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Valentine's Day By Vesari -- Report

Nako Tamura has always hated Valentine's Day since the moment she became a teacher at Nagasaki Girl's Senior High School. Between the constant devouring, death and general lack of schoolwork, it's a day that won't end well for most, especially Miss Tamura herself.

And this year might be her worst yet...


A nice little VD themed story that I whipped up the day after Valentine's Day. I hope everyone else had a nice Valentine's!

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Thumbnail art (and inspiration for Nishimura Yuri) by "ashita (2010)",

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Posted by TrainerKatrine 3 months ago Report

Oh this is going to be good...


Posted by Randomdude5 3 months ago Report

I enjoyed this story. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write it. My favorite part was that the vore on Valentine's day was so casual. I LOVE casual, willing, romantic fatal vore, and this whetted my appetite for it. I may even suggest a similar idea when discussing ideas for RPing. This was a vore story that drew me in for the story not only the vore. My complaints about the story are from personal vore preferences, so they don't matter for this.
Are you planning on continuing this story? Miss Tamura might have a fun date with those girls. She could have another good meal from them. There were so many people getting eaten at the school that day, it makes me want another story from the perspective of a student, but that is asking way too much.


Posted by pbysteria 3 months ago Report

Really loved this story, I think it's the one of the most ideal settings for me at least.


Posted by skorm 3 months ago Report

Ya know every dog has its day , in some way it’s karma , the list was a nice touch too , it’s funny to me because you find very intelligent ways to insert a “status or fate” between this and other stories namely vorefans , I thought miura took really made good use of her Valentine’s Day and killed 2 birds with one stone . It’s clear Tamura has a new lease on life the after this Valentine’s Day , hope yours was a good one!


Posted by jamobo 3 months ago Report

Love a good teacher eating annoying student story. The build-up was great!


Posted by Sira 3 months ago Report

That was amazing!


Posted by Gorgrath177 3 months ago Report

Fun story, hope there’s a return to this girl’s school in future ones.


Posted by theonlymatt 2 months ago Report

The balls on that kid, shitting in the teacher's papers. She had it coming.


Posted by panzerkampfvorgen 2 months ago Report

I mean, she did have absolutely massive honkers.