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horticulture By phex -- Report

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Anyone who says succulents are easy is in the pocket of Big Houseplant, imo, little suckers die as quick as anything else.

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Posted by Rat_Guy 1 month ago Report

Are they not human?


Posted by phex 1 month ago Report

now what makes u say that


Posted by Rayo 1 month ago Report

And if they aren't... I wonder how they can tell each other apart from real humans with just a glance.


Posted by Rat_Guy 1 month ago Report

The eyes


Posted by phex 1 month ago Report

I would have thought it was maybe the eating people thing


Posted by Rat_Guy 1 month ago Report

I’ve seen humans do that.


Posted by blankuser935 1 month ago Report

I actually have a snake plant! His name is Jeff and I love him, had him for a year and he's grown thrice the size! So low maintenance <3

Great art as always, I was just checking my follows and realised I'd missed FIVE MONTHS of your art and then refreshed the page and you'd uploaded within two minutes haha!


Posted by AbsoluteVL 1 month ago Report

Great sequence! love how you did the "pred vision"


Posted by phex 1 month ago Report

a little out of my comfort zone but hey here we are


Posted by 2good2btru 1 month ago Report

Don't you just hate it when you are having a fine meal, only to discover that they were busy with something else, if only there was an app to find available prey for ease of access.


Posted by Winny 1 month ago Report

Snrk, don't you just hate it when the staff that was helping you ends up vanishing? :d Delightful sequence Phex~ <3


Posted by BMUd8854 1 month ago Report

I have succulents and I have kept mines alive for 3 years so far, albeit they're still tiny. XD


Posted by BMUd8854 1 month ago Report

Also great job, I always enjoy whatever works you make Phex. Keep up the great work!


Posted by 0nl1ce 1 month ago Report

Both entertaining and educational. Perfect for 8/8


Posted by Gorgrath177 1 month ago Report

Whoo creepy worldbuilding lol, so guessing pred here are all a doppelganger species that serves as human predators. Are the ones dating or married to dudes in the same universe and the lads the same kind of cryptid?


Posted by Simpatico 1 month ago Report

Y'know, im into some pretty fucked shit in this fetish, but none of the overtly evil stuff makes me question myself more than some of your sequences. Fabulous work, I really mean that! Happy vore day :>


Posted by ketchup 1 month ago Report

What does "second family" mean?


Posted by Toffee 1 month ago Report

I believe it means they are a second generation mix of human and whatever it is they are. its a 50/50 split. Whereas third generation would be 25/75 non-human to human.


Posted by Diversity23 1 month ago Report

More casual vore from you is always welcome, and Happy Vore Day :D


Posted by NotMax 1 month ago Report

This new girl is adorable, hope you do more with her.


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

So that's how the preds recognize themselves... Gotta say I really like this "parallel society" concept.
Also, the casualness of the discussion while someone is dying in her gut makes it so hot. Loved the part where she talked to the belly :>


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

Really loving your casual vore ^^
I guess your preds are not really human, interesting!


Posted by bajillionandone 1 month ago Report

This might be my favorite work of yours, it's so good! I love the hints of worldbuilding as a cherry on top of the incredibly hot casual vore :)


Posted by Lurker45 1 month ago Report

They Eat


Posted by IndySteveo 1 month ago Report

It's strange, I really enjoy vore scenarios where vore is a casual thing, and I enjoy scenarios even with not strictly human preds and human prey. Even unwilling and cruel pred is still my cup of tea. But the idea of a humanish predator society, ala VTMB, hiding amongst prey, sets off the ol'paranoia brain as opposed to the arousal complex.But that's just me.


Posted by phex 1 month ago Report

If it helps, think less "hiding" and more "living comfortably amongst unwitting snacks".


Posted by Sleepfella 1 month ago Report

I wonder if there's a game warden of sorts. Keep one area from being depleted or stop the reckless from getting noticed


Posted by Toffee 1 month ago Report

This is such a neat idea!
I love the fact that they arent 100% human, really builds some lore to this world.

Though now im wondering... if this lady is 2nd generation, what generation is Becca?

Also, what happens if someone is like... 5th or 6th generation. Can they still do vore? And if so, do other preds still recognise them as fellow preds?
At what point is it completely diluted out of the gene-pool?


Posted by StormyRange 1 month ago Report

Very fun situ n tum n writing, love the casualness <3!


Posted by Mordecai777 1 month ago Report

Please tell me we gonna see the flower pot she asked for to dump the store clerck


Posted by Moonlightshadow 1 month ago Report

Oh, succulents are super easy!
Unless you do something that actually kills them.


Posted by Deska 1 month ago Report

Looove this world your building. Lookimg forward to more slice of life amongst the predators!


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

Gotta love the casual conversation about it.


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 month ago Report



Posted by daeway 1 month ago Report

I liek the part where they both glance at the tummy just as it is done digesting. Quick and efficient, and some sloshy pudge leftover.
Scat isn't really my thing but female human preds are.


Posted by abc6708 1 month ago Report

lore when?