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It was a hot day in Kalos, one of the hottest in recent memory for the poor Braixen. Her thick yellow and white fluffy fur, once her pride and joy, was now an inescapable coat that trapped the heat of the sweltering sun like it was giving it life. If only it did the same for her sweat, the Braixen panted as she walked through the park, sweat dripping from her brow and into her eyes as she searched for a place to cool off.
She had wandered into the woodland area of the park to find some shade. It was a nature reserve, if the human signs were anything to go by. She was still learning to read their language, but the pictures of very old trees and wild Pokémon playing in the sunrays dripping through the canopy helped give the jumble of words surrounding them some context. There was a walking path mapped out, by the Braixen knew she'd forget it the moment she started her journey. Instead she decided to follow her intuition, following the dirt path until it became more convenient not to.
The deeper she wandered the more wild it got; the grave paths faded to dirt and quickly became overgrown with roots and leaves. There were holes in the ground where wild Pokémon had built homes for themselves; she recognised the Furret dens almost immediately, but there were some larger sets she knew better than to stray to close to. Even if she had a trainer now, she had to be careful around the 'tall-grassers' as her and her friends called them. One pawstep into the wrong piece of territory and she could be fighting for her life.
She reassured herself by thinking back to the sign at the entrance. The only Pokémon shown in the pictures were Pidgey, Furret and Oddish. Maybe a Skuntank if she was unlucky, but nothing a trained Pokémon couldn't handle in a pinch. She smiled as she held her trusty stick in her hand, twirling it around her fingers like a baton before slipping it back into her tail. Whatever was out here would be foolish to challenge her, especially with the sunlight powering her Fire-type moves.
Even with the shade of the thick canopy above she could still feel the warmth of the sun's heat trapped in her fur. She knew from experience the only way to rid herself of it was to discharge it with a fiery blast from her wand, but her trainer had been clear about not using any fire moves while they were in the park. "There's a drought going on, a single ember could start a huge fire blah blah blah," she had said while the Braixen panted and sweated, too focused on the heat to listen. She needed to cool off, but she was also bound to her trainer's rules… there had to be some other way to safely refresh herself.
That was when she heard it, the tiniest sound among the rustling leaves, harmonious birdsong and chitters of the woodland Pokémon; a tiny splash. Where there was a splash there was water, or at least a Water-type! Her ears perked, the orange fluff sticking out from them lifting as her yellow ears swiveled to locate the source of the sound. Splash, there it was again! It was definitely nearby, and not much deeper into the forest than she had already gone. Her tail wagging in excitement she ran onwards, almost tripping over a root in her excitement as she pushed through the undergrowth.
The bushes parted to reveal a large clearing in the middle of the nature reserve, a deep blue lake at its center. She resisted the urge to jump straight in, these pools were usually teaming with filth and disease… but as she stepped closer and peered into it she found nothing of the sort. The water was clean, as far as she could tell, and cool to the touch as she dipped one of her white hands into it. She smiled at her luck; it was like her own private pool!
As she moved to dip her paws into the refreshingly cool water she stopped as she noticed something on the shore; an old wooden sign, battered and worn from years of neglect. Feeling obligated to train her limited reading abilities she made her way over to it and wiped some of the grub off the letters. "No Swimming," she sounded it out, her ears tucking back. Just what she needed, another human rule to make her suffer in the hot summer sun! Couldn't she just have this one thing? Why did trainers always have to stick their nose into everything Pokémon did?
Her ears perked again, her tail curling up in excitement as she noticed the picture beneath the text. It was a human swimming with a big red X through it. She smiled with relief, her tail wagging rapidly as her paws tapped against the ground, barely containing her excitement. The rule only applied to humans! Pokémon could swim all they wanted! Paying the sign no further mind she took a running start and leapt into the lake with a splash that made the birds in the nearby trees scatter.
Under the water everything was silent and still, she could feel the heat washing out of her fur and being replaced with the tingling chill of the freshwater lake. Any other day she would have complained, she usually hated the cold and having wet fur. But today the water was perfect, as she gradually floated back up to the surface she felt fully refreshed, as if she had just been sprayed with a Hyper Potion after a particularly grueling battle.
The Braixen hummed to herself as she swam around in the lake, her thick fluffy tail bobbing behind her like a bouy. Now that she was in the water she could enjoy the summer sun as it shone down from above, it's heat perfectly counterbalancing the chill of the water. She spent some time just splashing around, swimming back and forth to see how quickly she could move through the water. While she was a strong swimmer, the edges of the lake felt like distant horizons, and she had no idea how deep it went. It seemed safer to stay near the shore.
Once she got tired from exerting herself she rested on her back, allowing the ripples she had made by swimming around to carry her back and forth. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the peaceful bliss of the forest. Getting to behave like a wild Pokémon for an afternoon was fantastic, why would she ever go back to her trainer and Pokeball when she could just stay in her private lake forever? She could make friends with the tall-grassers and host pool parties like the ones she had seen on her trainer's TV. Strong, good looking guys carrying her on their backs as they trudged through the water, splashing together, dancing under the orange light of the sunset until it was time to cuddle up under the stars. She'd have a mate in no time. Hell, she'd have three, wild Pokémon didn't seem like they cared about partnering up in pairs like trained ones did.
The Braixen wagged her tail at the fantasy. It was decided; she wasn't going back to her trainer! She'd never have to follow rules again. From now on she'd live freely in the wild, hunting for food and swimming wherever she wanted, no matter what the signs said. Nodding confidently at her plan the Braixen righted herself in the water and began to swim back towards the shore.
Something was missing… she paused and looked over her shoulder at her sodden tail, her eyes widening in alarm as she saw nothing but yellow and orange fluff; her stick was gone. She paddled around in a circle, desperately searching for it. She couldn't start her new life in the wild without the thing she used to perform most of her attacks!
Finally she spotted it bobbing up and down in the middle of the lake, its split twin tip barely above the water. Breathing in to bolster herself the Braixen splashed through the water towards it, her legs kicking under the surface as her tail swished behind her to propel her forward. Finally it came within reaching distance and she wrapped her hand around it, hugging it close to her chest and breathing out a sigh of relief. It wouldn't be easy to channel her fire attacks through such a wet piece of wood, but she could dry it off when she was back on the lakeside.
She started to slowly make her way back towards the shore, too out of breath from swimming to catch her stick before it sank to go too fast. She had never realised how exhausting swimming was; it wasn’t something she usually partook in for that long. The thoughts of the warm Summer sun nap she’d take to dry off her fur were cut short as she felt something brush up against the tip of her bushy tail. As she looked over her shoulder she could see a shadow rising up from the murky depths, and the closer it came the more it looked like a huge set of hungry jaws.
The Braixen barely had enough time to let out a terrified ‘BRaiii!’ before the mysterious predator engulfed her legs, its wide lower jaw scooping her into its maw as it closed shut. She had just enough time to get a glimpse of the blue scales and long red ridge of spikes on the Pokemon’s head; a Feraligatr, and the biggest she had ever seen. He dragged her into his mouth in a single swing of his wide head, his jaws snapping shut as he breached the surface of the water, his head continuing in its arch backwards as his throat tightened in preparation for his first, and probably only, gulp.
“N-No!” The vixen shouted as she held onto whatever she could. The Feraligatr’s long slimy tongue felt gross against her body, but it was better than falling into his throat or losing a finger gripping his teeth. The lizard grunted, trying again and again to dislodge the Braixen with [i]GLLRKs![/i] and [I]GLLRRPs![/i], but the Fire-type continued to hold on for dear life, even as he flailed his head back and forth to make her lose her grip. “P-please, don’t eat me! I’m not a fish, I’m a Braixen! I’m not food!” she begged, though she doubted he could hear her above all the hungry gulps tugging on her tail.
“Mmhhh, tell me something I don’t know!” The Feraligatr’s growling response rumbled around her, his voice tense as he tried to talk with the Pokemon hanging off his tongue. He started to thrash his head again, his jaws locking tighter as his tongue swished and splatted against her face. “Quit screwing around and get down there!”
“N-No! I won’t! I won’t let you eat me!” The Braixen yelled as she hugged the tongue tighter still. It curled up and pulsed against her in response, coating it with slippery saliva. It was making her stick even harder to hold onto, but if she lost it now there really would be no hope for escaping. Desperate to get out of the situation she brought her tail up and plunged it down again, rubbing her fluffy fur against the inside of the Feraligatr’s throat and up against his dangling uvula. “P-please work, please work, please work!” she begged, her eyes shutting tightly.
Finally she heard the choking and gagging she had been hoping for. The Feraligatr’s jaws parted wide as he hacked to clear his throat from all the tickling yellow and orange fur, leaving the Braixen getting splattered with a barrage of wet fur and saliva. As she finally opened her eyes again she found herself sitting with one leg either side of his thick wide tongue, panting and gasping to catch her breath as her tail trailed limply over the edge of his throat. Coming to her senses the Braixen quickly scooched herself forward to get off the tongue, but it quickly curled up under her to block her path, keeping her from falling back into the water.
“Hrrr~” The Feraligatr grinned around his captured prey, drool dripping from the roof of his mouth and splattering over her. The lower jaw started to gradually raise, but the Braixen quickly shot her hands to the roof of the mouth. The surface felt slimy against her paws, but she had to keep it open until she could think of a better plan to escape. Grunting and straining more than she had to in quite a while from her cushy trained life, the Braixen grappled with the hungry predator’s jaws, pushing them open as they pushed back against her.
“I-I’m… not… your… dinner!” she grunted, her eyes narrowing in determination. She tried to focus some of her anger into producing a fire attack to blast her way to freedom, but her drenched stick could only manage a single spark of ember before letting out a long hiss of steam. With that tactic out of the way she concentrated hard, her tail starting to raise behind her as she put all her focus into mustering a Psychic burst. Her Psychic abilities had never come as naturally to her as the fire ones, but anything felt possible with the adrenaline pulsing through her veins.
Splat! His wet tongue curled up and plapped against her face, breaking her concentration as it gradually pushed her towards the back of his maw. She could feel her instincts trying to use her hands to block the tongue, but that was exactly what he wanted! Instead she kept them firmly planted against the roof of his mouth and curled her legs in, her paws pushing against the tongue to try to stop it from slurping over her face, chest and belly. “N-no! Th-this is so disgusting! Stop!”
The larger Pokemon responded with a guttural belch powerful enough to lift up the Braixen’s tail and blow hot breath against her backside. She immediately tucked it back down, grimacing at the thought of what could have caused such an acrid smell. With any luck she wouldn’t have to find out, she just had to get the focus together to perform a jaw-busting Psychic attack. She remembered her trainer’s orders; focus on your breathing, adjust your stance, picture the outcome–
“Mmmhrrr~” The Feraligatr murred, his jaws closing a little more as his tongue slurped over her backside and snaked between her legs, tasting the every inch of the dark black fur. Out of all of her they had absorbed the sun’s heat the most; she probably tasted like a warm plump poffin fresh out of the oven to the huge beast. She squeezed her legs together to defend herself, unintentionally curling up into a ball as her arms shook under the crushing pressure of the powerful jaws trying to close around her. Focus on your breathing, adjust your stance–
“Gllrrk~ Gllrp~” The gator’s throat was pulling at her tail agan, but this time the fur was too soaked to tickle her way free. She gave it a few plunges for good measure and raised it to try the uvula, but it was no use, the Feraligatr just kept drooling on her. The stomach was going to be even worse, at least right now she had fresh air and a view of the outside world! …the Braixen shook her head rapidly to dismiss the thoughts, even as her whole body trembled. Focus on your breathing–
Splosh! The Feraligatr crashed down into the water with his mouth open, giving the Braixen a mouthful of the lake water as his tongue curled back suddenly. The impact of the water washed her backwards, her last bleary moments of watery vision being the jaws closing around her. She let out a bubbling yell, her stick sparking and fizzling adding to the bubbles until finally the gator’s jaws closed around her, sealing her and the water tightly inside.
The Feraligatr took a huge gulp to drag her towards his throat, but she managed to get her stick caught between his teeth. The water rushed past her face, leaving her gasping for air as her muzzle briefly broke the surface. The relief didn’t last long though, even surrounded by slobber, flesh and water the Braixen could still feel herself sinking; the Feraligatr was descending deeper into the lake. “N-no! NO!” She yelled, her muzzle barely above the water as she tried to wrap her arms around the tongue again. “H-help! Somebody! H-he’s eating me! Nooo!”
The gator’s only response to her yells was another heavy [i]GLllrrsh![/i] splashing another mouthful of water over her and leaving her rear sinking into his throat. The slimy walls compacted tightly around her hips, it was going to be a snug fit… and to think her trainer had warned her to eat less treats because she'd get a fat butt. She shut her eyes tightly, hoping it would prove too big an obstacle as she desperately searched the dark maw for anything else she could use to escape. Things started to brighten as cracks of light appeared between the predator's teeth, only for tiny streams of water to burst through them and rapidly start pooling around her waist.
"N-no, please wait! Feraligatr, waiiiiit!" Her final squealing yell was cut off by a huge [I]GLLLRRRKK![/I] as the weight of the water helped her rump finally slide down past the Pokemon's neck, and quickly drag the rest of her with it. Her stick snapped in two between his teeth, leaving the forked half behind as each gulp dragged her further away from it. Finally the yellow-white teeth disappeared from view, and soon after that his uvula. She was trapped in a prison of fleshy walls dragging her down as they rubbed her from each side, nothing but the sounds of water rushing past her and the Gatr's hungry gulps filling her ears.
"Braiiii…" She whimpered as she finally felt her feet touch what felt like the bottom, though the way the fluids inside stung her made her quickly recoil them. Unfortunately it wasn't up to her to decide, each gulp forced more and more of the fox into the fleshy sac until finally her head fell past the threshold with a [I]schllorrp![/I] The vixen collapsed on her back, eyes wide as she started to rapidly breathe. She was in his stomach. An actual Pokemon's disgusting, noisy, squishy, gross stomach!
It was a lot less roomy than she had expected. She had seen Feraligatr before and they always had huge guts, so why could she barely move her feet? There wasn't even enough room to wag her tail in here! Not that she'd have anything to wag it about right now. The water still coming from the throat was starting to mix with the stomach acids, leaving them rapidly pooling upwards. She whimpered nervously, bunching her shoulders and keeping her head tilted up to deny her fate for as long as possible. Unfortunately that only seemed to help until her foot knocked against something solid, which gradually floated up until the bone sploshed to the surface of the stomach goop and bumped between her breasts.
The Feraligatr glanced down at his stomach as it bounced around. The fox was kicking up a storm, though that was usually how prey reacted to learning their place on the food chain. He briefly considered swallowing down some more water, but decided against it. The lake water had almost ruined his meal's delicious flavour, and he already felt bloated from how much he had sloshing back and forth with each kick the fox girl made. He rested back underwater, his arms behind his head to allow his gut to do its thing. The Braixen had hardly made any contribution to the curve of his in his already hefty gut, but each time she kicked or punched he could see the bulges of her paws and face, her muffled yells of protest lost under the groans, even with the water surrounding him blocking out all other sounds.
As he let himself go limp in the water the Braixen's struggles started to roll him left and right with each shift of her weight, occasionally jerking him in various directions as he lazily floated back up towards the surface. He gradually bobbed to the top, spitting out a playful fountain of water before sighing in satisfaction and slapping his gut with his heavy clawed hand. "Mmhh…" he groaned, his tongue slurping the inside of his maw for any final taste of his former meal.
It finally brushed against something lodged between his teeth, sharp and pointy. He opened his jaws in a long, lazy "Aaaaahhh~" and reached a claw in to dislodge it with a few scratches. Once it was free from his teeth he spat it out to one side, his eyes glistening with amusement as he saw the top half the Braixen's stick fly free from his jaws and land with a splash in the water. It floated back to the top and the waves started to carry it away, maybe those Bidoof from the river would add it to their dam later. With his teeth clear other than a few strands of yellow fur the Feraligatr laid back on the water and let out an uproarious belch, carrying with it the last of the Braixen's sweet flavour, obscured by the acidic taste of digestion.
As he relaxed on the water's surface he could still feel his prey pushing his belly walls, mumbling nonsense about how he needed to spit her out and how she wasn't food. He gave his gut a forceful rub, digging his claws into the fat of his belly. The Braixen would squirm violently until he let her back up, his belly sloshing around her as she pushed back at the walls that he had been squeezing against her. "Nooo please, you can't! I'm not food!" she'd whine, and he'd repeat the process for a few seconds longer as he licked his lips, murring in bliss at her kicks and struggles.
As the Braixen continued to squirm the Feraligatr rolled himself over on the water, resting so his belly was out of view from any curious onlookers. He slowly sank back beneath the water's surface to digest his meal in peace, the last of the Braixen's struggles nothing but bubbles on the water popping one by one until the lake was calm and still again.
It was far too hot to be above the water today anyway.
The End.
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A Braixen goes down to a lake to cool off, and things go horribly wrong. ;P


It's been a while since I wrote Fatal Vore, or at least it feels like it has. I was looking through my stream art to find inspiration for a short story to keep up with my daily word count goals and I found this one. Pretty standard and quick, but a narrative none-the-less.

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Posted by thirdspurs 1 month ago Report

Always love seeing you write fatal ~ Love your stuff


Posted by PreyBoyMercIguess 1 month ago Report

Could you do what you did with Sore Losers and make a disposal ending to this, maybe?


Posted by TastyTales 1 month ago Report

I might consider it. I don't upload a lot of disposal content these days because I don't want to make people uncomfortable, but it could be fun to write something like that.


Posted by PreyBoyMercIguess 1 month ago Report

I know, I just miss your disposal writing. It was really good.