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"Phew..." the green eyed pheasant scans the dim scenery of the dingy bar, pouring another cheap drink down his beak. "Man, this place is a dump," he reclines in his seat, gazing across the dusty wooden table at his fox-friend. "Least the drinks are alright. Want another?" he stands, dusting off his jacket and glancing toward the bar.
"Sure," the fox nods. "Have to celebrate once in awhile," he justifies his fifth drink of the night. The life of a mercenary was a hard one for sure. Not enough to drive the fox to alcohol, but a drink with a colleague now and again seemed harmless enough. Though Falco could've chosen a less slummy bar. This place felt like a good landscape to pick up a few bounties on drunk, violent criminals, if that were more his thing. Not a great place to relax.
"Geez, you could stand to unwind a little, Fox," the pheasant ruffles his ears with a wing - a drunken show of affection. "Two more!" he signals the bartender, wobbling back into his creaking seat to wait. "Sure, this place sucks," he agrees, "but it beats sitting around Great Fox, running through training routines another night. How much practice could I possibly need when I'm already the best pilot around?" Falco boasts, eagerly swiping his drink from the barkeep's paws and chugging it down.
"Wouldn't have thought drinking could make your ego even bigger," Fox huffs, mumbling through his drink as he takes a sip.
"What was that?" Falco's eyes dart back to his friend, before shifting back toward the bar's bathroom. "Whatever. You sit here being a wet blanket, taking little sips of that cheap beer till you've loosened up a bit. I gotta go take a leak," the pheasant stands and stretches, the weight of a half-dozen drinks sloshing through him as he waddles off to the bathroom.
Fox slumps down in his seat a little, bored eyes skimming through the bar for anything to keep his attention. He wouldn't dare strike up a conversation with half the people here, leaving little more than his half-finished beer to keep him company. "Next time Falco insists on a night out, he better not spend half his time in the bathroom..." Fox downs the rest of his drink, glancing at the clock with a wide yawn. Unless his increasing drunkenness had skewed his perspective on time, he'd been sitting here alone for a nearly an hour now. "Could use a bathroom break myself," he stretches with a wide yawn, wobbling to his feet. "Better go make sure he didn't fall asleep in there. Or fall in," he rolls his eyes, padding off to the bathroom, cutting through the diminishing crowd of the bar.
"Falco, what's taking so long?" Fox questions the bathroom, blinking a bit as the door swings shut behind him. "Dark in here..." he paws by the door for a light switch, his wobbly stance resting against the wall. "Unless they want a mess in here, ought'a make the lights easier to-" his paw finds the switch with an excited gasp. Fox was definitely more than a little tipsy. "Aha!" he flips the switch, his eyes squeezing half-shut as they adjust to the bathroom's fluorescent lights.
"Hello, Star Fox," a familiar voice snarls, a tall figure leaning against the row of stalls. "Looking for someone?" Fox's eyes adjust, a familiarly fluffy form taking shape, the dark-grey furred wolf picking his teeth with a claw, the other tucked into his pocket as his one good eye gives a piercing glare.
"Wolf," Fox huffs. "Can't even have a night out without you getting in the way, can I?"
"Afraid not," the eyepatched wolf grins. "Didn't think I'd run into either of you here. Couldn't your successful mission finance a better celebration than coming to this dump?"
"Falco's idea," the fox replies, straightening his stance a bit. "I have to say," he begins with the utmost snark, "I'm so glad to see you alive after-"
"After you trashed my ship!" Wolf growls. "Expensive repairs, you know. You owe me big for that."
"Not likely," Fox shakes his head. "And not my fault my Arwing's better than that hunk of debris you pilot, is it?"
Wolf's grin widens, his paw reaching down to undo the bottom buttons on his leather jacket, sporting a bit of a gut beneath. Why he wanted to show off his lack of a strict diet, Fox had no idea. "Hmmm... a shame your fancy ship isn't here then. You never were one for close combat," he cracks his knuckles, taking a menacing step forward. "And besides, I've already got the upper hand!"
Fox shakes his head, trying to clear the alcoholic fog from his senses. "Because I've had a few drinks? I'm still more than a match for you, Wolf!"
"No," Wolf chuckles, reaching into his pocket and drawing a blaster. "Because Falco lent me this!" he takes aim, the ray gun letting out a piercing whine for a mere moment as it powers up, and the wolf fires. His aim was spot on, Fox bolting upright as the laser surges through him. "Have to say, I prefer my own. You'd be vaporized by now," the wolf taunts his convulsing target. "But this has its advantages too."
Fox is stunned beyond words, completely helpless as the powerful zap rips through him. He narrowly avoids biting his tongue as his muscles seize. The wall catches him from keeling over, but it can't spare him from the embarrassment of a warm trickle spilling down his legs as he loses control of his bladder. "Nnng..." Fox groans, slumping against a bathroom sink as he thoroughly pisses himself, panting and trying to regain control of himself.
"Had a bit too much to drink, did you?" Wolf cackles to himself, pocketing the blaster and approaching the stunned fox, his smug laughter filling the room. "Don't worry, we'll get those ruined clothes off of you," the wolf cups the fox's rump with a powerful paw, giving a playful grope before digging in with his claws. He rends and tears, shredding through Fox's pants, reducing his clothes to falling tatters in a few quick swipes. "I'm glad you didn't need to shit," he snickers. "Wouldn't want to make a mess of that cute ass of yours..."
"Nng... what are you doing?" Fox huffs, slumped to his knees against the sink as the feeling slowly returns to his muscles. Wolf helps him to his feet, digging into his shoulder and yanking him upright before shoving him hard against a mirrored wall, hard enough he was surprised it didn't crack. "Where's Falco, anyway...?" he scans the bathroom in the mirror through bleary eyes, seeing nothing but himself, the wolf, and a few open stalls behind him.
"He's close by," Wolf grins, unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall around his ankles, stepping clear. Fox would quickly notice that Wolf wasn't wearing any underwear by the stiff wolfhood pressed against his cheeks, right below that mushy, rumbling wolfgut squished to his spine. "Loosen up already," Wolf rolls his eyes. Fox wasn't sure if he meant that literally, letting out an embarrassing moan as the wolf's cock tries to force its way into his tight rear, giving a halfhearted thrust. Without any lubrication, Fox's tailhole wasn't able to handle such a girthy penetration, until a lewd solution crosses the wolf's mind.
"Seeing as you've already pissed yourself," Wolf grins, his hot breath tickling the fur on the back of Fox's neck as he's pinned to the wall. "Figure it's only fair I have a turn with you," he grips his cock with a paw, pressing the tip firmly under the fox's tail before letting loose. Fox's embarrassing stream had been but a trickle in comparison to what was unleashed, a gushing torrent of Wolf's piss splashing against his rumpcheeks, soaking his fur and noisily puddling on the ground below. "You're mine now anyway, only fair that you smell like it too," the wolf grins, the musky wolf piss soaking into Fox's damp fur, marking him with the powerful scent. Perhaps more importantly, the powerful stream urged Fox to 'loosen up', as Wolf had put it, the dominant lupine managing to force his throbbing cock in under the fox's tail.
Unable to manage more than a defeated squeak, Fox feels an intense heat gushing through his bowels, filling him with unwilling pleasure. He wasn't into this, per se, his tastes more vanilla than his dominant rival. But it was just too much stimulation to ignore, his prostate swimming in the sloshing, gushing heat of Wolf's waste. "What the heck...?" Wolf notes his urinal's quickened breathing, confirming his suspicion by reaching around and giving fox's cock a playful squeeze. "You're enjoying this?" he snickers. "Haa... that's... you just love embarrassing yourself today, don't you?" Wolf teases, punctuating with a patronizing ruffle of the fox's ears as his stream slows. Eventually the wolf's bladder is emptied, but Fox is plugged up tight by the intruding knot in his ass, his insides swimming in steamy, musky waste. It's not much relief when Wolf pulls out, causing an embarrassing yip as he yanks free, loosing a splash of yellow from Fox's ass as his strained hole struggles to contain much of anything.
"W-What's the point of all this?" Fox huffs, his own erection in clear display on the mirror wall, along with the wolf's mocking smirk as he tries to hide it. "And where's-"
"Oh right, your bird friend," Wolf cuts him off. "I... think he wants to see you, actually-" the menacing canine winces a bit as his stomach lets loose a disgusting glorp, his full guts shifting and churning. "Get over here," he grabs Fox's arm, yanking him stumbling through the puddles toward one of the bathroom stalls. "You see, him and me got into a little argument in here - nothing half as fun as what you and I have been up to," Wolf clarifies. "Long story short, your little pheasant friend paid the price. Much like this toilet's about to..."
"He... what?" Fox gulps nervously as he's dragged into the stall, his mind refusing to focus. Between the jolt of Falco's blaster, the alcohol running through his system, and the hint of arousal he was still feeling, he knew he couldn't fight back. It'd be best to satisfy his curiosity, bide his time, think of a proper plan to fight back. Something like that, anyway.
"You'll see~" Wolf chuckles, settling into his seat on the porcelain throne, bringing Fox to his knees with a firm push down on his shoulders. "Hooo... feels like this is gonna be good," he wiggles back in his seat, draping his tail over the back of the toilet. He grunts, his tailhole giving in to the inevitable force bearing down on it and stretching wide around a thick log of wolf scat. "Hnng..." he lets out a low moan, his claws raking at fox's wrist as he drags him in closer, shoving his head down between his thighs. "Get a good look at what's left of your friend, Fox~"
Fox slumps against the toilet, leaning into Wolf's lap, his ears perking at the crackling log of filth as it snakes down into the water. "You... you don't mean..." he gazes down into the water, a few blue feathers littering the heavy load of scat as it coils into the bowl.
"He was delicious, too. Though he feels even better coming back out," the lupine howls in pleasure as the filthy mound builds, crowning over the water as he pinches off to breathe a sigh of relief. "Don't tell me you'll miss him, I've gotten rid of your most annoying rival!" Wolf snickers. "I'd count myself, but you're clearly no match for me..." He sighs, pushing out another snake of the thick, pungent filth, landing atop the mess of ruined bird with a wet thud. Wolf tilts his head back in a long, blissful moan, before gazing down at fox with an irritated huff. "If you're gonna be right there, you could make yourself useful and suck me off," he snarls, shoving Fox's head down over his throbbing erection, cramming it down his reluctant jaws. "And if you dare resist, well... you see what I could very easily make of you in a few quick swallows..."
"Not... likely," Fox protests, having a hard time through the mouthful of Wolf's not, intruding down his throat. "Nng-" he gags a bit trying to pull back, but Wolf's strong grip holds him in place. His ears flop in defeat, giving a long, drooling slurp along the throbbing wolfhood, offering no more resistance.
"That's a good fox," Wolf pets his ears, giving them a patronizing ruffle as he turns his attention back to other business, flicking the lever on the toilet. It gives a choked protest, sloshing the filth in circles for a few rotations before giving up. "Unlike this miserable toilet," he snorts, refraining from giving it another try and risking an overflow. "Thankfully there's two more I can wreck, but I wouldn't dream of interrupting... this," he shudders, pulling back a little before cramming his entire cock down Fox's throat. "You wouldn't want to share in your friend's disgusting fate, would you? I don't think this dingy bathroom has enough stalls for the both of you." Fox shakes his head, prompting a satisfied grunt from the wolf.
"While I'd love to make you suck me to a howling climax, your friend is still being a pain in the ass," Wolf winces, feeling more of Falco's remains piling into his colon. He pats Fox on the head, pulling his cock from his jaws and stretching to his footpaws in the tiny stall. "Hate to think how the poor janitor is going to have to deal with that," he gazes down at the stinking mound, piled to the rim of the toilet, littered with the occasional vibrant feather. "Such a mess," he chuckles, raising a footpaw to the back of Fox's head, giving a firm shove toward the filthy bowl.
"Ack-!" Fox grunts, bracing his paws against the rim of the seat, trying to keep from plunging facefirst into the steaming filth. Wolf laughs cruelly, keeping up the pressure for another few moments, the weakened fox near crumpling before he lets up.
"I'd hate to leave a worse mess than that," Wolf circles to Fox's front, the vulpine panting nervously as he tries to scramble to his feet. "I say we spare him, and the other stalls," the lupine decides, lifting his tail to a curl around Fox's neck, dragging him in close under his tail. "Lick," he commands, a paw on the back of Fox's head shoving him against his filthy hole. "Best get accustomed to the taste now."
"What do you-" Fox muffles out through tightly clenched jaws as he's pressed against Wolf's shit-slicked hole. The hot waste rubs off onto his fur as he's shoved deeper, his ears pressed back as he's tucked between the wolf's cheeks.
"I said lick!" Wolf snarls, burying Fox's head in his bowels. The vulpine refuses, bracing his paws against the back of Wolf's knees, trying to make them buckle and secure his escape. The lupine is not amused, grabbing Fox by the back of his throat, burying his paw in his own ass, viciously shoving him deeper. "Whatever then, choke on shit for all I care," he growls, clenching his tailhole around Fox's neck. His paws lose their grip, flailing and shoving in futility as he gasps for breath. Wolf grunts and pushes, his paw holding Fox firmly in place while Falco's remains squeeze and fill his desperate jaws.
"How's that taste, Fox?" He clenches hard, the pheasant's remains oozing around the vulpine's face as he refuses to gulp the mess down. "I was going to keep you around for a bit of in-flight amusement, tuck you in front of my seat to suck me off, buuuuuut..." he squeezes, a puff of gas erupting around the vulpine buttplug, giving him another foul surprise to choke on. Fox flounders and squirms, finally forced to swallow down a mouthful of Wolf's bitter, rancid shit. Feathers get caught in his teeth as the grimy sludge continues to coat the insides of his maw, the taste as unrelenting as the smell. He couldn't escape, his struggles weakening by the second from the sensory onslaught, slumping in defeat beneath Wolf's tail.
"Hrrrrf-" Wolf grunts, sitting back on his fox's toy's shoulders, sliding them up into his slimy innards. "Don't stop writhing just because you're doomed," he pats the muzzle-bulge poking through his lower belly, mocking the fox who's mired in shit. Resting his weight on Fox's shoulders, Wolf's cock oozes with pre as he glides down the helpless vulpine's body, engulfing him in filthy wolfguts. "Nnng..." he huffs, the fox slipping in past his hips, responding to the claustrophobic squeeze with the occasional faint twitch. "Psh, Falco fought back more than you. Till I started chewing," Wolf smirks, bringing a paw between his legs to jerk himself off, teasing the fox's ears with his muffled moans of intense pleasure.
"I... this... disgusting-" Fox growls as he's forced up the predator's intestines, kicking his feet before they're clenched up the lupine's ass, sealing him completely within his hot insides.
"I'm sure it is," Wolf huffs, his tongue hanging from his jaws, panting in bliss as he shifts away from the overused toilet. "It's going to get a lot worse," he suspects, his meal drawing ever closer to his gurgling gut. Falco didn't even last an hour in there. He'd be tormenting another of the bar's toilets with Fox's remains before too long.
Fox groans in denial, becoming incoherent as he's pressed against the fleshy valve leading to the wolf's stomach. With a mighty squeeze, assisted some by the horny lupine's paws, the fox emerges in the boiling hell of Wolf's stomach, coughing and sputtering as the acidic slime spills down his throat. The fizzling acids coat his fur, searing deep through the layers of grimy filth that coat every inch of his body. "Ergh..." he gags as the sludge down his body, sizzling some of his fur off with it.
"Could've been a great source of relief for those long voyages through space," Wolf taunts, sitting back against the stall partition as he vigorously paws off. "Instead you'll be deposited in a filthy toilet of a seedy, middle of nowhere shithole. What a foul end for a legend like you."
"I... can't," Fox paws at the walls with his remaining strength as they batter him into submission, Wolf ruthlessly pressing down on him to reach his junk and continue jerking himself to climax. Dunked beneath the burning slime, now thick with Falco's remains he'd dragged in behind him, Fox struggles away the last of his energy. An open-mouthed gasp causes the vile sludge to pour down his throat, triggering a noisy retch from the fox's depths. Wolf wouldn't even notice his prey's intense disgust, the fox-snack losing his stomach's contents to the churning wolfgut, adding another layer of disgust to his foul demise.
"Thank you for the fun," Wolf howls in pleasure, his cock throbbing in his paws. "Y-You were never a worthy rival after all-" He presses down on his gut, hard, feeling a heavy crunch that sends shivers down his spine. "Awr... awoooo!" Wolf howls as his body surges with pleasure, wracked by the most intense orgasm of his life. Thick, ropey spurts of wolf-cum spatter against the side of the toilet, painting the wall across from him. His gut tenses up and releases, rhythmically crunching whatever was left of his defeated rival as he blows his load, coating his thighs in the sticky mess and puddling before him by the time he's done. His vision comes back from its blissful blur, the victorious wolf sitting back in the afterglow of his rapturous climax, breathing a sigh of relief as he slumps back against the stall door. "Now, to wait..." Wolf grumbles, idly prodding the fox-mush in his guts, looking forward to seeing what he'd done to his long-time nemesis.
Within the wolf's gut, Fox's remains were pulped into an unrecognizable slush. It wouldn't be long before the digested mess works its way back the way the fox entered, the victorious Wolf absorbing everything it saw fit from him leaving the rest to accumulate toward the tail end of his digestive tract. The twice-digested Falco remains a small contribution to the growing weight in his bowels, Wolf's body eager to do away with it all. He perks up from an impromptu nap on the bathroom floor, tail swishing idly across the dirty tiles as he stretches, and stands up. "Hmph... wasn't counting on a nap," he snorts, his nose wrinkling at the stale scent he'd left filling the stall. "The sooner I get out of this disgusting place, the better."
"But you, Fox," his tail wags, Wolf groping at his flattened belly, "You'll be lucky if you fit down the drain." The canine circles into the next stall, eyeing the doomed toilet. "I'm starting to think this place doesn't even have a janitor on staff," he huffs at the filth-streaked toilet, only hesitating a moment before the pressure in his colon urges him to take a seat. "Suppose nobody'll find where you went for a little while," Wolf smirks, eyeing his gut with a smug grin. "Though my crew might notice I've put on a few pounds..."
"Anyway, talk is over," Wolf curls his tail back around the back of the toilet making himself comfortable. "Time to get rid of you." He takes a deep breath, letting the pressure in his bowels build, denying his prey freedom for a moment more. "Out... you go," he grunts and pushes. His bowels squeeze, compacting the digested fox into a thick log, forcing him out from beneath Wolf's tail. The brownish slurry snakes out like a long line of toothpaste being squeezed from a tube, coiling loosely around the bottom of the bowl below. "Mmmmnff..." Wolf rakes his claws on the stall's divider, moaning with relief as the filthy coil stacks higher, having to lift his ass off the seat before pinching it off with a wet thud. He shifts forward, still more fox in his bowels to let loose, deciding to dismiss cleanliness entirely and simply keep pushing. The next log of filth topples off the impressive mound, draping over the side of the toilet, starting to pile up on the floor of the stall. The predator wolf dismisses the mess, continuing to push until he's truly emptied. Were he trying to flush, the load Fox amounted to would've taken dozens. If he tried now, he'd make an even worse mess of the place.
"Disgusting. How did you let me do this to you?" Wolf snickers to himself, clawing off a pawful of toilet paper to wipe himself clean. He discards the soiled paper atop the reeking mess he'd left of his rival. "Think you could use a shower. Though I can't see it helping any..." the wolf smirks, gripping his half-erect cock and taking aim, loosing a powerful torrent of piss atop the steamy pile. "Ahhhh..." He breathes a long sigh, blasting the pile with his gushing stream. The already-stuffed toilet begins to overflow a little, Wolf thoughtlessly continuing, the pile of filth mushing and running apart under the constant stream. "Seemed to like this, back when you were still in one piece," he muses, tilting his head back and letting loose. "But now, this is all for my pleasure," Wolf purrs in delight, continuing his business for a moment more. "And what fun it was," he chuckles, shaking loose the last few droplets before he goes to collect his pants, intent on leaving the bathroom with some semblance of normalcy. "Goodbye, loser. I look forward to the rest of your crew no-doubt vowing revenge."
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A Star Fox vore fic where Fox gets generally abused and gurgled, by a pred I've wanted to write something with for about a decade. (Wolf is hawt >w>;)

Includes vore with gratuitous disposal, some pre-vore scat and watersports content, a lot of teasing, general sexual content, etc.

I'm still a bit rusty from taking a few years off, but I hope this story's enjoyable! Feedback and criticism is welcome.

Vague requests of preds/scenarios you'd like to see in the future are also welcome via comments or PM (I'm a bit low on ideas of what to write next).

Enjoy! <3

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