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Rabbit Ridge Repast By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Zelda’s Diary — Trip Day 6 Entry 1

Peach, Tiara, Cloaky, and I visited the Moon, the actual body orbiting our planet! I am a bit mystified about being able to survey without any sort of special gear, but Peach told me not to worry about it, since that helps add to the atmosphere. I was a little worried visiting the Wedding Hall on Honeylune Ridge would upset Peach, however, she seemed at peace with the location because that’s where Mario put an end to Bowser’s forced wedding scheme.

And as much as I detest him for that, I must admit he did choose a wonderful destination for a wedding. I wonder if he chose it or the Broodals did for him (more on them later). This next part is not for Link’s eyes until later, but I think I want to have our wedding on the Moon when the time comes. It is just so romantic.

The Wedding Hall itself is beautifully designed. It is on par with some of our finest architecture in Hyrule, at least, before Calamity Ganon defiled it all. Cloaky had still been riding in my digestive tract up to this point, and it was inside the hall that I finally let her out. She was none the worse for wear, marking our shared experiment of whether I could pass her safely or not a success. This is another thing to keep in mind for later.

After our visit to Honeylune, we took the Odyssey to the Dark Side of the Moon. Here was Rabbit Ridge, where the Broodals made their home. It was also where we had our cuisine for the locale. There were a few petrified vegetables about like in the Luncheon Kingdom, but most noticeable was the giant carrot. Peach allowed Tiara and Cloaky to stay behind while she and I went inside the caves of the carrot.

We met the Broodals inside and proceeded to battle them one-by-one. Topper was first, who I fought. He severely underestimated me, and that caused him to end up the first course of my feast in the region. Next was Hariet. Peach fought and soundly devoured her, allowing me to face Spewart. My method of consuming Topper, and his attempts to spawn more of his hats inside of me granted me plenty of… ammunition to subdue Spewart with. I ate him after. I only hope he doesn’t give me any… problems later.

Finally, Peach took care of Rango. All in all, it was a good meal, even if the Broodals weren’t particularly tasty. We took a moment to rest before heading back to the Odyssey. Along the way, we came across Tiara and Cloaky, both of whom had eaten some of the smaller local rabbits (Tiara had quite a few) much to the shock of Peach and myself. We rolled Tiara back to the ship before taking off. Our next destination is the Mushroom Kingdom. While I have been there before, it’s been a while, so I’m excited. I do enjoy the vibrant colors and tranquility of Peach’s Kingdom, as well as the elegance and magnificence of her castle.


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Posted by derpsquid42 7 days ago Report

Zelda hopes she won't have any problems from her prey later, but I feel like someone among us is counting on there being "problems" later.

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 7 days ago Report

I have no idea what you mean by that.

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Posted by derpsquid42 7 days ago Report

Suuuuuure you don't.

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