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Tasque Manager's Employee Digest (Fatal Vore) By KitoKitoKito -- Report

Hello prey~ This is a commission from Charmyte, wherein everyone’s favorite little lizard gets swallowed up by Tasque Manager~ Turns out her stomach isn’t like that of most preds, however - it has an interesting way of digesting its contents~

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This story contains: FxF, unwilling, oral vore, digestion, disposal~

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Word Count: 3357


It was another average day at Queen’s castle, the various butlers and maids scurrying around and doing their various jobs with incredible efficiency. Cyan walls and red carpeting made up the entire place, with a ridiculous amount of vases placed on various tables and such; today, Charmyte the kobold was on cleaning duty.

She grabbed one of the vases with her small, scaled-black claws and thoroughly wiped it clean, inside and out, paying attention to the details, knowing that Queen had an oddly particular focus on keeping these vases especially spotless. The kobold was about three feet tall, her body covered in black scales, hidden under a black and white maid dress, complete with a short skirt and a tight upper body. She kept her tail as still as she could; one fast movement could knock over a vase and cost her her job instantly. 

FLRSHHHH! The kobold jumped in ever so slight surprise as she heard the loud sound of a toilet flushing right next to her; she was cleaning right next to a nearby bathroom, so she probably should’ve expected that, but it surprised her nonetheless. She kept her composure and kept wiping, eventually placing the vase back on the table and preparing to move on to the next, just as the bathroom door opened…

…and out stepped another maid, the head maid, Tasque Manager. She was one of the many monsters working or living in the castle, similar to Queen herself. She resembled a cat, with a black body, gray uniform, and cyan hair and other accents; her tail consisted of a long teal wire with a plug at the end. In her hands was her signature whip, a long, cyan cord with a mace-like ball at the end, dotted with yellow spikes. It was used to take care of intruders, primarily; she kept it on her at all times. As for her uniform, it was a gray dress of sorts, with shoulder pads and two large blue buttons in the middle. As for the lower body portion… only two large flaps of fabric hung down, one in the front, and one in the back… and just as she stepped out, Char was given a brilliant sight.

Tasque Manager reached both of her two floating hands down to knees and pulled up her black panties, bending over in such a way that she fully showed off her slit, an immaculate, tight, beautiful pussy that immediately made Char blush. The kobold huffed a bit; her thighs were so big, and barely covered! And her immaculate slit… the little maid was quite starved of female touch; she couldn’t help but get excited, her small dick hardening, her tail flittering excitedly from side to side. Tasque Manager pulled her panties all the way up, hiding her beauty from the world, as anyone should; Char quickly turned her attention back to cleaning-


…only for her tail to knock right into the vase she was just cleaning, sending it careening over the edge of the desk and onto the floor.

Tasque Manager immediately turned to look at the kobold, only now noticing her presence; as Char stood, shivering in both fear and surprise, the head maid walked towards her. “Well, darling, what happened here~?” She reached down and picked up a piece of glass. The vase was shattered into tons of pieces; there was no fixing it. “Hmm… looks like you made a little mistake~”

“I-I’m sorry, ma’am!” Char responded, blushing out of embarrassment now instead of pleasure. She gripped her cloth, hoping that her punishment would be light. “I promise I won’t let it happen again; um, the price of the vase can just come out of my paycheck, r-right?”

Tasque Manager sighed and shook her head. “I suppose you must be from the new wave of recruits; we never did give you all a demonstration of what happens to incompetent workers.” She reached down and grabbed the kobold by the tail. “Luckily for me, a perfect opportunity has just presented itself~”

“Um, what exactly happens to… i-incompetent workers?” She asked, growing increasingly nervous as she was pulled off her feet, upside down, her head at Tasque’s waist-level. She pushed her claws into her dress, stopping it from hanging down and revealing her own pink panties, although the head maid had already gotten a full view, including the bulge remaining inside of them. Admittedly, Char was only getting even more aroused; the combination of Tasque Manager’s little accidental voyeurism, combined with the rough way she treated Char, and how she talked in that smooth but dominant tone… all of it made for quite the flustered little kobold. 

“That’s exactly what you’re about to find out, darling~ Though first…” She opened the bathroom door up. “We’re going to have to get you out of that pesky maid uniform~”

“W-wait, what?!” Char’s face went completely red as Tasque Manager took the kobold into the bathroom and closed the door, setting her down on the ground. “Y-you don’t mean…”

“Strip down, darling~” She pointed to the toilet. “You can leave it all in there - you won’t be needing it anymore~” She leaned against the bathroom door, smirking. She was double the height of the kobold, looking down on Char like a predator looking down on its prey. She grabbed the whip with both hands, tapping her foot patiently.

“Y-you’re joking, r-right?” She looked to the cistern toilet, at the bowl, and at her uniform. Surely this was some kind of setup; there was no way she was actually making Char strip naked right now! “I-is this some sort of hazing?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself~” She smirked, leaning down to the kobold and whispering, “Or do I need to do it for you~?”

“Yip!” Char jumped back, shivers of lust rolling through her body; she had no idea what was about to happen to her, but either way, her clothes were coming off. “U-understood, m-m-ma’am!” With shaky claws, she pulled her maid uniform up and over her head, going slow and hesitating multiple times, waiting for Tasque Manager to stop her and say it was all some kind of prank, but she never did; eventually, Char was standing there, blushing hard, biting her lip, her maid dress held in her arms, showing off her pretty pink panties and bra, both frilly and cute.

Tasque Manager chuckled. “How adorable~ I love your little blush.” She took out her phone and took a few pictures before Char could react, the kobold only gasping in slight surprise and lowering her face in even greater embarrassment. “Put your dress in the toilet, darling~”

“A-are you sure? I-I promise I won’t make a mistake like that again, if you g-give me another chance!” She turned to the toilet and held the dress over the bowl nonetheless.

“Just be a good girl and do as I say, and we’ll make this nice and fast, alright~?”

Char nodded, getting a little nervous at the sound of that statement. She dropped her maid dress in and stuffed it down into the bowl; it really soaked up the water, the drain hidden beneath it. She reached for the chain, staring at the dress as she went to flush, hesitant to dispose of such an expensive uniform…

“Wait, wait~” Char turned to the head maid before pulling the cord. “I’ll take care of that; just leave it there.” She grabbed the kobold by the tail once again, picking her right back up. “This is quite perfect, but there’s just one little issue~” She wrapped her tail around the kobold’s stomach and held her up by that, then reached for her panties, pulling them up off her legs, revealing Char’s small, hard dick. She yipped once again, covering it with her small hands, extremely embarrassed by the sudden nudity. 

“Oh, calm down~” Tasque chuckled. “You already saw mine, didn’t you~? It’s only fair that you let me take a peek as well~” She dropped the panties into the toilet, and then pulled off Char’s bra, putting it in just the same place. The kobold was left entirely nude and open; she felt mortified by the humiliation. “There we are~ You’re just the cutest little thing, aren’t you~?”

“Mmm…” She figured this must’ve been the punishment; who knows how Tasque would use those pictures? She’d certainly not be breaking any more vases in the future.

“Now, let’s go do the demonstration~”

Char’s eyes widened. “W-wait, it’s not even over?” 

“Not by a long shot~ Come on~”


After calling for an important meeting, the break room was full of maids and butlers, all sitting and watching as Tasque Manager stood before them, holding Char in her hand. The kobold couldn’t have felt more embarrassed, being shown off to all of them like a trophy, completely nude, and right after making such a big mistake! It was terrible; she kept her eyes closed and tried to cover both her face and her cock, but it was no use - her tiny hands weren’t enough.

“Now, as you all may have heard, I called you here today to demonstrate an important part of our policy. You see, poor Char here broke a vase during her shift, and now, she is facing the punishment for being an incompetent employee. You could say she’s being ‘fired,’ though this isn’t the word we used - rather, we prefer to say, ‘flushed out,’ as a metaphorical means of demonstrating how important it is that we, as mentioned, ‘flush out’ any problematic employees to keep our task force nice and clean.” She cleared her chest. “Now, I want you all to watch this very closely. If you all make such a mistake like Char did, and especially if you do something worse, you could end up in her exact same position very easily.”

The maids and butlers all nodded along, a bit confused; the ones who had been around long enough to see the policy in action were all out cleaning still - they knew what would happen if they earned “punishment”; no need to waste time showing them again.

“F-flushed out…” Char murmured to herself; so, she really was getting fired. It was going to be horrible looking for a new job, but at least she wouldn’t have to worry about the humiliation of being nude in front of all her coworkers.

“Alright, time to begin. Goodbye, Char~”

The kobold opened her eyes as Tasque Manager lifted her up into the air, holding her above the maid manager… and Tasque tilted her head back, opening her cone-like mouth all the way up. Char gasped in surprise as she was greeted by the sight of a wet, fleshy mouth, teeth lining her maw, a dark hole leading down to her stomach… oh no. “W-wait, m-m-m-ma’am, p-please, I’m sure there’s a b-better way we can do this! P-please no!” Char squirmed and struggled, but to no avail; Tasque was hungry.

“Shh, shh~” She chuckled, lowering the kobold down. “Just be quiet and stop struggling - there’s no way you’re leaving here without going through me first~ Good luck~” She released her hold on the kobold, letting Char fall right into her mouth, head-first. She wrapped her maw around the kobold’s snout and head, cramming her in quite tight, cheeks bulging. Char felt her flesh squeezing her tight, the wet, drool-soaked mouth coating her in the sticky substance. It was dark and claustrophobic, and so warm too; she felt Tasque’s tongue sliding across her throat, tracing Char’s scales, feeling all the little details of her prey.

And then, she swallowed.

And swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed. With each one, Char went a little further down, her body disappearing more and more into Tasque’s bulging throat, sliding down it like a wet trash chute, feeling every little muscle moving and pulsing along with the monster’s heart beat. It was weirdly calming, almost soothing, like the rhythm of a simple song, but the kobold was not soothed. Rather, she just remained scared and helpless, her body shivering, as she was pulled further in. Her cock slid off of Tasque’s tongue, releasing a small bit of semen, one last little gift to the dominant maid manager. Still, her feminine wiles had that kobold enchanted - even being swallowed by her was an extremely arousing experience! She was still scared though; even if she could enjoy it, she had to worry that she may not be leaving her belly alive.

Tasque gulped down the failed maid’s feet and breathed a sigh of satisfaction, rubbing her enlarged belly as Char fell down into her stomach. “It feels so cute when they squirm and shiver all the way down~ I love it~!”

The kobold was slowly deposited into the stomach, another tight, fleshy space. Her body curled up on itself, her tail meeting her face, cramped and smushed against those squishy, wet walls. The stomach lining dripped with small bits of stomach acid and other fluids, the stomach clearly being just like any normal predator’s belly, however, there was definitely something different.

Instead of being filled with stomach acid and digestive fluid, Char was just sitting in a tight, fleshy space, not being digested even in the slightest; it was as though Tasque had drained her stomach out, bizarrely enough. Maybe this meant Char was going to get to come back out! It would make sense that she was just greatly embarrassed by her punishment; it was mortifying enough on its own, but she could live with that.

“Alright, darling, for the next part…” Tasque twisted one of the buttons on her dress, and suddenly, a projection of the contents of her stomach showed up on her belly, being demonstrated for all to see, as though her body had suddenly become see-through. Everyone was greeted to the sight of an adorable kobold, all curled up, sitting in her stomach. “There we go~! Now everybody gets to see you~”

Char blushed, Tasque Manager’s words barely audible over the beating of her heart and the other noticeable sounds of her digestive system, but she could tell what she said. The embarrassment just continued; now everyone was watching her being held in that belly!

“Isn’t she just adorable~? Now, it’s time for the best part~” She grabbed one of her ears with her hand. “Watch this very closely. This is what will happen to you if you mess up like she did. Three, two, one~”

Char listened intently, nervous, just waiting for whatever was about to come next. Was she going to be thrown up? Or pushed out of the monster’s asshole? Neither option sounded particularly pleasant…

Tasque Manager tilted her ear to the right side of her face. It completely moved, like a lever being pulled down, with a loud CLUNK!, multiple parts of her body moving in reaction. Suddenly, the projection on her stomach had a red warning sign plastered over it, along with the words: “WARNING. FILE FLUSHING IN PROGRESS.” The overlay was light and transparent, making it so the inside of her stomach was still very clear.

Char got more and more confused and nervous as red lights came on, illuminating the stomach. She saw that same warning message. “WARNING. FILE FLUSHING IN PROGRESS.” Plus a little addition. “PLEASE ALERT THE SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR IF YOU ARE LOCATED INSIDE OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, AS YOU WILL BE FLUSHED IF THE TASK IS NOT ABORTED.”

“U-um, T-tasque Manager? There’s a weird w-warning showing up here!” She grabbed her tail and shivered in fear as the stomach was slowly filled with what looked to be stomach acid and other digestive fluids, slowly rising up.

“Don’t worry, darling, just an error~” She chuckled; a quite obvious lie. “Watch closely, everyone~”

Char squirmed and struggled a bit, trying to avoid being too deeply submerged in the building fluids, but to no avail - soon, the stomach was halfway full, going up to Char’s neck, sitting still. She felt the fluids prickling at her a bit, but nothing more. It wasn’t a full digestion, obviously. Instead of feeling like acid, the fluids were warm and comforting, like a hot tub, even bubbling a bit; Char closed her eyes and relaxed a little, feeling her stress melt away.

“And, goodbye~” She pulled on her ear again, and without hesitation, a loud FLRSHHHHH echoed out from her stomach. It was the exact same sound as a toilet flushing, a sound Char recognized well, but she didn’t have time to ponder such a connection. Immediately, the digestive fluid began to swirl, around and around her, like a tornado of stomach acid! The kobold began to spin rapidly, caught by the current, feeling it eating away at her with extreme speed; that soothing bath turned into a belly full of molten lava melting her down!

She yipped, gasped, and made multiple horny and scared sounds; however, within seconds, it was all over, the digestive fluid rising to the top of the stomach and submerging all of its contents… and then slowly lowering. As it did, not a speck of the kobold once inside remained; it was completely empty, just a normal stomach, minus the digestive fluids, as it was all drained out fairly fast. “And there you have it! Next time you consider trying to slack off, or perhaps steal some valuables, remember this. And, of course, be careful - one broken vase is all it takes to end up in here~” She patted her belly, chuckling, feeling powerful and dominant; the scared faces of the other maids made her happy. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go deposit the remains into a real toilet. Back to work, everyone~”


“Ah~” Tasque Manager breathed a sigh of relief as she sat down on the toilet, feeling her asshole stretching out as she deposited hot, steamy, goopy shit down into the bowl. It was the same one from earlier, with Char’s old uniform still soaking inside; she covered those old clothes with Char’s remains, chuckling to herself. There was something so magical about swallowing and digesting her prey, then disposing of them on top of their own clothing.

She pushed out the last of the load and stood up, taking one last look at the toilet. It was packed to the brim with shit, full of huge bones and some tiny little black scales, along with two large, pink horns. She would recognize those horns anywhere - they were the ones that adored cute Char’s head. Or, at least, they used to.

“Well, darling, looks like your last day at work is over~” She grabbed the chain. “It’s always such a shame to watch such a good worker get flushed out… but alas, that’s just how it goes around here. And, well, I made the rule for a reason~” She pulled the chain down and watched as the bone-filled shit was dragged down the toilet, along with the maid dress, panties, and bra, all covered in the filthy remains of the failed maid. “Bye-bye, darling~”

And in just that one flush, the toilet was empty, and all signs of Char were deposited as a big pile of waste in the sewers. 


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