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yuffiered By Dorogato

Uploaded: 12 years ago

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Red XIII having a meal out of Yuffie :P
My part of the trade with JimSugomi

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Posted by Humbug 12 years ago

That's funny. I was just imagining that as I was playing FF7 yesterday. Maybe we have a minor psychic link. :P


Posted by Damienfox 12 years ago

I love you muchly right now... Wonderfully drawn, and vore between my two favorite FF7 characters that people don't yell at me for liking.. Bravo!


Posted by Animakitty 12 years ago

About time Yuffie proved useful!


Posted by SeruOmen 12 years ago

Nice!! XD I think there was actually an RP back in YumChat like this once <.<


Posted by Canace 12 years ago

Oh my god! You actually draw people pre-eaten and mid-eaten! <3 -Tugs on Doro's tail.- >:3


Posted by Psycho 12 years ago

I always thought Yuufie looked nummah AWSOME WORK!


Posted by Kisiro 12 years ago



Posted by HS 12 years ago

I don't remember seeing Red XIII vore before... Which, seeing this one, is a shame.


Posted by Tabatha_Cat 12 years ago

Nice pairing of drawings. I especially like the picture of Yuffie looking all uncomfortable and sweaty and she stares down towards her destination, her arms still pinned to her side. The position she's in, knees jammed into her belly as Red wolfs her down doesn't look too comfortable--very nice. It looks like Red stripped off her clothing before dining except for the shoes? It could be nice to show her clothes strewn about, or perhaps in a torn heap. --Tabatha Cat


Posted by Heretic 12 years ago

Very nice, i was always hoping for a scene somewhat like this, reminds of an old story, those who cant feed their pet, best give it up or it will probby eat them *nods* Two thumbpads ^^


Posted by Strega 12 years ago

*GHULP* Yuffie? Haven't seen her. 83


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago

Come to think of it, Yuffie doesn't get eaten much, does she? o.O


Posted by Gelus 11 years ago

Whaaat? I never commented on this?! I coulda sworn I hit enter last time... This is one of my all time favorite pics, especially since this is exactly what I hoped would happen to Yuffie after the materia-stealing portion of the game =_=. Just let Red look for her on his own, he's got an animal's senses... and methods *grin* So yeah, long rambling post aside, this is awesome. I particularly like the look on her face as she looks down at the digestive fluid, and how she's gooey/sweaty from the sweltering belly.