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" Bet you can't keep up with me!" It was a friendly competition between the Traveler and Outrider Amber, A simple glide from the gentle palms of the statue of the anemo archon towards the main square down below ( or even the main gate if the winds allowed it). The loser would buy the winner a mouthwatering dish of Sticky Honey Roast.
 Amber spread her wings and took the leap of faith first grinning as she made the Traveler eat dust during her decent. Surely the Gliding Champion could secure herself a win and a nice meal, right?
 Well, She wasn't favored by Barbatos that day as a strong gust of wind had derailed her from her original path to her last resting place.
 Glory decided to change her routine for a bit today. She was very aware that her condition shouldn't allow her to venture outside of the city walls but the winds carried the sweet scents of dandelions, She just had to bring some for her dear Godwin.
 One of the knights had guided her through a small clearing outside filled with the blooming dandelion. Although he was ashamed to say so, the Knight had to excuse himself to resume his duties. Glory didn't mind his absence, the blind girl was used to being alone.
 Relying on her other senses, Glory had made it to her bristling target. What a delicate thing, truly fit to be blessed by the anemo archon.
 " Oh, the wind is picking up.." This was an understatement for certain. Still, She had what she came for. Time to return back to Mon-
 Glory was knocked on the ground by something fierce in motion, she couldn't hear any footsteps and the scathing winds made everything an audible blur to her. Her puzzled mind could not comprehend what had just happened. She had a single urge to fulfil...
 Glory desperately needed to breathe.
 Something warm and squishy had burrowed itself inside her throat choking the life out of her with every passing second. Now, Glory was a fragile girl; the lack of regular exercise made her weak with little to no stamina for someone of her age, however, the very instinct of self preservation had kicked in like a half ensnared wild boar. If she couldn't cough out this unwanted object, she would have to swallow the imminent threat.
 Glory wasn't fully aware of her swallowing reflexes, her mind was racing for plausible answers to this dilemma... It only took her a few forcefully gulps to be able to able to breathe once more. Glory took a lungful of damp air after nearly losing her consciousness during this ordeal.
 " What... was that? I-Is someone there?" Her sharp hearing picked a muffled cry for help while the storm was brewing. The rain didn't make any much better either.
 Godwin's beloved attempted to stand on her feet but she felt a very heavy load in midsection as if someone is curled up inside her belly.
 " Urrgh, what had just hap-" without warning, Glory felt the pain of a powerful kick , it was enough to set her off balance as she tried to stand up once more causing her to slip straight to city wall behind her. This serious blow to the head had knocked her out cold in two seconds flat.
 " Someone is on a food binge, trying to cope, perhaps? That Godwin had probably forgotten her already.."
 " Sister Rosaria! Don't be rude! Oh, She is waking up!"
 A baleful headache was plaguing poor Glory. That spicy, yet sweet scent.. was she in the Cathedral?"
 " Ohhh, Glory, are you okay?"
 " Sister Barbara? What am I...? Who..?"
 " You were lucky for the knights to find you so quickly, a couple more minutes and you would di-have gone to a 'better' place " Glory could almost hear Sister Rosaria roll her eyes.
 " How are you doing, Glory?" That stern, yet assuring voice belonged to the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonious: Jean.
 " I-i am fine."
 " Do you remember who or what had attacked you ? Have you se-, I am sorry, have you heard Outrider Amber or the explosion of her baron bunny nearby? She was last seen in your vicinity." This wasn't a mere social call, Jean was loaded with more concerning questions.
 " A-attack?"
 " You skull was nearly cracked and your clothes were...ahem torn apart. You are adequately covered during the rescue operation. " Master Jean blushed, unbeknownst to Glory.
 " I...I- I don't remember."
 " Try to focus, the security of Mondstadt could very well be comprised if we-"
 " Sister! Can't you see she is very tired? She needs some rest. You can question her all you want later." Barbara broke the silence born from Glory's bellowing belch.
 " But... fine. I am sorry , Glory. You were my only lead in Amber's sudden disappearance. We will speak later."
 " I-I hope you will find her soon enough. " With that said, Glory was finally left alone with what little traces of Amber left in the darkest reaches of her belly.
 Few weeks later...
 " Oh, thank you. T-this is too much!" Glory exclaimed when the umpteenth knight had brought yet another batch of Dandelions for her.
 " Nonesense! Anything for you, Glory."
 " Y-yeah." It was getting rather too uncomfortable for her as of late to sit down in peace with the swathe of men ( and sometimes women) trying to ' get to know her better', didn't they know about dearest Godwin??
 The second unexplained phenomenon is her newfound voluptuous nature. She felt a lot...curvier in the right places. The bench would sometimes creak under the weight of her massive buttocks! Her bountiful breasts were causing some back pain due to their size. Barabtos above, She even heard Margaret the other day blabbering about the ever-growing envy of Sister Rosaria as Glory had 'Broken her record'.
 The sudden inflow of Mora tucked inbetween her gifts was certainly nice. She gave up after refusing too many of these gifts sooo might as well go for a little something. The golden shinies did fund a certain unusual carving she had recently developed.
 " One Sticky Honey Roast, Please."
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