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Nate tossed and turned in his bed, he was having nightmares about Randy Bentacourt stealing his lunch money then Dee Dee pulled down his underwear and Gina gave him a big kiss all at the same time. Nate woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily as he looked around his room.
 "I can't do this." Nate said, getting out of bed and taking off his clothes. Once Nate was naked he quietly walked down the hallway so as to not wake up his sister, and even though she would have done what Nate needed, Nate wanted his father.
 When Nate got into the living room he saw his father sound asleep in his recliner.
 "I don't want to wake him up, but I can't sleep, and there's only one way I can get to sleep." Nate said as he slowly walked up to the recliner.
 "Dad, dad wake up. I need your help." Nate said as he pushed his dads' elbow.
 "Huh, what?" Martin said, sitting up and blinking his eyes before looking at Nate.
 "Nate?! What are you doing up?" Martin asked, unbothered by his son being naked.
 "I can't sleep. I keep having nightmares about Randy Dee Dee and Gina, so I was wondering if I can sleep in your stomach."
 "Yeah, sure. Climb up here and I'll eat you."
 Nate climbed up onto his fathers' chest and laid his head inside his mouth. Martin took his tounge and got Nates' head good and wet before he started to swallow. Martin moaned at his sons' rich earthy flavor as he licked his sons chest, he swallowed again and reached his sons' tasty soft warm belly, it felt like a marshmellow in Martins' mouth and he loved it.
 Martin swallowed again and reached Nates' erect penis. Martin didn't know why his son had an erection, but he would ask him about it in the morning after he let Nate out. Martin stuck out his tounge and used it to take in Nates' warm erect penis into his mouth. Martin giggled at the fact that it felt like having a hot dog in his mouth. Martin then put his hands on his sons' thighs and tilted him upwards, using gravity to swallow the rest of him, a few swallows later and Nate was completely inside Martin, one more big swallow and Nate was completely inside Martins' belly.
 "Nate, you ok in there?" Martin asked, looking down at his big round belly.
 "Yeah dad. Thank you for doing this."
 "You're welcome son, anytime. Get you somw sleep and I'll see you in the morning. I love you son."
 "I love you to dad. Good night."
 "Good night."
 Nate curled up inside his fathers' stomach and went right to sleep, and he spent the rest of the night dreaming about eating Randy, Gina, and Dee Dee shaped pizzas'.
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