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A Fat Camp Thanksgiving - Part 2 - What A Big Cookbook You Have
By Misterebony
Shaura and Rea Lee looked at the four kids and their reactions. But really they should have expected it. I mean, they had been extra fattened up for this, why wouldn't they be eaten for the Thanksgiving meal?
"Your…not really going to eat us...are you?" Mark asked, watching as Shaura walked up to him first
She smiled and poked his belly some, tracing a finger along it, and then putting it to her mouth with a moan
"Oh we are. It would be such a waste if we didn't."
Susanna just ate her pie as Rea Lee measured her, Emily and Sam wanting to get up and go, but it felt like they couldn't even move!
"Don't bother kiddos." Rea Lee said, measuring Susanna’s yummy-tummy
"Those are special comfort chairs. The more you eat the more you sink into them. At this point, someone has to help you out. And guess who that has to be dearies."
"But we thought you were our friends!" Emily sobbed
Rea Lee helped Susanna up, leading her to a counter. With almost superhuman strength, she was lifted onto the counter and was made to lie down. Susanna did so, giggling just a little as she did. The others just watched on in horror
"Oh we are. But we are also wolves. Shaura, can you bring Sam over first? I think we will start by making some candied, yam-stuffed, kid for our first side dish."
"No!" Sam yelled, realizing why he was picked for yams
He wanted to move but the chair had sunk in too much, he couldn't get up!
"Shaura, I think he needs some help up." Rea said to her daughter
Shaura nodded, the boy sobbing as he was picked up. He tried to struggle, but there was no breaking free. His tears streamed down his face as he was led toward a massive dish on the counter beside the, now sleeping, Susanna, the bottom of said dish covered in sweet smelling goo. It was clear it was maple syrup. Beside the dish was a bag of giant marshmallows, as well as more syrup, some brown sugar and even a bit of cinnamon. The boy’s clothes were mostly shredded, save his tanned shorts, and he was heaved up into the dish. Rea Lee giggled as she tasted the boy herself
"You did so good wearing the edible short-pants that Susanna snack into the camp, dear. I cannot WAIT to devour you." She said as she drizzled the maple syrup, and some brown sugar, on the boy, spreading it some with a big brush, while adding some marshmallows around him and a couple sweet potatoes
The boy whimpered and went to speak, only for one, last, potato to be shoved into his mouth. He wiggled and squirmed as Rea Lee preheated a massive oven!
"Now, you wait here while I get the turkey ready. And guess who that is Mark?" Rea said as Shaura helped the screaming Mark up
"Please! Don't do this! We will be good, we won't tell anyone!"
"Oh, I know you won't dear, since meals don't talk. And as for being good…well, you'll be good and tasty." She giggled.
"Now, I have some stuffing left, so let's fill those pants with it."
"No stop!" Mark begged, but the two wolves dumped the stuffing down his pants
They then put his hands and feet in those paper, frilly, things, and then wrapped those in foil. A whole apple was placed in his mouth, then he was glazed with honey and spices. As that was done, the oven dinged
"Ah, just in time. Now you have to cook longer than your friends, so in you go!" And with that, Rea Lee lifted the roaster to the oven rack and put a big lid on top
There were some muffled cries as it was shoved in. Emily saw that there was plenty of room for all four of them, and went wide eyed as the two wolves looked at her next.
"One more main dish to go."
Emily sobbed, guessing what she will be. They already had the main course, and a side, so...
"So... I am guessing I'm the rolls?"
Shaura giggled and replied,
"Nope. One, big, roll! I don't wanna slice you up! Well…not unless I use my teeth." She smiled with her sharp teeth as Rea Lee opened a massive oven
The turkey boy, by now, was all set to cook, all stuffed and glazed. He whimpered and pleaded, crying as Rea Lee placed him in the oven, smiling happily and waving to him. She then turned to Emily and brought some bread dough
"I made a special batch of my cranberry glaze to go with the cranberry sauce you stuffed yourself with dear. It should make for a very tasty roll indeed."
"Please spare us! We didn't mean to..."
"Didn't mean to what dear? Enjoy our food? Look delicious? Gorge yourself? Oh you meant to for sure. And I'm SOOOO glad!"
The girl whimpered and sobbed. Rea Lee patted her head some
"Oh now, don't be sad. You’re about to be a culinary delight! And on that note...Into the dough with you!"
The girl screamed as Shaura, and Rea Lee, heaved her into the dough, struggling as she was rolled up, and wrapped up, by the duo, distracted every now and then with flour. Once she was fully cocooned, she was set on a baking tray. The two wolves breathed heavily as they watch the dough wiggle, spreading some butter on the top to melt over the roll when they put it in the oven
That was next, of course, as Sam and Emily were shoved in on another rack. They pulled Mark out for a bit and ladled some of the juices over him, and, with a lick of their lips, back in he went
"Only one left!" Shaura said with pure delight
They then turned their attention to Susanna, who had woken up as they approached
"Hi. Is it my turn now?" she said happily, but a big groggily
The younger wolf nodded and replied,
 "Sure is cupcake! And, boy, am I eager to chew you up! You really went all out fattening on sweets. I wouldn't be surprised if your bones were sugar now!"
Rea Lee sighed and said,
"Now, now, Shaura. We still have to prepare her. Go get the pumpkin filling while I get the pie dough ready."
The girl looked up and asked,
"Can you stuff me with some more?"
Rea Lee giggled and replied,
"We just did, dear!"
"Oh, yeah, right, sorry!" She blushed embarrassedly about her greedy appetite
 She was heaved into a pie pan that was just right for her, as she settled in and got cozy. Pumpkin filling was poured all around her, so that only her hands, feet and head stuck out of the pie
"Wow, this feels really nice." She said as Shaura ground some nutmeg over her
"Smells good too! You’re going to be just, so, good!!!" She licked her chops as Rea Lee set out the whipped topping.
"Alright dear. While you bake we will likely be eating your friends up, so you enjoy yourself in the oven, alright?"
"Will do. Happy Thanksgiving!" She said, getting comfy as in she went in, as the turkey boy was checked again.
Over the next hour the children cooked. As they did, the two wolves set the table for a Wolf Feast, eager to dine on the four kiddos and make them into the biggest bit of chub ever. Some cranberry dressing was placed on the table, and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Finally, came a pickle-plate, just for traditions sake
The oven dinged soon after and out came the yam-stuffed boy to cool, as well as the girl-roll with cranberry filling. A bit of time went by and out came the big, covered, roaster, placed at the center of the table. Finally, out came the pie. Susanna was fast asleep as she was decorated with the special cream on her head and feet. Everything looked positively scrumptious.
The meal was ready to eat
"Wakey-wakey dinner. It's time to dine!" Rea Lee said, tying a napkin around her neck
She looked over as the kids slowly awoke in their separate dishes, mmphing and moaning before, eventually, crying as the two began their feast
Shaura was hungry for the roll and Rea Lee wanted sweet potatoes, so they grabbed the respective kids. Mike watched, horrified, as his two friends were placed on plates, with the roll topped with cranberry sauce and the sweet potato-stuffed boy getting one, last, drizzle of maple syrup
Then the feast began. Both wolves were ready to bite into their meals. Fortunately, none of the children would feel any pain from this. Whatever foodstuffs they had been prepaired with helped ensure that, even if the wolves ate them piece, by piece
 Shaura took the first bit, glomping on her roll and moaning at the succulent flavor of bread, butter, cranberry, and little girl as it hit her tongue. She wiggled and struggled as she was tasted by the wolf girl, but could do nothing to get away even as bits of roll were removed. When Emily’s skin was exposed, bits of cranberry sauce were slathered on it to enhance the flavor. Shaura was tempted to bite, especially since she couldn't hurt her meal, but she wanted to swallow the tasty girl whole. But she took great pleasure in teasing her and making her squirm, at least what little she could
Rea Lee, meanwhile, was a bit more classy, licking the boy at the right spots to make him giggle and eating the toppings off of him first. He cried a little, but she licked his sweet, and salty, tears away. After a bit, she opened wide, taking the boy in head first, hearing him scream as she began to swallow. Baked like he was, he could barely struggle, but what he did made the mama wolf moan in delight. It always felt so good eating someone up! She gulped quickly, scarfing the, living, sweet potato on down, feeling him settle in her flabby stomach, which seemed to gurgle a happy welcome to the boy like it was saying it was so glad he would be digested by it
And Shaura was by now swallowing as well, eating hers feet first. The girl screamed and begged as she was gobbled up, but the wolf cub heard none of it, her flabby belly screaming for something to come on in to be part of the cub’s, fatty, folds. And something indeed did as the girl slipped into the squishy insides. It was soft, wet and squishy, like a big comfy rubber couch, but much more wet…and much more ready to digest as it gurgled. Soon, both mom and daughter gave a resounding belch
But that was just the appetizers. The lid was lifted to reveal the roasted and steaming Mark, golden brown, plump, and delicious. The mama wolf got a knife and sharpened it
"Your friends were so delicious!" Shaura said, patting her belly before continuing
"But I want my turkey now. I'll take a wing and a drumstick to start!"
The boy eeped wide- eyed as the knife sliced into him, at Shaura’s request. There was no pain, but the sight sure was enough to scare the boy, more so as she watched Shaura eating his arm like it was an ear of corn, or those meat on bone things you see in cartoons. Meanwhile, Rea Lee just took a foot to start and put it in a big bun, adding some more cranberry sauce and a bit of what was left of the stuffing on it. She took a bite and moaned at the flavor. Mark was delicious!
Once done with the first portions, they set up at opposite ends of the table. Rea Lee really wanting the head and Shaura taking the feet. With some effort, they began to swallow the boy from their respective ends. The plump, turkey, boy felt like he was going to be pulled apart as he was sucked in from above and below. He whimpered and wriggled as his tasty form was enjoyed by the two wolves, moaning at how disturbingly good it felt after a time, as they got to his chest and belly. Big, round, soft and scrumptious it was. They spent a lot of time there, licking, teasing and playing. For a brief moment, Mark thought one would suck him in. Then he gasped when he realized what was about to happen
And it did as they bit down on him. They chewed happily before swallowing the last bit of their shared turkey-boy, rubbing their, now slightly rounder, bellies. They each gave a couple good burps, and Shaura even farted. But once room was made,they carried the big pie over
"So...How was dinner?"
They licked their lips at Susanna’s question before Rea replied,
"Delicious. I know we should have said they will reform but that bit of fear helped them add a more salty flavor." They pulled out a pie server
"Now it's time for dessert."
"Yay! Enjoy me!" Susanna watched as they sliced the first bits of the massive pumpkin pie before she asked
"You don't think they will be mad at me do you?"
Rea Lee took her first bite and replied,
"I doubt it. Oh, I know they were trouble kids. That’s why the camp has us around. And you. I think…I mean, what is this now for you? Your sixth time in our bellies?"
"Eighth from the camp!" Susanna said proudly before continuing,
"I just cannot wait to see what they say when they reform."
Shaura carved another slice and nodded before she replied,
 "Among other things! Now no more talking. I wanna eat ya!"
Susanna just laid there and giggled as she was eaten up, her friends digesting away in the wolf bellies. That would be her soon, she thought, making those tummies bigger and happier with tasty, kid, meat. She sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the feelings of being a Wolf-Thanksgiving dessert
But that was not the end of the tale...
"Oh kiddos? Kiddddddoooooosssss? Time to wake up now!"
The forms moaned groggily as they slowly regained their senses. They felt very light, airy, and even a little confused as they felt no pain. Surely it had to have been a dream. All that wonderful food, then being prepped as dinner and eaten alive. Yet, not once did they really feel pain. And as their vision cleared, they knew it had all been true, for there were two, fat, happy, wolves smiling warmly at them as they always had
"Wha..." Mark started, but Shaura shushed him
"Yes we did eat you. But we never meant to kill you. We don't kill unless our meal is REALLY bad. And you’re not bad guys! We love you!"
They went to question when they noticed something else. Motion was easy for them. They stood up with no issue. Emily gasped as she noticed why first, seeing her formally big, and flabby, form was now the definition of svelte. She then gasped seeing the others, Sam only having a little baby fat, Susanna looking like a little average girl with a potbelly, and Mark now thin and agile. They were in shock
"Oooohhhhh yeahhhhhh. You didn't know." Rea Lee said
"Well you see, we have an arrangement with the camp. When there are really bad kids who sneak food and such, we just happen to let them find out about us. Then we take them in for a…different kind of diet. Fattened up for a feast!"
Shaura nodded and continued,
"But then we use a reformative juice that removes excess weight, letting us keep it. So when we reform our dinners, they are good and thin, at least good for the camp."
"Awww...I kinda liked being big though...Made the hugs feel so good..." Sam sighed
Shaura giggled and gave him one
"Well no one says we can't do it again. Maybe we will meet up sometime and fatten you in a cage for a feast."
Rea Lee giggled, as did everyone eventually. Each kid was given one last gift: a big cinnamon roll. Not enough to fatten them up like before, but big enough to be a nice dessert for THEIR meals. And they ate happily. Despite how scary it had been all four did admit it had been...kinda fun. And while only Sam and Susanna wanted to fatten up again, all did admit they hoped they would see each other again
With their last bites they all hugged and said goodbye.... but Susanna lingered. She giggled giving three papers, all with addresses. The addresses of her friends
"In case you want to catch them again." She winked and added,
"And tell Timmy “Hi” for me."
Shaura and Rea Lee hugged her one last time, and she was off to join her friends. Rea Lee pocketed the addresses and began to cleanup. It was a good system really. No one really got hurt unless they deserved it, and the camp got what they wanted in exchange for some friendly feasts
Might as well be a fairy tale, because it feels like a happy ending! Especially Shaura’s, as she smacked her bigger belly happily where her dinner had made it nice and round for some massages later...
The End
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A thanksgiving collab between me and ChubbySong321, starring Shaura Lottame and Rea Lee Lottame.

This is part 2, my part. And here.... it's time for dinner for the hungry fat wolves! Yum yum!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks again for doing this story with me. I really love how it turned out ^^