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Victoria's Bus Ride: 1 (story and video) By JessicaRae -- Report

This is for Imiut featuring his Victoria and Randall. Written by  Thornstroke while I edited it. ^_^


“So then I say to him, like ‘My dude, I am going to eat you if you don’t shut up.’ and he didn’t shut up so yeah… he kinda got ate. He was a total loser anyways. seemed like some basic normie. Well, I mean… he’s food now, but yeah… sucks to be him…”

The gothic stoat sat there, bragging away on her phone and speaking in a low voice that well and truly projected that she was done with everyone’s shit. However, for Randall, a sharp dressed hyena sat on the other side of the bus opposing her, she just seemed like a mouthy noodle with a stink bomb for an attitude. One that he had been forced to listen to for the last forty minutes, just droning on like a fountain of misery and negativity, at least as far as he was concerned!

He leans to his side, poking a thumb towards the human girl, Jess, sat there, in order to get her attention without the stoat noticing. She was a cute brunette, sat there just minding her business and loaded with curves from the top to her bottom and doodling away in a sketchpad of hers.

He slides his hand through his long dark hair to brush it out of his eyes and whispers over to her, “Is she driving you crazy too, or is that just me?” She seemed to be drawing a cartoon mouse getting chased by a brown cat with red hair, holding a knife and fork in its hands. She looks up for a moment, turns to Randall and then over to the small creature chatting away on her phone.

“I mean… she’s just chatting to her friend… I don’t mind so much. Even if she is a bit on the loud side.” Her voice was soft with a mousey squeak that matched her apparent desire to be hidden and not cause a fuss. Shortly after chatting to him, Jess scoots along the bus bench, but not before giving a polite smile his way, only to bury herself in her work shortly afterwards.

Randall, however, scoffs away, leaning back with his head turned to the front of the bus. He was groaning away as the stoat was still going on and on. His amber eyes glance to the board displaying the next stop. He still had at least thirty more minutes left on his journey. A revelation that causes him to slump in his seat and audibly complain out loud. “Grrrr, I think I’d prefer to take a dirt nap than listen to this crap for another half an hour!”

At this audible complaint, the stoat raises a brow. “Excuse me?”

He’d finally caught her attention. She pulls her phone away from her head and proceeds to engage with him. “Besides the obvious… do you have a problem you need to deal with? Like I dunno, hemoroids or something?”

How crude! He shifts his attention towards her, his brow twitching in visible frustration. He leans his weight forward and points a finger her way. “Do you know how long you’ve been complaining?”

She blinks away at him. Her expression was plain, unmoved, simply unphased by all accounts. “You know it’s rude to point at someone right?” Her tone matched her expression and it only served to aggravate Randall further.

‘Who the heck did she think she was!?’ He waggles his finger, moving closer still, all whilst the human took her opportunity to scoot even further away from the pair. “You know, you’ve got like, the biggest mouth for something so little! And you’re a stoat! Who the heck could you have eaten that was even worth bragging about!? What like… a gerbil? Maybe a rabbit at a push?”

She raises a brow and then in that same monotone voice from before she states “Listen, if you keep pointing that hand my way, you’re going to lose it.” she turns to her phone, speaking into it. “I’ll chat later. I’ve got to deal with someone who I’m going to turn into furniture.” She closes the call and looks on directly into his eyes with expression shifting from bland to wide-eyed with a toothy grin. Her pale blue pupils got so small in her eyes, reflecting that this was a stoat that might have seemed a typical emo a moment ago, but beneath the surface she was psycho. The reveal of her true personality didn’t even phase him.

He snorts and closes his own eyes, turning his head towards the other girl, and calling out to her to mediate. “Am I being unreasonable? Am I the jerk here? I feel like I’m being perfectly reasonable. It’s a public space, but here you are, nattering aw-”


His ranting comes to a halt, the tips of his fingers slick with moisture as he slowly turns his head towards where his hand was previously, only to find the stoat girl’s face covering the entire thing. Her eyes were wild with excitement. Her low voice hums out “Mmmmm~” before she flicks her tongue out across his fingers and then swallows hard, forcing his fingers to close in, funneling them down the back of her throat.

“Ha-ha-ha… you crazy emo… y-... you think you can actually eat ‘me’?” He turns his head upwards, letting loose the laugh that hyenas were famous for, so much so that his other hand clutches his stomach, practically bowling over at the sheer audacity of it.

“You’re way too far down the foodchain, but sure, knock yourself ou-.”


She responds, swallowing down to his elbow now. To say she had a lack of a gag reflex would be the understatement of the century. Though his fingers, now utterly coated in slime, were able to move now, searching about inside what he feared was her stomach. Bones, slime, chyme, all about as disgusting as you’d think. Though what did concern him was the size of one particular bone, impossibly large if all she ate was indeed, rodents and leporine.

“I’m in trouble…” The realization hits him. She actually can eat him and she’s still tugging, down to his shoulder down, his head moments away from her face, contorted and stretched wide for the occasion like some sort of monstrous real life cartoon character. “Hey! Hey!!! Okay, I know I was rude! I’m sorry! I take it back!!! You’re a fierce predator!!! I believe it! I do! You’re the real deal! Please let me go!!! Let me go-MMMmffFMmmm!!!!”

Though he had tried to make peace many times, it seemed she would be having none of it, sucking his face in with a slurping ‘Pop!’ the rest of his body, his legs and his other hand were now frantically waving away, trying to hook onto the nearby fixtures of the bus, to grab onto anything that could stop this demonic little imp from gobbling him up alive!

For the human girl looking on, she had a mix of horror and intrigue. Turned out on the following page of her sketchpad, the cartoon cat she had drawn had caught the mouse multiple times and had a belly full of the little rodent. Drawing vore was what she did currently for money. It was one thing to draw it, but seeing it unfold in front of her, all she could do was look on with mixed feelings as to what to do. She glanced up to the bus driver. He was glancing through the backview mirror, seeing the nomming with only slight irritation. He simply sighed afterwards and then watched the road again. Jess blinked in wonder, but then thought it over as she remembered the city’s rules were different and this was a city bus that would only go so far out into the country. City rules applied on the bus. The rules were very helpful to predators, for sure. As long as you don’t damage property except for whatever is on the prey, a predator could consume anyone they wanted. No wonder the city pushed for people to take regeneration injections.

The thought of regeneration injections made Jess sick to her stomach, remembering she forgot to buy one. They were too expensive to buy. It was why she only went to the city if she desperately needed to, making sure she didn’t end up someone’s meal. However, Jess figured it was right to try to object to this feast. “Um, ma’am? You mind not eating him? Its not…very nice, ya know?”

The stoat paused her dining experience, between those moans of audible satisfaction and voracious growling to gobble him down. Her maniac eyes turned to the human, glancing to both her and the pen she was holding. Comically enough, Randall had paused too for a moment, or rather the outline of his face in her throat had, clearly hoping that the distraction might well lead to his freedom. Though after a short enough pause, the stoat continues devouring Randall, swallowing up his other shoulder now and most of his chest, causing his voice to cry out, muffled beneath the soft fur and flesh of the now very stretchy, very bulbous stoat. It didn’t take long for her to swallow up the rest of Randall, who from the inside of the creature was having a very unpleasant experience. The chyme and acids from inside her belly were already working away to tingle at his flesh and melt away his very fancy suit. Even as small as she was, stoats were more than capable of digesting bones, so poor Randall had very little hope of surviving her caustic chamber as finally, his feet stick outside of her lips and reaching her tiny hands up, she flicks one shoe off and then the other, before taking one final, mighty swallow.


And the hyena known as Randall, was swallowed alive. “UUUUURRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!!!”

Now he was just stewing away inside her gigantic gut. A gut so large, that it was practically more Randall, than it was her and there was little mystery about who was inside, as his face and other limbs were periodically seen poking through the flesh of the creature. Satisfied with her meal, wiggled and wobbled her way over to the bus seat once more, her gigantic belly swinging forward, inches away from where the human sat opposite her. “Ha Ha! I was gonna eat you from the start. I followed you on this bus, planning on eating you no matter what…Wanna know why? Just ‘cause I can! You being rude had nothing to do with it.”

She tittered sinisterly after her cold confession. The belly growls a grumbly, gurgley rumble and Randall’s muffled voice rants out in inaudible protest from the other side. “Bet he feels like a dweeb right now. You’re at the same place on the foodchain as mice and rabbits. How embarrassing is that?” His protests grow louder, but no clearer to discern through the layer of skin and fat. Picking away at her teeth, she looks to the human and asks, “So…you wanna end up as fat, artist?”

Said human was looking on, wildly flustered with a blush of horror and intrigue. It was hypnotic to see that belly move, but it was also so horrible. Jess tried to wet her lips and mouth before she weakly replied, “N-no, ma’am.”

“Then why not sketch me a scene of this dummy in my belly? Seems like a fun way to remember tonight.”

Jess wasn’t about to argue or protest, quickly drawing away this scene, hoping that the Stoat wouldn’t be hungry for more. All it took was ten minutes, listening to the digestion and muffled shouts, glancing up occasionally to make sure she got the look right. The human holds up her sketchpad and leans forward, her hands forced to hold the gigantic belly in front of her. Her squeaky voice could barely be heard over such a noisy sphere in front of her. “I hope you like it…”

“Like it!? I fudgin’ love it! You captured just how stupid this dork looks!” She laughed away as the squirming bulge worked all the more wildly to struggle and protest at the extended mockery, he found himself within. Jess tore out the picture, handing it nervously to the stoat that simply snatched it away to set it beside her.

The girls did eventually reach home.

But poor Randall was never going to reach his.

A day later, the stoat found herself in her bedroom, once more on her phone, though lounging on an especially large skull, polished off completely, as if drenched in a prolonged acid bath. “Remember when I said I’d turn that guy into furniture? Yeah. Yeah. I totally did. I’m leaning against him as we speak.” She brings her wrist to her lips, wiping off some residual saliva remaining. It had seemed rather fortunate for both parties involved; the stoat had evacuated what was left of Randall via her mouth. “What? You think I should get rid of him?”

She asks, turning back with a menacing smile on her face. “Steph, there’s no way that he’s cursed. That only happens in horror movies. Besides, if he was, what’s he going to do? Perv on me between showers?” She scoots her back against the ‘chair’, her belly wibbling and wobbling with her, clearly fat enough to hibernate for the winter, which was a small, unwilling gift on Randall’s part.

“I mean, if it was cursed though, that’d be kinda funny… Him earning an eternity of having to put up with the same sort of conversations that annoyed him… all whilst being forced to kiss my butt and having no say in the matter.” She bends forward, her bulging belly flattening out somewhat on the sheets as she pushes her plump bottom against the teeth of the skull, the chubby flesh sinking in against them, right about where his lips might be…

“What? No… I’m not actually making him do that. I’m not some sort of monster… Well I mean, that sort at least. Anyways, I’ve got to go, but I’ll chat to you soon. Good luck catching those mice!”

The phone hangs up and she relaxes completely, leaving her butt pressed against his teeth. Her eyes skirt over to her desk, noting the sketch set on it made by Jess. A satisfied sigh follows as she stretches her body out and folds both of her arms in front of her face.

“Pfft, who believes in actual curses like that… you don’t, surely,” she asks, directing her question to the silent skull, presently combating her plush, fat butt squishing up against it.

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Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

Wait, I thought that there was only one spot for those animations, but you did multiple of them?

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Posted by JessicaRae 2 months ago Report

One on here, another on FA. >w< I figured it would be fair and fun. >w>

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Posted by carlj 2 months ago Report

Ahh, I see

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Posted by FluffyNekos 2 months ago Report

I'm so happy that you showed me the true glory of a plump stoat~
Another stellar animation!

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Posted by JessicaRae 1 month ago Report

Thank you and Stacy the stoat now has competition. VwV

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Posted by IsaacTheHound 2 months ago Report

Tis some great stuff. What's the song on the radio though?

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Posted by JessicaRae 1 month ago Report Do enjoy. >w<

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Posted by IsaacTheHound 1 month ago Report

Thank ya

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