report

Thanks Go, he is super greedy. I look forward to doing more with him!