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The Lost of the Marshes – Chapter 7: Honesty
by Bad Manners
... Investigating these rumors, I've traveled to the village just north of Zugul, and learned how the locals have apparently established contact with some of these 'dragons' in the past. Not only that, but they claim that these interactions have actually borne fruit, and founded several tenets of their faith. [...] When I have the chance, I will investigate the Hamora Marshes myself, even if it puts me at risk. ...
... With ***'s instrumental help, we've learned a great deal about the dragons' intrinsic nature, or 'gasham', as it's known, and how it manifests differently in individuals, but shares common attributes for every manifestation. And apparently, dragons are able to involuntarily communicate its name and function. [...] There is much else that she won't say still, but by helping her, maybe I can repay her invaluable assistance to my research. ...
The sun loomed on the horizon, bringing nighttime with its imminent leave. The lively city of Kuir would normally go quiet at this hour, but the streets were bustling with curious and frightened passersby. They were, of course, gathering at a distance around the giant blue beast that materialized out of nowhere, standing over a half-collapsed building.
Suu was struggling with all of the attention, listening to those emotions directed at him... fear, admiration, awe, and from some people, quiet prayers of devotion to a myriad of gods. He tried to keep his composure, instead focusing his attention to the small skirt-wearing mongoose clutching his head in panic.
Nikili was likely as stunned as the dragon for a different reason, but a man's yelling snapped him out of it. "There, I found the mongoose! Someone tell Commander Ludama that– ...what the fuck is THAT?!" The bow-wielding soldier stopped on his tracks at the monstrous black-and-ultramarine sight, giving the mongoose enough time to turn back to Suu. He knew that they both needed to get out from there right now, but the giant reptile had planned ahead of him. His maw was slightly open on the ground, teasingly displaying that giant pink tongue to Nikili as an invitation.
There was no time to hesitate, so he ran and jumped straight onto the awaiting muscle. The jaws immediately snapped shut around him, and even in that darkness, enveloped by muscle and saliva, he could hear the murmurs outside turn into screams at what they'd just witnessed.
The dragon wished that he could enjoy the mongoose's sour, slightly fruity flavor a second time, but being in a rush, he simply tossed his head back to swallow him down, making sure he would be safe. As he was preparing to leave the crowd and their dizzying panic, one very clear emotion, directed specifically at him through his gasham'sag, came from the lizard already in his crop:
« The tablets...! »
Following Nurta's instruction, he turned around in place – accidentally collapsing another wall from a nearby building with his sheer size, and dug into the rubble of the room for the marked stones with his snout, placing each one behind his gums, to avoid swallowing them and bothering his occupants. Suu could feel as the soldier fired arrows at his back leg, but it didn't bother him in the slightest, so he simply ignored it.
The mongoose was squeezed through the tight and lubricated esophagus, hearing as the heartbeat got louder as he approached the base of Suu's neck. He could barely process his situation, and the intense stimuli of the dragon's warm, wet, dark, faintly fish-smelling digestive system wasn't helping him. But once he was deposited in the chamber, he could maybe start thinking of a contingency. He was pushed head-first against that sphincter, and he managed to instinctively extend his arms before he fell into the crop. Nikili was surprised when his hands met not with exposed flesh, but a set of scales and wet fur.
"Ow!" A feminine voice yelped in surprise. "What have you–"
"Oh... Glad you could join us, Nikili!"
"How fortunate that we're all–"
Their chaotic, tight reunion was disturbed when the entire chamber jostled around, as Suu jumped to take flight, a vision that would be etched in thousands of Kuiran minds in that twilight. A few days ago, the two scavengers alone could fit comfortably in the chamber, but the addition of the Widow made the organ very cramped. Eventually, their surroundings settled as the blue dragon found a smooth rhythm to soar without turbulence for his passengers.
The lizard was the first to speak. "Can you please take your head off my chest?"
"Your chest...?" The mongoose jumped back in surprise, hitting his head against a fleshy wall. "Wait, are you naked right now?!" He sniffed at the small cat hugging his chest. "And why does Quince smell like that...?"
"Are you both not alarmed by where we are?" Nurta asked instead. "I could feel every muscle in my body freeze, and the very next moment, we ended up in here... Although, I have a pretty good guess of where 'here' could be..."
"You– Did you swallow Suu before he turned into a dragon again, Quince?"
"Not Quince, I did." She asserted. "But then, you two have seen this happen before, correct? Ah...this must have been exactly what Ruunk saw that other night in Logas. It all makes sense now."
Nikili yawned. "S-Sorry, it's hard to follow what you're saying... It's warm in here, and I feel so tired..."
"But how did -you- end up here?" There was a long pause. "Nikili...?" The only sounds coming from inside the crop were Quince's purring, and a soft snore. "Oh, you just passed out..."
He must have been exhausted to decide to fall asleep in here out of all places, she pondered. Well, on second thought, it wasn't completely absurd, circumstances aside. It felt warm and soft, and the rhythmic thumping was soothing. And he was cuddling his friend – his two friends, in a sense. Comforting might be one way to put it – one that the cat no doubt agreed with, as their purring was replaced with snoring of their own. This must be one of Suugal's own ways of showing affection.
« Can you still understand me? » She concentrated her thoughts, and the dragon's organs resonated with his deep but soft growl. To think that mere moments ago, he was the one inside of her crop. « Take us away from Kuir, away from Logas, where we can gather our thoughts about what happened. » There was no response, or apparent change in direction in his flight – it seemed that he already had a destination in mind. « And since it must be late, you wouldn't mind if I...also slept in here, would you? » Another rumble acknowledged her request, even if he wasn't expecting her to ask for permission.
Curling across from Nikili, Nurta understood his gentle vocalization, and rested against the wall for the night. "Thank you, Suugal."
Wherever Suu had let them out the next morning, it was clear that they were away from Kuir or any civilization, being surrounded by marshes instead of sand. The large dragon sat still, patiently watching the three smaller, saliva-drenched people getting their bearings. He wanted to fly off to find some food for himself, but considering how everyone else had lost their appetite, he would wait.
Quince was taking care of the dragon. They'd spotted an arrow sticking out from his leg, burrowed between two large scales, and they pulled it out. It didn't hurt, but the yellow cat still reached into their belt to use their soothing, cool peppermint balm on the spot, lovingly kneading their huge friend.
Nurta was aligning the six tablets on the ground, wiping any excess saliva from the stones. Despite the confusion from last night, she was glad that all of them were still in their possession. Nikili, meanwhile, sat on the ground next to Quince clutching his head, his wet skirt clinging tightly to his legs, not staring at any of his three naked companions. He had rested surprisingly well, but it was clear that he was still processing everything that Nurta had just told him about yesterday's events. Suu brought his giant snout close to him and nudged him gently, but he didn't even react.
"I– I don't even know what to say..." He spoke to himself.
"That's uncharacteristic of you." The Widow retorted.
"Nurta, this is no time for snarky remarks! I just...really..." He stood up, pointing at Quince. "You can read?! And you never told me...!" His index finger moved to Nurta. "And you shoved them up your p-pussy?!" He tried to point at Suu, but his arm hit the snout. "And you had mind-reading superpowers all along–?!"
"It's not mind-reading... And it's not a superpower." The red lizard corrected him, but his accusations turned back to her.
"And you, too! You also have like a...a 'detective' superpower?"
"Again. Not a superpower." She crossed her arms, but she was completely calm – unlike Quince, who she saw walk away from the other three. "But I do find it strangely comforting that 'me being a dragon' is not one of the things you take issue with."
"I do! I mean, I don't– I just... Ugh!" He kicked a pebble with his sandal, but he missed and lost his balance. Thankfully, Suu's head was there to catch him. "Thanks, big guy... I just wanna go home and think."
Nurta asked him seriously. "Before that, can you tell me what happened? After your confrontation with this Ludama, what exactly transpired?"
He thought back. "I...I ran straight to the brothel, like you said I should do in an emergency... A-And then– Then Suu appeared out of nowhere! And this soldier guy was shouting to inform Ludama that I was there, and I jumped into Suu's mouth, and... You know the rest."
"Look into my eyes." She ordered, and he complied. "Are you -sure- that's exactly what happened?"
He didn't know why he felt compelled to omit what had happened with him and Musdagura, especially since Nurta had this gasham'gobbledygook interrogation superpower, and would clearly see through his white lie. But her intense stare eased, and he looked away himself, realizing that Suu had transformed back into a kobold without their notice.
"Very well. In that case, there's no way you can go home right now."
"What? Why...?"
"As far as Kaati knows, you were eaten alive in front of a crowd. Everyone will assume that you are dead. It'd be imprudent to just barge back into Logas if you want to keep Suu's identity a secret."
"Quince might be safer outside of Kaati too for now, since you were seen together by this Ludama, but I can at least fake ignorance and claim we were not associated – if Unazu knows to keep his mouth shut. Perhaps I can go back to Logas and figure out a way to bring you three back safely into the country."
"You– You'd do that?"
"You are a part of Logas, like as much. But consider it a favor to be repaid in due time, of course." The mongoose nodded, and she looked around. "Well then, if we are in Zugul, then I can just head north to–"
Suu interjected. "No. Not Zugul. Kyorna."
"Kyorna...? Do you know this place, Suugal?"
"No. Nurta gasham'sag."
The lizard paused to think. Nikili stared at her, unsure of what was happening. With her being naked, the mongoose – purposefully avoiding to look at her body too low – kind of admitted that it was weird seeing her like this, her bright orange scaly plates dominating her figure over the dull-red scales when she wasn't covering them under her characteristic long dresses. Still, she looked like a regular lizard should, and not a miniaturized dragon-person or whatever it is that Suu would transform into. From appearance alone, it would have been impossible for him to figure out her true origin.
"Should we...go somewhere else?" The scavenger asked. "We don't know this place."
"I don't know it...but yet I do." Nurta thought out loud. "I think Suugal must have sensed something that my heart yearned for, but I cannot remember. A place from my past."
"Your...dragon-self past." He gulped. "S-Should we -really- stay here...?"
The Widow looked at him. "You two should be safe with Suugal around, and we appear to be alone here. Besides, now I'm curious myself as to why I was drawn to this place. You help me sate my curiosity, and we'll let this be you repaying your debt in advance."
"... Fine." He stretched, trying to work out how these 'favors' worked in Nurta's mind. If this place really was related to dragons, staying felt like going against his better judgement. But at least he could take his mind off of things for a while. And, well, speak with a certain someone... "I can walk around and scout the area, b-but I should probably bring Suu with me to be safe."
The kobold pointed at the yellow cat in the distance. "But Quince sad... Suu can–"
"It's okay, Suugal. I'll stay with them. We can read the tablets together." Nurta smiled. She also comforted the other dragon through her feelings, explaining she could handle it, and Suu grunted in affirmation.
"Okay, just...just don't shove anyone anywhere while we're gone." Nikili joked.
"I'm still sore down there from yesterday, thank you for asking." Nurta sighed with annoyance. "Honestly, Nikili, with how tactlessly you speak, one would think you're the least compassionate, most sex-averse person in the world... And a terrible liar."
Both reptiles moved in opposite directions, the brown mongoose standing dumbfounded in the middle as he thought of a response. "What the hells is that supposed to mean...?" He whispered to himself.
Quince was crouched over the set of tablets. The words could be read easily, but they couldn't really focus on anything. Tears streamed from their eyes, and they just hurt inside. Reuniting with their friends had to be a joyful occasion, but then why were they feeling like this...? Especially after what Nikili said...
The cat heard footsteps approaching, and wiped their eyes with their paws quickly. The feline turned around to see Nurta, who'd clearly come for the tablets. Quince grabbed one of them, to pretend that they were busy, and walked away–
"Stop. Don't run away." Nurta asked gently. "I know you're crying. Whatever it is, it's more important than what that tablet has to say."
Quince put the stone back down. There was no point in hiding it from her.
"Can we talk? Or...try to. What's bothering you? I want to help you, but..." The cat sat down, but they wouldn't face up to her. "I don't even know where to start... Should I call Nikili to help?"
The feline's expression changed, and they urged with mewls and arm-waving to stop her.
"Aha, so you're like this -because- of what Nikili said." She concluded sternly, and the cat realized that she'd tricked them. "I apologize for that, I knew that you wouldn't be sincere otherwise...and I don't blame you for hiding it, if you want to protect your friend. But I really want to help you, although I'm not good at handling emotional stuff like this. Can I sit with you?"
Quince was holding their own legs tightly while sitting down, and looked almost scared. The lizard felt compelled to pet the small mammal, but despite yesterday's events, she wasn't sure if they were intimate enough for that.
"I don't think it was wrong of you to hide things from Nikili, no matter how close you two are. I'm sure you had your reasons, we all do out of self-preservation... And you're an adult, even if he doesn't seem to remember it most of the time. Still, I don't think he meant what he said. It's been a crazy day in Kuir, and you know how much of a hard-head he can be."
She paused. It didn't seem that Quince was feeling any better, hearing her blab on about 'Nikili this, Nikili that'. She had been afraid that she might do this, missing the bigger picture. Talking about emotions was never her strongest suit, she thought.
"Anyway, I want to apologize, since it was I who relayed everything to Nikili this morning. I forgot to consider your feelings too, and in the end I was the one who revealed your secret. So it's my fault, really." Barely any reaction from the feline. "Hmm, how about this... I'll tell you a secret of my own. One you won't find in these tablets, and which is...a bit embarrassing to remember, honestly.
"It's a story. A story about...a woman, who was born fully grown into this world. Well, not exactly. She had no recollection of her past, she only knew this was her first new memory. And she was faced with a man. His name was Duwag, as she would learn later. But once she did, the woman could never forget his name– Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
"Duwag was a scholar, who found the woman in her life before this one. Back then, she was a mighty, immortal dragon, who had supposedly fled from her home, filled with regrets. She didn't tell him which regrets, but they were strong enough that the dragon had simply...lost the will to live. When Duwag found her, she was in such a sorry state... Starving to death, really.
"Concerned for her well-being, he nurtured her back to health. And suddenly, her outlook changed. The dragon entrusted with him the means to give her a new life. A life with no memories, no regrets, a clean slate. It must have been a last resort, one that would scar her body and mind forever. She would give up everything that she was, and it wasn't a choice to be made lightly. But choose it she did.
"Now reborn a woman, she was naturally confused, but Duwag took her under his wing, even knowing that this wasn't the same person he had gone to great lengths to save. Still, without hesitation, he gave her a new life and mentored her. She was taught his language, to both read and speak. His culture. The history of his home-country, which was his life's work, being compiled into his writing. Even metallurgy, despite the taboos regarding women and the craft. But surprisingly, she revealed herself to be very talented at bronzeworking.
"As time passed, she realized that she had strong feelings for Duwag. The woman wondered... Had her past self also had these feelings for the scholar? Or was there another reason to entrust him with something as important as her fate...? Regardless, she asked him a question, one following a custom that he had taught her about a man and a woman who wanted to be united. She was afraid – could they, together, even work...? But to her delight, her feelings were reciprocated, and he answered 'yes'! They had decided that they would eventually get married, and move into Kaati, the city where Duwag had come from. It was the happiest day of the woman's life."
Nurta looked at Quince, who was engrossed in the story. They appeared to feel better already. "And so, the two of them made plans to move into the city of Kuir and officiate their union, after about 5 years of the two of them living in the village of Lagazi..."
The mention of 'Lagazi' sparked a reaction in the form of a mew, and the lizard smiled.
"Oh, so you -have- heard of Lagazi... The resemblance you have with their people is not merely a coincidence, then. Maybe I could tell you more about it, if you would like." The cat nodded with curiosity. "I assume you were probably too young to remember it, before it was–"
Nurta stopped talking, then suddenly grabbed Quince in her arms, holding them tightly. Their fur was completely dry now thanks to the harsh sunlight, but the Widow was alarmed about something else. She had stopped moving completely, and the feline picked up on her whispering.
"Don't move. I sense we're being watched from above."
As slowly as they could, Quince turned their head around to look at the surroundings. The vegetation was sparse, giving them a clear view of the plains. Yet, either on ground or air, they saw nothing. Still, her reaction didn't seem like a false alarm, and from Nurta's earlier explanation about gasham, the cat understood exactly what she was referring to.
"I don't think Suugal is around to help us. Which means... There's no other choice." The lizard glanced at the tablets beside them. Feeling defeated, she closed her eyes. "It's been so long. I just hope that it still works, and that I don't lose my...well, it's not important."
Quince brought a paw to her cheek, trying to console her...or to thank her. She looked back at them, the one who she was trying to protect in the first place.
"Let's see if I can repeat Suugal's trick, shall we?"
She focused, and the yellow cat could feel something change. Their muscles froze in place, although the entire world seemed to shake, and they might have been scared – were it not a very familiar sensation to them.
"I'm not sure what they want from me." Nikili complained, walking away through the marsh. "I'm's a lot to take in at once, y'know? Starting with the fact that we're stuck here now?!"
"Nikili." Suu called out to him, following right behind.
"I mean, I could have kept my mouth shut and not said some things, sure. But that doesn't make me tactless, does it? Or not compassionate..."
"Nikili." The kobold called out again.
"I don't know... I was so concerned about Quince, and you. And I was afraid that I could lose you two, but maybe I'm worrying too much about the wrong things–"
The mongoose felt a chill down his spine – a literal one, when Suu's tongue lapped behind his neck to call his attention. And the rather unusual touch certainly worked.
"Wh– What was that for?!"
"Nikili Suu, far."
He looked around. "Y-Yeah, we are away from them... Oh, you knew that's what I wanted, right? That gasham'something that lets you hear desires. Do... Do you hear these things all the time?"
Suu stood still as he thought. "Sometimes, yes. Sometimes...confusing."
That was how Nurta communicated with him in Kuir, right? And it seemed to work for them, so it was worth a try. « Just how much have you heard from me? » He focused on the sentence in his head, repeating it as if he was saying it to himself...but Suu did not respond. Maybe he had to think of it as a feeling...? Nurta made this sound easier than it was. This method would require more practice to use.
"Nikili...want talk Suu?" The kobold asked.
"Ah, right. Where do I start...?" Maybe if he truly believed his words, the dragon would understand them better. "I wanted to ask about that stunt in Kuir... When you grew back to a dragon. There was no need to attract all that attention. Then why do it?"
"But...Nikili did want Suu. Nikili gasham'sag say–"
"I don't– I mean, yes, I wanted to find you, but not if it meant bursting through the walls and being seen by half the city!"
"Yes, Nikili did." Was Suu lying to him? "Not lie."
"I-I didn't even ask anything...!"
"Nikili gasham'sag–"
"I KNOW!" He shouted, exasperated. "I just... This is too freaky! You're replying to my thoughts, i-it's a lot to take in... Can you– Can't you slow down?"
"If–" Suu stopped, as if he anticipated being interrupted again. "If Nikili want, Suu speak for Nikili."
The scavenger remained silent. After all, he was curious to hear his own heart.
"In Kuir, Nikili want Suu. Now, Nikili want Suu. Want very much. Nikili like when Suu call 'Ikky'. And Nikili like when Suu hold. Hold arms... But. Nikili want more. Want say this to Suu. Be more with Suu. And gay with Suu. Because...what word?"
The mongoose was blushing deeply at the words said on his behalf. "... L-Love you?"
"Yes. Nikili love Suu."
"I... Y-You knew this all along, then?" The kobold grunted affirmatively, like he would as a dragon. "Gods, t-that's embarassing..."
"And Nikili want alone with Suu to..." He stopped himself.
"To...?" Nikili asked. "Are you asking what I want?"
"Yes. Nikili gasham'sag want."
The mongoose's mind was cast back to the room in the brothel, when he was alone. When he had fantasized about this very moment. To feel Suu close, to desire him and be desired, and most of all, to -fuck-. Or, more specifically, to have the kobold penetrate him.
"Yes, can do it. If 'Ikky' want."
Nikili could have exploded with happiness, and he wrapped his arms around the kobold to meet snouts. It was a bit awkward to kiss Suu's flat mouth, especially with their height difference of more than a few inches. But the exchange of breath, of touch, of saliva, it was finally real. There was no doubt about his desire for the dragon, and he had confessed his feelings to him, in a way.
"Do you love me, Suu? Do you want this too?"
"Yes. But...first time."
The mongoose smiled. "Don't worry, big guy, I'll be gentle. We'll do it at your pace." He began to undress himself, revealing his red manhood emerging from the brown sheath. He wanted Suu to penetrate him, but it would be simpler if they were both lying down for his first time, since Suu was quite taller and inexperienced. There was no need to ask; the kobold acted as soon as Nikili had considered it. The gasham'sag, no doubt... He wondered if it sounded like Nikili had two different voices.
He laid down on his side too on the fluffy dirt, but facing the blue reptilian body. He really did look like a miniaturized version of his dragon self, but lacking wings and with proportions similar to his. The kobold's pink pair of penises was just emerging from the slit at the bottom of his ocean blue plates, and that's what Nikili was more interested in. His green eyes looked into those blue ones as if to ask for permission to touch him – even as his dream came true, he hesitated.
"T-Touch." Suu answered. The mongoose brought a hand down to the hemipenes, stroking the right one slowly. Its owner moaned softly, and Nikili could feel the member pulse between his fingers, filling with blood as it peeked out more from the base along with its twin. He also stroked his own cock, growing more excited that he would take the dragon's virginity.
The kobold's tip was starting to leak only on the teased hemipenis. He had gotten worked up so quickly. His eyes opened again, begging for more of that feeling, and Nikili would provide soon enough. He didn't need to explain the next step if he was peering his mind; he used both arms to turn around and face away from him, letting the reptile big-spoon him, and got his body closer. The dragon's chin was on the top of his head, and the fur of his back tickled Suu's chest. He brought a hand to his own butt, spreading it to reveal the pink pucker.
"How do...?" The kobold asked.
"Uhh, y-you can put only one in, it's fine, I think. Do it slow, I can take it raw."
He had done this with several other men before, but never a cold-blooded reptile like Suu. He felt the wet tip poke him gently, feeling chill compared to his hot anus. It was a surprising feeling, but not at all unpleasurable. It seemed that the transformed dragon paused to make sure that Nikili wasn't uncomfortable.
"Don't stop, keep going..." The experienced male instructed. The cock started to penetrate him, and feeling the warmth, Suu's moaning turned into panting with his tongue out. He acted more like a rutting feral dragon than any other man who'd fucked him, and Nikili's penis twitched in excitement about it. The kobold intruded him very slowly as instructed, savoring the warmth of the mongoose's rectum blanketing his sensitive genital. The other remained outside, fully erect as well, resting against a furry butt cheek.
Suu gasped more audibly when the smaller male sat back, engulfing a good half of the cock inside. His dick wasn't that big, it was about as long and wide as Nikili's – maybe he could have taken both at once, the mongoose thought. Still, the sensation seemed to be amazing for his partner, who let out a few more moans, and the scavenger began rubbing himself off as he was plugged more and more by the reptile's dick.
He kept moving backwards, his flesh parting effortlessly to take him in, until his hips couldn't move further down, being blocked by his mate's body. Due to the nature of the hemipenes, the very bottom of the base couldn't go inside without pressing too tightly on the second one, so that was as far as it would enter. Nikili was relieved that he could easily take Suu in – although the slow pace that they followed wasn't very gratifying for him. The dragon, however, was grunting in pleasure quite a bit.
"Haah...huf...what do now...?" He managed to ask between pants.
Nikili wanted to tease him. "Now...for the fun part~. You thrust out..." He raised his ass, letting a good third of the cock slip out, covered in butt slime. Suu gritted his snout tightly. "And then in–"
His butt slammed back to take the entire dick back in, but he was surprised by the kobold's yell, an orgasmic roar. Had he climaxed just now...?! As confirmation, the reptile's seed spewed from his hemipenes: one painting his butt and back with white strands, the other filling up his anus. And Nikili wasn't even close to his own orgasm. Suu must have been more pent-up and sensitive than the mongoose could have imagined.
The dragon's love scream was dying out with the last spurts, and he was soon catching his breath instead. Nikili's butt slipped from around his softening cock, letting some seed leak from the hole. "!" Suu whispered in his post-nut stupor. "Very good...ah...Suu"
The mongoose in front of him wasn't moving, or talking, or looking at him. But he didn't need to see his red face to know that he was embarrassed...and frustrated.
"Oh... No! Suu do bad...!" The kobold was beginning to feel guilty.
Nikili turned to face him, trying his best to keep a smiley expression. "Hm? N-No, big guy, it's fine... It was your f-first time after all..."
"No! Nikili want more than...! Suu not fine!"
"It's okay, Suu, I actually–" The mongoose sighed. Of course, the -fucking- gasham'sag. There was no hiding it from Suu, was there? "It's...not what I expected, that's for sure. I was maybe hoping it would be a huge thing, something I've never had with any other man before... It wasn't satisfying, b-but maybe I set too many expectations for you...and it was your first time! I'm just glad that you enjoyed it, really. And that I could be your first. That makes me so happy..."
"No... Not happy. Suu do more. Suu try again...!"
"Really, it's okay." He ran a hand through his snout to console him. "It's not a mistake that you need to fix. And you blew your load already. We can do something else next time–"
"Yes, Suu fix mistake! Nikili wait."
"Please, don't worry about it anymore. We should probably go back to– Huh...?"
The kobold disappeared behind his hand in the blink of an eye. It happened whenever Suu wanted to turn into his smaller, flying archaeopteryx form, which Nikili was used to witnessing at least once a day. He took flight right after transforming, so all that the mongoose saw was a black blur as the Urvogel flew over his body. Before he could turn around to follow him, he felt feathers brush against his butt.
"Little guy, what are you– Wait." He'd realized how Suu wanted to 'fix his mistake'. "Wait wait wait, don't you even think about–mh!"
He felt that tiny snout pressing between his butt cheeks, aiming at the hole still leaking his cum. Suu's head right now wasn't much wider than his dick as a kobold, so it slid in just as easily, especially with all of the lubrication. But the archaeopteryx was the more active of the two, lively pushing the anus around him. Nikili quickly was rock hard again.
"Do we really have to–Ah...!" He felt some pressure against his prostate, as more of the reptile intruded his entrance. With most of his neck inside, Suu also brought his wings close to the hole, wasting no time at all at his unusual escapade. Nikili could have fought back or pushed him out, but he couldn't deny the pleasure compared to his earlier experience. "F-Fine! Do...oooh... Keep doing whatever this is." He wondered how deep the smaller male intended to take this; surely not his whole body, right?
The tunnel offered barely any resistance at all. The archaeopteryx's feathers brushed against the walls, getting covered in cum and anal slime, filling the rectum with his small body. The wet squelching wasn't as loud as Nikili's moans vibrating everything around his ears, but he could sense the mongoose's pleasure directly, as he had sensed inside of Nurta and Quince before. And Nikili's increasing arousal told Suu all that he needed to know.
The wider part of the bird-like reptile was pressing into the slick ring, which was clenching and dilating over the mate-turned-toy, making more wet noises. Nikili was curious to look at how deep he was, but he didn't need to turn his head around to his hole to find out. The Urvogel pushed his wings against the anal walls, and a bulge extended under the mongoose's belly button. He could feel the entire dinosaur slip an entire inch deeper into his rectum when he did it, too! "Fuuuck... Was t-this always so good...?! AhHh!" Another inch. Precum was dripping from his dick. "I've never felt...ummfff...anyone so b-big o-or deep...Suu–ooo oh GODS...!!"
Suu was now wriggling wildly into place, having just lost his footing. He was about a sixth of Nikili's size (not counting his equally long feathered tail), and he was almost entirely in his guts already. The mammal's belly expanded outward with the intruder pushing further into his colon, sloshing in the mix of male fluids. The archaeopteryx was entirely at his mercy...or was it the other way around? The claws of his feet had reached his anus, lightly scratching the sensitive pucker. The mongoose's cock was begging for release, but he wanted to hold out for as long as possible – which didn't seem to be that far off, if Suu kept this up any longer.
This wasn't what Nikili had dreamed of. He wanted Suu to take him, dominate him, more than any other man ever had. But this didn't match who the dragon was. He was the loving, often clumsy, no-personal-space Manner of guy, who wouldn't hesitate to turn himself into a living butt toy. Who would easily scoop up others into his mouth and swallow them, and then let them do the same to him. Who would protect them regardless. It was this Suu, the Suu sticking himself into his butt, that he truly loved – he thought, before he could no longer contain his orgasm.
His butt clenched, shooting the last of the archaeopteryx into his body, the walls groaning and squeezing the reptile as he came. His hips jerked as he shot more semen from his dick, climaxing hard without having even stroked himself. He grabbed the bulging belly with his hands, holding it as the last waves of lust rocked him.
"!" He whispered as his own screaming died down. "That was i-i-intense...hoo...! You okay?" The markings under his skin shuffled, and he heard a sprightly chirp. "I...I love you, Suu. So, so much. Thank you for this. Agh, I'm so full... Is– Is this how it always feels? It's really nice... Nurta was right, I oughta apologize to her...and to Quince...gods, they are gonna chew me out for what I said earlier, aren't they." He brought a hand to his rump, feeling that long black-and-blue tail sticking out from him. "A-Any chance we keep this between us, little guy? If you just come out..."
He tugged lightly at the feathers, but Suu moved around, going deeper instead. Around one inch must have entered him, feeling the tail's fluffy appendages flicking at his anus.
"Ahh!" Nikili moaned. "Damn... If t-that's how it's gonna – huf...! – be, fine... You can stay, just don't move so much, l-little guy... I'd be angry if it didn't feel so good...!"
He tried to stand up slowly, legs shaking a little from how sensitive his guts felt. He was so stretched, and his prostate kept getting pressed by Suu's tiniest motions. The mongoose wasn't sure how long he could hold on until he reached his climax again. For now, he controlled his breathing to not moan with every step he took, and reached for the skirt he'd tossed away earlier, now dry from dragon saliva. He carefully dressed himself up, covering everything under his brown tail, including that long blue feather fan that was hanging between his legs. There was still a very clear bulge in his belly that he patted, and another from his erect cock poking the fabric; he wouldn't be able to hide these two, Nikili thought as he blushed.
The scavenger sighed once again, accepting that he'd be called a hypocrite, and set off back the way they'd come, to reunite with the other two. But before he could take a second step, something large lunged at him. He fell back on the ground, and looked at the creature above. Another dragon! One smaller than Suu, but much much bigger than Nikili. It was a lot slimmer than his rather plump blue friend, with sharp horns and claws, and dull-red scales, giving it a threatening appearance. It looked around, then back at Nikili, with those frightening yellow slit eyes.
With a terrifying growl, it bared its fangs, before closing its mouth. It wasn't attacking him, so the mongoose took this opportunity to try and grab his axe and– Wait, where was it...? Oh no, he had left it back in Kuir! After Nurta went through all the trouble of making him a new one, too. Actually, thinking about it, an axe wouldn't do him any good against a dragon, remembering his previous incident with Suu. He shouldn't have let Nurta have her way, they should have left this place at the first opportunity...!
Not like he had much time for regrets. He was done for, wasn't he...?
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The Lost of the Marshes, ch.7: Honesty By BadManners -- Report

Some mongooses, cats, and dragons just seem fated to attract trouble. And when the dust settles, emotions run high.

Word count: 6500. Contains: macro and size difference, non-fatal oral and anal vore, gay sex.


If Nikili makes Quince cry one more time, I will slap him.

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