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Scarlet's Punishment By elicitemote -- Report

Just a little experiment were I tried to dabble in some writing for fun.

I thought you might be interested in seeing, so I figured I might as well upload it.

I tried my best to figure out the way to format and upload the writing but I feel like it looks weird. Hopefully it doesn't bother when reading.

Bascially just a written version of my comic/sequence:

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Posted by BlownFuse 11 days ago Report

This is such a good addition to the already GODLY thread of images you've made! Absolutely a huge fan of this!!! Hope whenever you decide to do another thread it comes with a story too! But remember to pace yourself!!! Praying for your hands rn <333


Posted by elicitemote 11 days ago Report

Thank you!
I don't know if I will do this so often, but it was a fun experiment for sure!
And thanks! Surprisingly, they are feeling ok?


Posted by GloriatheDevourer 9 days ago Report

This is absolutly great! I totally love cruel preds and Scarlet in this whole pic sequences and in this story is just nailing it! And gosh this story~


Posted by elicitemote 9 days ago Report

Thanks so much! I’m happy you think so!
I am considering doing more writing if enough people enjoy it :D


Posted by GloriatheDevourer 9 days ago Report

I'd trully love to see it! I do really like your work, art and writing alike!


Posted by ShamefulInterest 7 days ago Report

What's this? a short-story? how peculiar.
I can only hope my encouraging did something!
Well, As for the story!
I was genuinely a ltitle surprise to see how much character the dialog had, some of it got a bit of a laugh out of me.
I also quite enjoyed the ending line.

I'd like to offer some small constructive criticism, as well.
Don't worry it's gentle!
I do like how you've actually made an effort to space out the text instead of making it a text wall like some writers do, really helps the readablity, which is important! but you should wait to write longer sentences before spacing them, and do it in chunks.

Maybe, about every 120 characters or so? This is just reference point though you're writing style will determine this more :)

But, overall get it up! you're arts great and with enough practice you're writing will follow suit!

If you need any sort of writing advice I'd be happy to help as well.