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Alky's Last Lunch (Fatal Vore) By KitoKitoKito -- Report

Hello everyone~! This is a commission for Alky, in which Tulip swallows him down, along with a bunch of other Pokemon~ It’s a very big meal for her today~

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This story contains: FxM, oral vore, fatal vore, digestion, disposal~

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Word Count: 3152


GULP… GULP… GULP… Tulip the Lopunny continued swallowing, over and over again, as she fed the poor, helpless Vaporeon into her maw. She went in head-first; at this point, the Lopunny had her halfway down her throat, only her tail sticking out of Tulip’s mouth. She gave it one final swallow, and watched as the tail sunk past her teeth, disappearing into her gullet, her stomach bulging out, nice and big, filled with a very filling meal. “Ah, delicious~” She burped, rubbing her stomach, and looking at the buffet that still laid before her. “That was a good appetizer~ I wonder if I can get them all down~”

Alky the wolf watched the entire scene, his eyes gleaming with lust and love for the Lopunny. “Well, slave~? Are you going to start massaging me, or do I need to make you go in after her~?”

The wolf shook his head, bringing himself back to his senses. “N-no, mistress, I-I’ll start massaging as you asked!” He immediately began to rub Tulip’s huge, bulging gut, kneading her fur with his soft paws, feeling the Vaporeon inside squirming and struggling to escape - an effort that he knew was entirely futile; once his mistress had swallowed her prey, there was no chance of them coming back up.

Tulip was a Lopunny, a bunny girl with creamy brown and white fur, long, fluffy ears, and sadistic, maroon eyes. She sat in her room at Misteria University, on top of a leather desk chair, enjoying her meal; currently, lined up against the back wall were four other Pokemon, all tied up with rope. There was a Sylveon, a Snivy, a Zorua, and an Espeon, each with their hands and legs all tied together, duct tape over their mouths. These were Tulip’s meal for the day; Alky had captured and brought them all to her as a tribute to his goddess.

Alky was an anthropomorphic Mightyena, with purple and white fur covering his body. He was completely subservient to Tulip; only a few days after Misteria University’s Winter Festival, where he lost his genitals at the Lopunny’s hand, he’d willingly become her slave, addicted to her sadistic and dominant aura. She’d happily accepted his service, and now, he did everything he could to please her, even if it was dangerous or disgusting. Today, she had commanded him to gather up five whole meals for her, and he had, really having to scour the halls of Misteria to find the five prey he’d managed to bring her. 

“Feed me the next one, would you~?” Tulip pointed to the Zorua; Alky nodded happily, smiling as he picked up the Zorua by the tail, watching it squirm helplessly. Tulip opened her mouth and tilted her head back, and Alky held the poor prey above the bunny girl’s blackhole of a maw. He slowly lowered the pokemon in, watching as her mouth stretched and contorted to fit the entire little guy’s face in, and suddenly, she swallowed, ripping the Zorua right from Alky’s grasp and sending him sliding down her stomach. The wolf immediately began to massage her ever-growing belly, listening closely to the sounds of digestive fluids sloshing, of gurgling and bubbling; the digestion had begun, it seemed. She digested extremely fast; her metabolism was impressively deadly. 

“Go on, feed me the rest~ I want to get to the fun part~” Alky nodded and did as she said, stuffing the three remaining Pokemon down her maw, one by one, and massaging her stomach as she digested them all, that huge, hulking, bulging belly slowly decreasing in size as the contents were broken down into waste. At some point, Tulip grabbed her wolf by the head and pulled him in, putting his ear to her stomach. He got to listen much closer hearing the gurgling so much louder, such a gross, wet, deadly sound. “Hear that, darling? That’s the sound of all those little prey getting eaten up and turned into waste~” She chuckled. “And when I’m done with you tonight… I might just be doing the exact same thing to you~”

Alky shivered in lust and fear. “W-wait, y-you want to eat m-me, m-mistress?” He looked up at her, blushing hard, unsure if he should feel terrified or honored. On one hand, once he went in there, he wouldn’t be coming out, except as a pile of waste… but on the other hand, he couldn’t imagine a better way for the life of a slave such as himself to be ended, inside his owner’s stomach, feeding her with his last breaths. 

“I do indeed~” She petted him on the head; her stomach was so warm and fuzzy, the disgusting sounds soothing him. “After all, I’ve just been feeling so hungry for some wolf meat recently… and what better source then my adorable little slave~?”

He gulped; so, this was the end - he was really going to be eaten by his mistress… if he still had a cock, it would’ve been extremely hard. His tail began to wag as he wrapped his arms around the bunny’s belly, too big for him to actually touch his paws together. “I understand, mistress! If you want to eat me… t-then I’ll happily be your meal!”

“Good boy~” She patted him on the head and smiled. “Then, are you ready to go~?”

“W-wait, a-already?” He responded, voice stuttering; even though he had already resigned himself to being the bunny’s meal, he was still surprised to hear that she was going to swallow him so quickly.

Tulip grabbed him by the shoulders, lifting him up. He looked into her gaze, into her smile, so loving and cute, but so sadistic… and hungry. Her lips were wet with drool; she was an insatiable predator, one who would not be satiated with just any single prey. She put a paw on Alky’s collar, a purple, leather collar the bunny had given him, with a small, silver tag, reading, simply, “Tulip’s Slave.” “Sorry, darling~” She spoke. “But I’m just too hungry right now to wait any longer~ You wouldn’t want your mistress to starve, would you~?”

He gulped; this was it. “O-of course not, m-ma’am!” He felt sweat dripping down his face; he was so, so scared… but he wanted this; he wanted to become one with Tulip forever. “I-I’ll serve you, even with my life.”

“That’s what I thought~” She got her face a little closer; her breath smelled of digestion and dissolving meat. Her stomach was a little pudgy now, but not much more - everything inside was just broken down into nutrients, bones, and waste. “Goodbye, Alky~”

Alky’s jaw dropped in pure awe as Tulip parted her lips and revealed her mouth. The flesh of her insides was dripping wet with saliva and drool. It looked so much bigger up-close, but at the same time, so tight and squishy… and her throat, it was black and dark. It gave off a feeling of finality, like once you fell down that hole, it was all over. And now, that’s exactly where Alky was going.

The bunny shoved the wolf head-first inside her mouth. It was a very tight fit, the flesh walls of her cavernous maw wrapping around Alky and soaking his fur in her slobber. His snout was forced down her throat; he gave it a little sniff, getting a wonderful whiff of the horrible, disgusting scent of stomach acid and half-digested food… a scent that just made him so much hornier. He soon found his body moving even further in as Tulip swallowed, his head being shoved into her throat, further and further. She gulped multiple times to get him down, each one inching him in, until soon enough, something clicked, and he found himself careening down her gullet. 

It was a wet, slimy ride, every bit of his fur, from head to toe, being drenched in saliva. However, he didn’t mind the sticky, goopy liquid being so stuck all over him; it was so warm, and weirdly comforting in a way. It made him happy to know that his mistress was so heavily enjoying him, enjoying her meal. 

His head soon breached the hole leading into her stomach, and he was pushed into the tiny, wet, stomach acid-filled space. Her stomach immediately stretched and bulged to accommodate him, something it was very used to doing at this point, although her prey were rarely quite as big as a full anthro like Alky. His position was uncomfortable and claustrophobic, his body curled up on itself, his back and his knees bent; he was in the fetal position, even able to grasp his calves. He could only tell because it was his own body, since the stomach was completely dark. 

Almost all of his body was submerged in Tulip’s stomach acid and digestive fluids, a thick, chunky mix of rotting food… and bones. Tons of bones, even multiple skulls, all still sitting in her stomach; it really felt like a graveyard in there, like he’d just entered his own final resting place, although that wasn’t entirely accurate - he knew, soon enough, he’d be exiting Tulip’s body as nothing but a pile of shit with just the vague remenants of his own skeletal system and maybe a little bit of his fur to indicate who, or what, he was.

The gurgling of the digestive fluids filled the whole stomach. It was a loud, soothing sound, accompanied by the rhythm of Tulip’s heart, beating slowly, carefully. She was excited to be digesting her slave, but at the same time, she was entirely calm about the affair; to Alky, this was the end of his life, a momentous occasion where his entire being would cease to exist, but to her, it was just another meal. 

“Ahh, you tasted so good~” She rubbed her bulging belly; Alky could feel her paws as they pressed against the flesh, making him blush. “I wonder what I’ll do with your remains~ Perhaps I should keep them, as a memorial… or maybe it would be better to just flush them down the toilet and forget all about you, just like any other meal~”

Alky blushed, his face getting hot, his cheeks burning. “W-w-whatever y-you’d like, m-mistress.” His voice was low and heavy, a murmur more than anything. He struggled to get the words out; the acid was starting to get to him - the digestion had begun.

He smiled and closed his eyes, relaxing, as he felt his ass and his paws first beginning to melt away. It was a comfortable, soothing feeling, not at all painful. It was like he was slowly being erased, just melting away, letting his whole body slowly deform. Soon enough, he stopped thinking, stopped forming coherent thoughts, and just felt the vague sensation of pleasure, lust, love, calm… and then, he stopped feeling anything at all. His fur was digested right off his bones, converting the wolf down into nothing but a pile of remains that had no resemblance to his past self; now, he really was just nothing but Tulip’s shit.

The bunny rubbed her stomach; she looked a bit chubby, but nothing more - the big bulge was gone. She walked out into the dorm hallway and into the bathroom, not bothering to put on any clothes, and sat down on the toilet. She heard more gurgling noises coming from her stomach; she chuckled, excited to let it all out.

She relaxed her lower muscles, and pushed. Her asshole stretched open, going from a small, pencil-sized hole to the size of an arm, as a huge, wide, long log of greasy, smooth shit crept out, slowly falling further and further down, until it separated from her ass and hit the toilet water with a splash. It was an impressive log, floating down the water and laying neatly against the porcelain, sinking a little into the drain. Its girth was almost so great that it seemed it wouldn’t fit, just barely being small enough to slide inside. However, there was much more to come.

The bunny grunted, holding her stomach and wincing as her asshole spread open once again and released a cataclysmic hurricane of shit. It started as soft, solid logs, all coming out of her and filling the toilet, each just as wide as the first and at least a foot long. Every piece was packed with bones, some big, some small, all representing a part of some poor meal Tulip had eaten that day; tufts of fur, black, green, pink, and other colors, accompanied the skeletal remains. It pumped out of the Lopunny in waves, like a volcano erupting into the unsuspecting toilet; Tulip soon found herself standing up and squatting, as the logs piled up and rose, going past the toilet’s seat and into the air. Despite the overcapacity of the receptacle, however, Tulip did not stop - she couldn’t, even if she wanted to. 

She gripped her fur hard, leaning over and blasting her shit out, the relatively manageable size of the previous logs now paling in comparison to the stream of liquidy, diarrhea-like shit that streamed from her tail hole and onto the wall. It splattered against the surface, sliding down and covering the toilet’s tank, then the floor, leaving huge streaks of wet, brown waste in its path. She inched forward a bit, attempting to aim for the toilet bowl once again, but it was pointless - her ass had seemingly taken on a mind of its own.

Eventually, she stopped, her pudgy belly having shrunken back down to the normal lean size, much more healthy, no longer packed with the muddy waste that the toilet was now completely buried under. Tulip sighed in relief; it was a struggle in the beginning, but that onslaught had actually felt quite good - she no longer felt the weight of so many digesting subs in her body. 

However, she suddenly felt a pressure. A small one, nothing significant, but she could tell her disposal wasn’t quite complete. She looked around the private bathroom and noticed a urinal. She looked back at the loo she’d just used. Describing the toilet as being buried under the shit was almost an understatement; the pile of gooey waste looked like a hill’s slope, the tank only barely being visible with just one little edge of it jutting through the dirty material. The Lopunny felt no remorse for the state she was leaving the bathroom in - if anything, she could have another sub come to “clean it up” and that sub would probably jump for joy at the opportunity - but, she figured, for this last one, it would be appropriate to put it in a more proper location.

She sat down on the lip of the urinal as best as she could, and pushed. Just like the beginning of the last load, it was a large, impressive, muddy log, filled with many crushed and snapped bones. It slid out of her ass, nice and slow, leaving a path behind it like muddy boots on a white floor; the bunny grunted, struggling to get it all the way out. Eventually, the middle passed her hole, and the log slid out nice and gentle, leaving behind a bit of goop sticking to the dom’s cheeks, though she didn’t notice.

She turned to look at it; it was so wide that it barely fit in the urinal, long enough that it drooped over the side. Bones stuck out all around it, including the skull of Alky, the snout and sharp teeth being very easy to recognize. However, she had one more clue. The purple leather collar she’d gifted him was trapped in the muck, the little silver tag’s luster being entirely lost to the brown dirtiness of Tulip’s body, but she could just barely make out the text. She smiled. “Well, Alky, you were fun while you lasted, but it looks like, in the end, you were destined to be nothing more than Lopunny shit~” She chuckled, walking toward the exit, not bothering to clean her ass. “Bye-bye, my little wolf~”

She turned off the light and left, immediately instructing another sub by the name of Lyles to make his way to the bathroom and clean up the mess she’d made as fast as possible. She wasn’t a fan of leaving work for janitors or other custodial staff - such dirty tasks were much better left to her faithful servants.

After finishing his task for the most part, however, Lyles returned to Tulip’s room, just giving her Alky’s collar and saying he felt like he shouldn’t be the one to dispose of it. The bunny shrugged and took it into the bathroom, planning to perhaps use it as toilet paper before sending it down the drain where it belonged. After taking a much more modest shit that only filled half of the toilet bowl, she rubbed the fine leather through her cheeks, going at a lethargic pace to make sure it picked up as much of her waste as possible. Afterward, it looked like it had been soaking in a bucket of mud for weeks, covered in the disgusting, slimy shit that Tulip was so well known for producing. 

She held it over the toilet and released her grip, letting it splash into the water and land on top of the rest of the shit. She gave one final wave goodbye and lifted her foot to the lever. “You were a good slave while you lasted, toilet slut~” And she flushed, watching as the toilet made a tornado of shit and dragged the collar down the drain, removing all traces of Alky’s existence from Tulip’s view. 


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