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Dee Dee was so excited she could have jumped through the ceiling if she tried. It was the first day of summer and time for the annual school play, and this year was
Dee Dees' directorial debut, and she was more than confident: She had a good cast, a good set, and a good script, even Nate Wright was behaving himself, much to her suprise. There was time for one more rehersal before everyone the firsr showing that night.
 "Ok everyone! Places! Nate! Ellen! We're going to do the whole scene where Sylvester eats Tweety Bird!"
 "Ok Dee Dee!" Ellen said excitedly.
 "Gotcha boss!" Nate added. Dee Dee wanted to chuckle but she had to remain professional. The rehersal began and everything was going according to plan, then it got to the part where Sylvester was supposed to eat Tweety Bird: Ellen was supposed to stick Nate in the mouth of her costume where Nate would stay while Sylvester laughed and went to walk away, only for Tweety to cause him to spit him out, but that didn't happen, you see, in Nates' excitement, he forgot that his sister was going to eat him alive and digest him.
 Ellen cornered Nate in the corner of the stage kitchen with a styrofoam frying pan, she swung and missed when Nate ducked and ran underneath her, only for Ellen to turn around and catch him. Ellen brought Nate up to her mouth as planned, but instead of Ellen sticking Nate into her costumes mouth, she stuck him into her mouth and started to swallow. Nate began to scream and kick his legs as his sister swallowed him down into her belly. A few swallows is all it took and Ellen had Nate tucked tightly inside her satisfied stomach.
 "Awesome work Ellen!" Dee Dee said. "Now run around until Nate forces you to spit him out."
 "URRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPP! I don't think that's going to be possible." Ellen said, taking off her costume to reveal a huge belly pushing out the pink tank top she was wearing. "See, nate has been pranking me here lately, and I told him that I was going to get him back, and this was my opprutunity, but don't worry, it isn't fatal, and even if it was he would be redrawn anyway. Ok, time to go and digest my brother now, we'll see you tonight for the real thing." Ellen walked off, her belly gurgling and sloshing as she went, when she got home her belly was almost flat, she opened her bedroom door to find Nate standing there.
 "Real funny sis! Ha.......ha........ha." Nate said sarcastically.
 "Hey, I told you I was going to eat you alive and digest you. You should have been prepared."
 "I should have been, but I wasn't."
 "Oh...and what was your distraction?" Ellen asked knowingly.
 "As if you didn't know." Nate said, still sarcastically.
 "Well, after I eat you alive again tonight, and spit you out, maybe you should ask her if she wants to spend next Saturday with you."
 "You think I have a chance?"
 "Hey, this is a fantasy, anything is possible."
 "Your right sis. After the play I'm going to ask her if she wants to spend next saturday together."
 Latet that night the play debuted and went off without a hitch, and when it was over, Nate looked at the back of Dee Dee, wondering if she would say 'Yes', or 'No'.
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The Cat eats The Bird By MeatyAss -- Report

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Posted by redsquallff8 2 months ago Report

Best sister ever


Posted by MeatyAss 2 months ago Report

Yeah but not to Nate. He just got digested to her.


Posted by redsquallff8 1 month ago Report

Id love a sister like that. She was really nice nice sister and hell be with her forever