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A Fat Camp Thanksgiving - Part 1 - A Nightly Stuffing
By ChubbySong321
“Shhhh! Stop making so much noise!” an angry, young, female, voice said to her friends as they snuck across the camp
This wasn’t an easy task. After all, the fall leaves had piled up so much that every, heavy, footstep caused the 4 kids escaping to make quite a bit of sound. Heavy footsteps were unavoidable too. They would’ve moved lightly if they could’ve. However, these were chunky children sneaking out of a fat camp
This wasn’t anything new for the portly group. This had become a nightly ritual since discovering the cabin, and its food-providing inhalant’s, not too far from the camp. It wasn’t hard to get too, although, for some reason, the camp counselors never seemed to know about its existence. The only tricky part of their journey was something the gluttonous children were about to encounter
The lead boy, a particularly round 12 year old with short, brown, hair, huffed as he tried to suck in as much of his obese belly as he could manage. It wasn’t that much. After all, he was the fattest among the group at a fat camp. Still, he hoped it would be enough to get through the hole in the barbed wire fence
It was indeed a tight fit. Despite how large the hole had grown, thanks to these young porkers moving through it night after night and the increasing of their waistlines, it hadn’t grown large enough. Poor Mark was stuck. He sighed and rolled his blue eyes a little as he quickly felt a couple of pudgy hands on his jean-covered behind, pushing him forward
“Common! I’m hungry!” The 2nd largest of the group, an 11 year old girl with long, curly, dark-red, hair and green eyes, said as she pushed Mark, trying to get him through the hole
Finally, Mark popped out of the hole in the fence and Emily, the obese girl who’d been pushing him, huffed for a moment as Mark readjusted his brown, long-sleeved, shirt. Emily just sighed and sucked in her tubby tummy as she went through the fence’s hole. Like the older boy before her, she got stuck. She huffed as she laid there, knowing she would need some help
She soon got some as 2 sets of hands pushed on her big behind. Fortunately for all involved, Emily’s maroon dress kept her fat rear covered. Without too much effort, although still more than Emily wanted to give, she plopped free and it was time for the next child to get stuck in the fence
“Heeeeeelp I’mMMPH!” The little, 10 year old, boy shouted before his mouth was quickly covered by Emily’s chubby hand
The poor, round, boy, with sandy-blond hair and green eyes, calmed down as he felt somebody pushing on his, light-tanned, short-covered, rear. Sam blushed a bit as his, equally tan-colored, t-shirt rode up and exposed his tummy. Even without being stuck, that tended to happen all the time to him
Soon Sam was freed and the next child came through the fence. Unlike the rest, Susanna was the only child of the group who didn’t get stuck in the fence’s hole, albeit just barely. She was the youngest of the children, having just turned 10 years old. She sported a strange mix of red-brown pants and an orange sweater. It made the girl look like a round pumpkin, even if her clothes clashed a bit with her long, blond, hair, done up in twin pigtails, and blue eyes. Although her getup did complement her freckles quite nicely
Susanna giggled as she plopped through the fence and was greeted by eager faces. Everybody was now out of the camp and ready for the short hike to their destination. All the fat kids couldn’t wait to go, despite the exercise required to get to the cabin. After all, they’d been doing WAY too much of that at the camp, at least as far as they were concerned
Soon, although not soon enough for the obese kids, they were standing before a log cabin. It wasn’t the largest building, but looked warm and inviting all the same. This was made especially true with the fall, night, air around them. Not to mention the fire in the fireplace, its light creating a warm glow through the cabin’s only window
Without knocking, Emily opened the door and waddled in, her corpulent compadres following after her. Each child smiled as they saw the same, delightful, sight they saw every night when they entered the cabin: a large table filled with tasty, fattening, food and 2, overly-plump, wolves waiting for them
Now, most children would’ve feared coming to see 2, large, wolves. However, these 2 had been nothing but nice to the poor, young, overworked, underfed, fat camp attendees. The 2 furries waiting for them were a mother and daughter. Both had grey fur and both were just as round as the kids before them. However, this was where their similarities ended
The mother, Rea Lee Lottame, was quite tall and equally round. She sported black hair done up in a bun. She also had brown eyes, an orange dress that just covered her knees and a fall-themed apron. Neither her dress, nor her apron, could hide her big, round, belly. She gave the children a warm, motherly, smile as they entered
Her daughter, Shaura Lottame, was standing just in front of her. The 10 year old had long, purple, hair and golden-yellow eyes. She sported a yellow t-shirt and grey sweatpants that were a few shades darker than her fur. Her big, round, obese, tummy poked out happily between these 2 articles of clothing. She looked pleased to see her plump friends had arrived
“Hiya Rea! Hiya Shaura!” Susanna said enthusiastically to the wolves as the kids took their places around the table
“Why hello to you too Susanna, Emily, Mark, Sam.” Rea replied back, netting a smile from each fat kid as they sat down to eat
No further words were needed from the group. After all, everybody knew the routine by now. Without another moment of hesitation, the 4, hungry, fat, kids began to dig in. There was little surprise as to why they did so either. The large table they sat at was loaded with tons of tasty food. Besides, tonight everything seemed to be thanksgiving themed. It was quite fitting too as it was right around that time of year
Mark quickly began in on the stuffing, taking enough to completely fill his plate. Emily was a bit odder in her choice and happily ate down an entire can of cranberry sauce with a few rolls she took. Sam took the lion’s share of the rolls but also loaded up his plate with yams. What could they say? Each kid had their own favorite dish and each kid was more than happy to fatten up off of them
Speaking of fattening up, Susanna giggled in delight as she took a moment to watch the others gorge. She grabbed an, overly large, pumpkin pie for herself. She quickly began to wolf it down in no time flat, also grabbing a large can of whipped cream as she did so. She then leaned back in her chair, showing off her stuffed tummy, and began to squirt the whipped cream straight into her mouth! It was little shock she’d do this. After all, Susanna had always been 1 for the sweets. So much, in fact, that her nickname was “cupcake”
The kids continued to stuff themselves like this for quite some time. Each taking their favorite dish. Each munching them down without much else going on. Nothing interrupted them either, outside of the odd burp or the brief moment each child would take to rub over their growing bellies. After all, these were overworked, underfed, chubby, children from a fat camp. Not much was going to stop them from stuffing their faces when they got the chance
It was only once the button on Sam’s shorts popped off, exposing his tummy and pushing up his shirt, that the group paused. The poor, young, boy blushed as he rubbed over his rounded tummy. Emily sighed, picking his button out of her 3rd helping of cranberry sauce as she rubbed over her dress-covered gut. The dome had grown an inch, or so, since she sat down and she happily let out a burp at how full she was feeling
It was just after this that Mark noticed something odd. The oldest boy paused in eating his 5th plateful of stuffing and looked over, with confusion, at the wolves. He quickly began,
He then began again as he patted her massive middle, which had also grown an inch, or so, and pushed his shirt up like Sam’s
“Hey. Aren’t you guys going to eat anything?” He asked the wolves
It was then all the children stopped in their eating. Mark was right. Shaura and Rea always ate with them. If anything, they went toe to toe with their appetites and maybe even ate a bit more than the 4, gluttonous, young, plumpers. This was very strange
It was enough to put a worried expression on the children as they looked back up at Shaura and Rea…all except for Susanna. She actually giggled with a knowing smile as 2, chunky, wolf, girls licked their lips at the stuffed children
“Oh, don’t worry dears. We will.” Rea said as she looked over that tasty, fat, kids, once again licking her lips
“You see, this is our thanksgiving meal and there’s nothing we enjoy more for thanksgiving than nice, plump, stuffed ,children!” Shaura continued, giving her lips another lick as well
Needless to say Mark, Emily and Sam looked devastated at this news. Susanna just giggled again and continued eating her pie. She seemed almost happy to fatten herself for the pudgy wolf mom and cub, much to her fellow fat camp attendees shock
The End Of Part 1
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A two part collaboration with Chubbysong, starring my characters Shaura Lottame, Rea Lee A. Lottame, and special guest Willing prey Susanna.

This is Chubbysongs half, where we meet a few plump kids at a fat camp who wanna get a real feast. Fortunately they have friends to help with that. Unfortunately.... they may have to do something in return...

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