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vorekitew gorls By GirlOnGirl -- Report

“Crikey! Must’ve caught a struggler…” The amazonian hunter clutched her raging gut, a burp erupted from her lips as a kick hit just the right spot. Jasmine leant against a tree and began to massage it, her stomach soon tightened and shrank, leaving its contents as faceless mush and nutrients for the giantess.

Sky wobbled uncertainly as her stomach expanded to nearly half her size.“That’s what you get for cheating!” She lightly slapped the top of her gut, the collision sparked a whirl of gurgles and gas began to bubble up inside her. “Uh oh…” She prepared for one of her nuclear level belches commencing.

Sugar grinned as the writhing of her prey died down after a while of stewing in there. Most of it was disposed as gas from both ends of the grotesque pageant star, who took pride in the rotten, demeaning end. She patted and prodded at her softening stomach, licking her lips as it groaned for more.

“Keep struggling, fool! No one can escape true eeevil!!!” Scarlett cackled as her meal exploded into a cacophony of kicks and punches, she took great joy in reminding them of their soon demise inside of her. Her stomach shook and wailed as the churning began, the wriggling and yelling soon overpowered by the villain’s laughter.

umm jasmine and sugar are literally top tier preds whys there no content of them

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