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Turkey Day By IcecreamSprinkles -- Report

You're called into the dinin room to start tearin down the Thanksgivin dinner I'd been preparin for you all day, but when ya get through the doors ya find a table full mostly of the scraps of a dinner that'd just been stuffed away inside my gut, very noisy with a hint of redish-pink around the tightest point of it. I had a claw lightly rubbin across the top of it, pressin down lightly, though I was so tightly packed that my claw didn't actually squish down into my gut much. You knew exactly what I wanted you to do, but the next move is up to you~

Merry Turkey Day, Y'all! Had somethin else planned initially but I think I'll save that one for Christmas. Hopefully a preyish-Zang tryin her hardest to be an appealin meal is a suitable substitute! Also say hi to the new Winter outfit, or I guess just general cold-weather gear.

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Posted by CrossVor 11 days ago Report

Well, since you want it and there is no food left...
Come here


Posted by AplaceforSTUFFS 11 days ago Report

So friggin adorable! Absolutely love it, hehe, thanks for the meal~ I'd absolutely devour the adorable gal!~


Posted by Trantiveness 10 days ago Report

I love it.