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The Horizon's Promise: Medio Tutissimus Ibis By SpudWoke -- Report

Medio Tutissimus Ibis: you are safest in the middle

The phrase is meant to suggest that moderation is the safest course of action, but its meaning here is much more literal. Having been swallowed by Cygnus, J'kabi is protected from the ravages of space. She is, quite literally, safe in the middle of her friend.

Now begins the task of keeping themselves that way.

This is part two of my new space-focused collaboration with  Kolossus, who owns J'kabi. Thumbnail by the lovely and talented  freimgul

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Posted by CaliTea 13 days ago Report

Another wonderful entry.
I won’t say much as to avoid spoilers but that last bit……..


Posted by CaliTea 13 days ago Report

Brilliant execution <3


Posted by feauxen 11 days ago Report

I continue to enjoy the space-age culture clash and just general vibe of the setting. The idea of a young ancient at first makes no sense, but in this context makes all kinds of sense. And hearing the odds stated outright for the chances of exactly what happened happening, I’m starting to understand why the captain said to go for it. Makes them seem a lot less irresponsible than the first segment did.

Also, I’m confused by the note about the thumbnail, because as far as I can tell the story segments doesn’t have any. The folder does, but I can’t find it anywhere in either yours or Freimgul’s galleries, or even SunnyCGI who I checked out just in case. Which is a shame, it looks quite interesting from what I can make out.


Posted by SpudWoke 11 days ago Report

Thank you!

I'll upload the thumbnail to the thumbnail folder later today. I changed the way my gallery was displayed because I only got the one thumbnail, and I didn't get it numbered. I didn't want my recent posts to just have 5 of the same picture showing, so I changed it to the thumbnail for the folder.


Posted by letmeinn0w 6 days ago Report

I'm really enjoying this series, especially the detail you're putting into the world building. Keep up the good work!


Posted by SpudWoke 6 days ago Report

Thank you! I've been describing this series in conversations as my longest form, highest effort project to date, so I'm really glad to hear that the effort I'm putting into it is appreciated <3


Posted by cybereel 19 minutes ago Report

This is a great addition to the story of these two. Your world-building is fantastic, and you do such a great job of weaving it all in naturally. Just like in the first entry, the flashback gives so much life to the crew that are already gone. I also really love how much you get to play with and show off for the shared mental states through that Ancient link. The way that J'kabi's surroundings change with reactions to emotions and thoughts, or even just basic movements from Cygnus is really enjoyable as well. All the little touches in that kind of thing are fantastic to see and really help to pull you in and make things feel real.