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P.A.L.D.E.A. Ch. 8: Pushed into Penny By Fatedmeal -- Report

Summary: Florian helps Penny with building her confidence. It just so happens the methods involve his particular talent. Much to the reserved embarrassment of both parties involved.

Word Count: 10,847

Author’s Note: I’m happy to add to the dearth of Penny stories on this site. That and items like these by artists such as  Tsavo are quite inspiring. (Linked art kind of contains spoilers of what happens in this chapter).

As always comments are appreciated!

Character References:
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2. Copy the link and paste it onto a new tab.
3. Don’t know what to tell you, you have to type in the character’s name and franchise in the search bar and find the image yourself.

Nurse Miriam:
Director Clavell:

Thumbnail Reference:

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Posted by Negimalover 5 days ago Report

Whats dearth? Sounds like death and birth combined.


Posted by Fatedmeal 5 days ago Report

You’re not that off. Dearth is a synonym for scarcity. Basically there aren’t that many of an object. So in a way, there is a death of births. A lack of emergence of stories related to what I mentioned in the Author’s Notes.