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It was almost 9:00 o' clock at night. Owen Grady was finishing up training with the baby Raptors. Owen held up his clicker " Okay girls! Lets do this one more time. ". Making a few clicks, all four raptors payed attention. Waiting for his orders. Owen grabbed one of the sticks with a red plastic ball at the end. He pointed the stick to a hoop. " Jump right through the hoop. " He ordered. Delta hopped right through, same with Blue and Charlie. Echo struggled a little, knocking over the hoop on the way out. " Good enough. " He said to Charlie. All four raptors chirped for a treat, jumping up and down near his legs. " Alright alright! Settle down. " He grabbed some bits of bacon jerky out of his pocket, throwing one to each raptor. The Raptors viciously devouring them. Owen let out a satisfied sigh " Hard work. But worth it in the end. ".
All of the sudden, Owen felt a sharp pain in his neck. " Oww! " he yelped. Touching where the pain was, he felt a cold metal object stuck in his skin. Pulling it out, he saw that it was some sort of dart. " The hell? " He said to himself in confusion. He groaned in irritation. Was this some sort of sick joke? " Alright! Whoever did it. Its not funny! Did someone fail at target practice? " Owen was confused. Why would someone shoot a dart. Not only shoot a dart, but shoot a dart at Owen. Was it a mistake or on purpose?
His neck started to feel sore. He groaned as he rubbed his neck. Feeling the muscle loosen up, but still remaining tight. " I think I need to go see a nurse. Whoever did this needs to get fired. " He thought to himself out loud. Before he was about to get the raptors back in their cages, Owen's skin started to feel itchy. " Why am I so itchy all the sudden? " He scratched his arms and legs, but the feeling was not going away. Owen then felt his skin start to get harder. " Am I getting a rash, what's going- " He gasped in shock when he looked down at his arms. Reptilian like scales were forming. The skin turning from a light flesh color to a shade of gray. " W-What the?! Ough! " Owen felt
his feet growing. Causing his shoes to get tighter. He moaned in discomfort. " Ohhgh, what's. . .Nrrgh! What's wrong with my feet? ". Owen felt his toes roll and push against the fabric, causing to form a bulge. He soon heard small rips from the seams of his stocks and shoes. " They're growing!? Oh god, I think they're gonna- ". His shoes could no longer contain his feet. Both burst out, the fabric tearing loudly. Owen cried in horror. His feet were no longer human. They were long with scales, no longer having five toes on each foot. " Are. . . are those. . . " His thoughts where cut off when sharp pains shot through his legs. Causing him to fall down his knees and bellow in pain. The muscles
spasm and throb. Owen gritted his teeth, struggling to speak. " W-What's. . .grrggh!. . .happening t-t Grrrnnngh. . .t-to me~?! ". His calves and thighs starting to swell and expand. Making his jeans feel very tight. But something else was causing not only pain, but extreme discomfort.
A big pointed bulge formed from under his jeans. Pressing against the rear end of the pants, making the jeans feel even more tight. Owen could hear fabric stretching, getting close to their breaking point. " P-P-Pants. . .getting . . ." At last, his thighs, calves, and bulge exploded out of the jeans. Seams ripping fast and loudly. Some shreds falling to the ground. Owen turned his head, only to scream at a horrifying sight. The bulge that came from his rear end was a tail. The transformation stopped momentarily, allowing Owen to catch his breath and reclaim his thoughts. " Oh my god! W-What the hell?! Am I turning into a. . .No. N-No way! I have to be dreaming. There must be some sort of halucinogene in that dart. No way that this is actually happening! " He was hoping that all of this was a hallucination. He could not bare the thought of turning into a velociraptor. The very animals that he trains and could grow to become very dangerous. " Oooh god Nnooo! " The pain built up, this time even stronger. Muscles and tendens tore and reshaped in his back. The bones making sickening pops and cracks in the process. Owen fell forward, catching himself with his hands. Owen looked on in horror as he saw his hands start to change. " No no! Not my hands! " Two of his digits were merging with the other. " I-. . .I can't pull my fingers apart! ". Both his thumbs stretched upward. Matching the same length as the other two fingers. Long talons curled and sharped out of the fingernails. He now had three fingers instead of five. " G-G-Grrrrroooowwwrrrgggghhh!! " His voice deepened, the vocal cords within were reshaping. In the process of sounding exactly like a Raptor.
" Uuugh, Rrrrrruuuuurrggghhhh!! " Owen felt his neck becoming longer. Skin stretching and muscles tearing. Each time his neck grew and inch, loud pops were heard. Tears leaked from his eyes, streaming down his cheeks. He couldn't take the pain anymore. He wished that someone would just shoot him, or sedate him, anything to make it stop. Owen cried out, his voice distorting. " Sss-Sssomeoneee~! H-Hrrrrrhelllp~! Mmmmrrrrrmmeeeeeee~! ". A muzzle started to push out from his face. His human facial features slowly and painfully turning to match a velociraptor. All Owen could do was roar in anguish. With one final snap, his face had finally finished changing. Owen collapsed onto the ground. Exhausted from the whole event.
Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie came out from their hiding spots. All four let out surprised croaks. Looking at what was once their human alpha, now a Raptor alpha. Echo, Delta, and Charlie looked at Owen in confusion. Except, Blue looked at Owen in amazement. The other three raptors didn't like Owen very much, but Blue always respected Owen. She always saw him as a father she never had. She would always boss her siblings around to satisfy Owen with their training.
Owen finally caught his breath, fully rested and no longer exhausted. He whimpered as he tried to get up. His muscles still sore from the transformation. Losing his balance, Owen fell to the ground. Hitting his snout face down. He snorted and started crying. Blue was feeling very sorry for her Dad. She hated seeing him in distress and pain. Blue took a few steps toward him, but was stopped by Delta. Delta communicated that it was a bad idea to approach him as he could probably eat them. Blue growled back and flicked her tail. Owen stopped crying when he felt a nudge on his shoulder. He looked over to see Blue. She rubbed her snout against his shoulder again, comforting him and chirping to him that everything was okay. Owen got up on his two raptor feet. Looking down at Blue, Delta, Charlie, and Echo. His instincts were instantly kicking in. Those four raptors was his babies, he is their father, and he will do anything to make sure they were safe from harm.
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So basically what's going on is that Owen is training his Raptors late at night in the pen. But he is unaware that certain scientists are preforming a secret experiment to change a human into a raptor. Not only for sick entertainment purposes, but to also find a way to train raptors better.

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