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Doctor Octopus entered his secret base. Not only holding a large bag of money, but a unconscious victim wrapped by his robotic tentacle. The Mad Scientist lowered the victim down along with his money. " Ah, yes. Another hard day's work. " He said, smiling as he looked at his stock. " With all this money, I will be able to build my fusion reactor. And no one will stop me! " He began to laugh maniacally. He was so close to reaching his goal he could almost taste it.
One of his robotic tentacles nudged his shoulder. Doc Oct stopped laughing and looked at his claw. " What? " he asked, Confused. The tentacle lowered down and poked his stomach. Doc Oct's gut gurgling a little with eat poke. " Oh, right! Its my dinner time. I almost forgot. ". He crawled over to the victim he captured, still knocked out. " And here's our main course. " The Doctor rubbed his stomach and licked his lips. He was ready to have a big dinner. One of the other tentacles wrapped around the victim. Lifting him up and dragging him towards the Mad Doctor. Doc Oct noticed his meal was waking up. " Well, looks like our guest is waking up. Or in this case, our meal is waking up. " He said, giggling at his own joke.
The victim finally gained full consciousness, shaking his head from dizziness. The victim tried talking, but noticed his mouth was taped shut. The victim started to panic, trying his best to scream but was muffled by the tape. The victim tried struggling, wiggling to get out of the robotic tentacle's clutch. But that only resulted in the grip getting tighter. Doctor Octopus smiled and snickered, seeing his dinners failed attempts to escape. He brought the victim closer, making him see face to face. " There's no point in struggling. Not only can my claws contain you, but also this. " He pointed to his stomach, gurgling loudly as he rubbed it with his other hand. He leaned his head forward, licking the victim's face. Tasting the sweat coming out of the man's pores. He moaned " Mmm, you taste really good. " He leaned in for another lick. Pressing his tongue down harder, feeling the sweat and heat come out of his meal. The victim groaned in disgust and discomfort. The Doctor's stomach growled again, more loud and rumbly. The three free tentacles vibrated in irritation. Doc Oct rubbed his stomach, he knew his robotic friends couldn't wait much longer. " Alright alright! Settle down. Dad's gonna eat. " He said trying to calm his claws down. He looked at back his victim, the meal was shivering uncontrollably. The Scientist smiled, " Time to go down the hatch! ".
Doc Ock forced the victim's head into his gullet. Screaming and struggling to get out but to no avail. Two of Doctor Octopus's robotic tentacles grabbed onto the meal's thighs and pushed. Doc Oct swallowing as the claws kept pushing. The Doctor could feel his meal's head reaching the stomach. He moaned as he tasted his sweat soaked body. It was always such a pleasure for his victims to sweat, it would add more taste to the doctors liking. Doc Oct raised his head, letting gravity help assist the swallowing process. Both tentacles let go, knowing that this was the final progress. With one last gulp, his meal slip down his throat fast. Finally landing into his hungry stomach, resulting in the Doctor's stomach shooting out into a big bulge.
Doctor Octopus sighed in relief. " Ahhh, now that hit the spot. ". He said in a satisfied tone. He rubbed and patted his stomach, feeling his tight orb start to churn and squelch to start digestion. His prey started kicking and struggling. " Baawwwrurbrrrp! " Causing The Doctor to burp loudly. " Eugh, pardon me. " He excused himself. Doctor Octopus crawled over to his make shift bed. Laying himself down and keeping his upper body up by old used pillows. He groaned at the smell. " Should go and get some new pillows next time. At least I'm comfortable. ". Ignoring the smell, he went back to stomach. Still sloshing and gurgling, trying to break down the prey. Doctor Octopus grunted, his meal was fighting twice as hard now. He could see human hand and foot bulges coming up and down. Doctor Octopus growled in frustration. " Hrrr, stop moving! You're only gonna make me. . . BrUruAAAAAaaaaaAAAWWWWWwwgwggwwuwghgwwgh!!! " A loud long burp caused the stomach walls to close in. The preys struggling and kicking was making all the air come out of the Mad Scientist. " The more you move around, the more oxygen you let out of my stomach. Uuurrrrwwgh! ". One of his claws closed and started rubbing his belly, pushing down with each stroke. The other claw was open and caressed his stomach, slightly gripping the orb. Doc Ock moaned, " Ooooh, that feels good. You always help me with digestion. ". The victim finally stopped struggling. Not only from growing tired but also from the lack of air. The victim would now forever be in a eternal sleep, never waking again. " Finally you stop bouncing around. " He said as he slapped his stomach, causing his belly flesh to ripple. He gripped his stomach skin, feeling the fat he put on from his previous meals. " Hmm, seems I've been putting on weight. If I keep going, not only will my belly get big. My rear, chest, arms, and thighs will get big too. They'll might as well call me the Fat Octopus. I'm not sure if you four can lift me. " He talked to his tentacles. Two of them still rubbing his gurgly orb. " Well. . . at least it shows I'm eating well. Belch! ". He slapped his stomach again. Seeing the skin ripple again. The Doctor yawned, feeling the food coma kicking in. " You four tend to my belly while I- " He let out another yawn, feeling more sleepy. " While I take a nap. ". He laid his head back, falling asleep fast. Snoring with every breath. The bottom claws rubbed the lower part of the Doctor's stuffed orb, while the top claws rubbed the top part. Doing their best to keep their Master comfortable and pleasured.
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Doc Ock vore story I made back in 2020

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